Daily Archives: May 10, 2012

More “real” RA goodness


This is another one of those CP watermarked pics I cleaned up. Again, not perfect, but much better than having big red letters across Richard’s face.

The now infamous 50 Shades features lots of BDSM and Grey likes doing kinky things with his tie. This pic from the weird photoshoot reminded me of that. 😉 And Richard  and his ChaRActers are FAR sexier than Christian Grey could ever hope to be.

Richard in Classic B&W


I’ve always had a strong affection for black and white photography. While I adore the vibrancy of color, there is something classic and timeless about B&W (and sepia) images.

Mr. Armitage is quite beautiful in living color or in classic black and white, n’est-ce pas?

Still dealing with a lot of pain, I am sorry to say, so very slow getting started today. Lots of comments that I need to catch up on. Thank you all for keeping things lively.  I can tell you there will be lots of Sir Guy goodness coming tomorrow. 😉

Some Thorin for Thursday


That Thorin Oakenshield is one attractive vertically challenged male. As I have said before, I don’t generally go for short guys, but I will make a definite exception for Thorin. He’s got cool threads. And I love his magnificent mane of dark hair with those fetching silver locks threading through it, that handsome aquiline nose and those mesmerizing blue eyes beneath heavy brows. And that voice– so rich and resonant, so commanding, just like aural chocolate. And he can sing, too!

Thorin is a bit complicated–stubborn and temperamental and a tad arrogant at times–but that has never stopped me from loving Sir Guy, has it? And Thorin is also brave and strong and heroic, willing to go up against nasty dragons with his mighty Orcrist.

And did we mention he’s got the cutest little elfin ears?  What’s not to love . . .