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Sir Guy in the Great Outdoors: We bid goodbye to Guyday Friday


Impressionist Sir Guy.

 Yes, I love him when he’s clean and shiny and glamourous, and I love him when he’s dirty and sweaty. Heck, I just love him.

    “Say uncle” is an expression here in the US used when two people are fighting and the person with the upper hand is trying to get the other one to concede defeat by saying, “uncle.”

Addicted to RA AND Photoshop: What a Combo!


I just did some counting and it seems I have worked on no less than 14 of the Celebrity Pictures photos since yesterday. And a few more that were screencaps.  The thing is, there are so many from that particular photo shoot I really like–and I find myself questioning why more of them haven’t been published. Richard looks great, he’s relaxed, he’s managing to both smoulder intensely and smile disarmingly in his usual sublime way . . .  I tried to work on a couple in color but he ended up looking like he had rosacea. As I have said, I do like classic black and white, too.  Here’s a few more for your perusal.











Addicted for life


I do admit to often find myself pausing a moment to admire the simply breathtaking beauty of Richard Armitage as I work on these pieces. “You are one gorgeous fellow, Mr. A. Those cheekbones. The jawline. Those incredible eyes, ” I will murmur to myself as I use my background erasing tool, or adjust the levels on posterization, add painting effects or work on removing those pesky watermarks.  It’s a labor of love and admiration for a man whose face and physique beg to be captured on canvas or in stone, who is also, by all accounts, one really nice human being.  He is a very private person, and I respect that, and that certain mystique he has only adds to his immense allure. Still, what I see in those eyes, in those smiles, in his reputation on set and in his demeanor during interviews, makes me think I am backing a winner in every sense of the word.  I think I’m a lifer in terms of my addiction to Richard Armitage. How about you?







Guy, Guy, I just never tire of you . . .


You really did have your funny moments. Those moments after trying to kill Sherry at the church fire, only to see he was all too alive and well.. I loved your facial expressions.

You looked so beautiful in the scene with PJ at his tent. Couldn’t blame him for taking a shine to you.

Oh, Sir Guy, even in the face of defeatand humiliation at the sheriff’s hands, still holding that handsome head up high.

My dear, beautiful dark knight.

Oh, Sir Guy. You are incorrigible . . .