Daily Archives: May 13, 2012

A potpourri of palatable pictures for your perusal


More artwork featuring Mr. A and some of my favorite chaRActers. Still having some after-effects of the strange reaction to supper last night–residual pain in the chest and headache, but OK otherwise, just tired. Benny is feeling better. Cats and dogs all doing well. Even more rain and thunderstorms passed through tonight. Looks like we have a nice week coming up with warm, sunny days and comfortable nights. Much kinder to my various health conditions!!




A Classic: More Black & White Armitage


Hi, guys. More of the classic look of Mr.Armitage in black and white and a bit of sepia. If any of them are repeats, I am certain you won’t mind looking at them again.

Spouse and I had some unpleasant repercussions from last night’s seemingly innocuous supper salad and are sort of out of it today, thus the lack of posts. The beloved Callie Cat is keeping me company at present–she is quite the little nurse in her own sweet way.  When my chest was hurting earlier, her warmth and that gentle, rapid purr helped soothe the pain.

Oh, and I showed Benny some of my Photoshop efforts. He’s very proud of me.  “See, that’s where having an artist’s eye comes in handy,” he said with a smile. I like making him smile.



I had a terrible time working with the right side of RA’s head in this shot. It was so heavily in shadow that, even with the zoom feature, I could not distinguish his ear properly. Thus the need to crop in. I figured the lack of that ear was made up for by the eyes, nose, smile, jawline . . .


I love him in a watch or those great bracelets from Strike Back. He has such elegant wrists.  And those forearm hairs . . . I have a slight obsession with them. Along with many other features, of course. *sigh*




Those smiles and laughs with the downcast eyes get me absolutely every time.