You’re baroque when you’re out of Monet . . .


A little play on words. You’re broke when you’re out of money. Like many artists throughout the centuries, Monet had his years of struggle to establish himself as a painter. “Starving” is a word that has often preceded “artist” for a reason. At least in Monet’s case, he found both critical and financial success whilst he was still alive and was able to reap the fruits of his labor at his home and gardens in Giverny.

I find myself thinking of Richard and his struggles, that fallow decade when the auditions were unsuccessful, when the parts didn’t materialize, when he had to work the front of the house and watch actors on stage that he knew deep in his gut were no more talented than he, when he spent more hours laying floors and building bookcases than rehearsing his lines. Careers in the arts can be very precarious.

He must have faced so much disappointment and frustration, just as Monet did when the critics rejected his work and the paintings didn’t sell.  I am sure there were times, in spite of his being careful with money,  when Richard was close to being “baroque.”

Richard and Sophia Myles rehearse for their roles in the stage play The Four Alice Bakers. Myles and Richard would later work together in Spooks.

We’ve speculated that Richard’s early experiences with being teased, with feeling like an outsider looking in, have worked to make him a better actor and a stronger human being.  I wonder, too, if he’d be the man he appears to be today if it all had fallen into place early for him. If he’d come fresh out of drama school and fallen into roles that made him a star.

Richard has a great deal of talent and that’s always been there, waiting to be honed and polished. And I believe his parents and mentors helped instill strong values in him from an early age. By all accounts, he’s always been a pretty decent guy.

But I do believe all he’s gone through has made him even stronger; more empathetic, more insightful, more willing to help other actors, ready to defend others who are being teased and bullied.

I believe he is a good man who also happens to be a fine actor.  Like the brilliant and dedicated artist he portrayed in The Impressionists, he has so much to offer to the world. Above and beyond his breathtaking physical beauty and charisma, he has talent, versatility, dedication, determination and a marvelous sense of humor.

And I am truly, truly glad he did not give up.

Richard in one of the interviews pre Captain America, being his usual articulate, thoughtful self.

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  1. Hello from Ireland! 🙂 Beautiful post, Angie! *sigh* If he ever runs out of acting jobs (as if!) he can always come to Budapest and help me redecorate my flat! Floor badly in need of re-laying!:)

    • heh-heh, Judit. I think Angie has a modelling job for him first. After he’s done your floors, he can come to Andalucia and build all the bookcases I need for my library. I promise to take good care of him, and to house and feed him very well. (Spanish lessons included, if he wishes.)

      • Oh, yes, I find myself obsessed with the idea this man’s beauty needs to be captured in clay. 😉 We’d keep him very, very busy and well cared for, I have NO doubt. 😉

    • Judit, you’re in Ireland? Lucky girl! Are you on holidays or there for work? I have wonderful memories of our trip there in 2008. We spent a whole month driving around, from Dublin, to the north, down the west coast to the Co. Kerry peninsulas, across and back up to Dublin. Absolutely loved it!!

  2. I second what you’ve written, and add that I hope his career becomes everything he wants it to be. I am so glad he is so exceptional at what he does, because I enjoy his work so much. I am sure he will be equally remarkable should he take up directing or producing. Too often I see sad stories about actors and actresses; I want Richard’s story to be happy, right up to the last millisecond.

    • Oh, yes, I want that, too, for him. Satisfaction in his personal and professional life, absolutely. And I really won’t be surprised if he decides to further pursue directing/producting. As an actor, he has a great understanding of fellow performers and I think he’d make a fantastic director. I do believe the sky’s the limit for him. 😀

  3. That was beautifully written and I concur 100%. I do need a new kitchen and bathroom floor! We could keep him busy all the way around the world!!!

  4. You’ve summed it up really well Angie. I believe it’s happening at the right time for him now, even though there was frustration and disappointment for so many years. His maturity and experience mean that he can fully appreciate and handle what is ahead of him as his career looks like taking off. As Leigh says, I too hope it is all he wants it to be. I want him, as we all do, to be happy and fulfilled both professionally and in his private life.
    I’m glad he never gave up, and that he “waited” until I found him. I wouldn’t miss this ride for anything!! 🙂

  5. No need for me to add anything that has been said already. You have all said it beautifully!! For me the world is a better place for having someone like him around, bless him!! 🙂

  6. Hello from a shabby, shabby hotel room in London! This isn’t good value for money at all! The room in the hotel in Dublin was 20 times better for half the money! It’s been an extremely exhausting day, just got back from dinner with the English boss. However I couldn’t let the day go by without checking TAE. so I purchased a wireless voucher! 🙂 Am I obsessed or what? 🙂

    • Sorry about the miserable hotel in London. But “obsessed”? We all are, addicts every one. I would have been right behind you, buying a voucher myself. Because there is only one, not very reliable, source for WiFi in my village, I have to go into town most days to find an equally unreliable source in one of three cafes. Argh. Yet I do it. Must get fix. Must have dose of vitamin RA.

      • Oh, it’s for one night only, so I’m not complaining! We’re returning to Budapest tomorrow evening. Luckily, I’ll have to drag my Hungarian boss with me around London tomorrow, so that should prevent me from spending too much money on RA DVDs, toy trains for my godson etc. etc.

    • Hello, Judit! Glad to hear from you, although I am sorry to hear your hotel room is on the shabby side. It’s ridiculous what a nice room goes for in a big city like that. So happy you checked in with us, my dear. 😀

      • London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, if not the most expensive! Still, my soul is at home here…always has been, always will be. 🙂

  7. I went for five days in London last year without my RA fix and it nearly killed me! We’d taken hubby’s laptop to load on photos, check travel routes etc, and ALL the B&Bs we stayed at had free wi-fi, so I had been able to have my daily dose of Richard. But the relatively up-market hotel in London? Nup. I didn’t know about one-off vouchers, they’re probably cheaper than the hotel was charging.

    • There was free internet with the compliments of the management at the hotel in Dublin (Citywest Hotel, I can highly recommend it, it’s a gorgeous building with spacious rooms-almost as big as my flat in Budapest!- and THE best king-sized bed I have ever slept in!All that for EUR 75 breakfast included) , here in London the b**tards charged me 6 pounds for 90 mins of wi-fi! Breakfast is 12 pounds, not included in the room rate! Highway robbery, if you ask me!

      • Highway robbery is right! That’s worse than Madrid, and Madrid during holidays or festivals is disgustingly expensive, and what passes for breakfast at “business” hotels is dreadful. I’ve learned to bring my own provisions where possible.

  8. Hello girls, I’m back in Budapest, completely knackered and my brain feels as if it’s turned into marshmallow. 😦 The 2nd day of the trip wasn’t a pleasant one, we were told by our bosses that we have to let 6 employees go. Feeling rather low this morning. Can’t wait to catch up on the new posts and comments later.

      • I guess I just need a good healthy dose of RA vitamin! 🙂 Didn’t buy any DVDs, I realized that even with postage I’m better off buying stuff on as it’s so much cheaper than buying the DVDs in the shops!

        • Vitamin RA is truly remarkable for its restorative powers!!! 😉
          WRT buying dvds, that’s the case here too, with both GBP and USD, especially when the AUD had parity and more with the latter, although it’s slipping back now. I also like Amazon because new releases are available much earlier than here in our shops. That will be a lifesaver when TH dvd comes out!

          • So true about the restorative powers of vitamin RA. Judit, you’ll need extra doses to treat the blues.
            Yes, is the best deal in Europe. You may need to talk to their customer service people sometimes, but that’s just the way it is when you mix humans and computers. If you use the RAnet associate portal, the commission goes to the charities Richard supports.

            • I’ve actually come out cheaper ordering some DVDs (RA and otherwise) from even with the shipping than to order through the US version, to which I don’t have to pay any shipping. That’s when I am ordering British/foreign movies and TV shows. American productions, I can get cheaper here.

    • Glad you are back safe and sound. Sorry to hear about the folks losing their jobs; I’ve been there and done that and have the unemployment deposits to show for it. Hope you are feeling better by now.

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