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And now, for a dose of medieval medicine


Obviously, this applies to Sir Guy, and not the balding, beady-eyed troll beside him.  Love this pose. All the  swagger, the slinky black leather-clad hip, his gloved hand on his weapon and his chin thrust out as if to say, “Yeah, I’m hot. You got somethin’ to say about it??”  God’s tears, the man is beautiful!

Loved Sir Guy when he turned, spurs jangling on his boots, tangled mane falling into his haunted eyes,  Teuchter’s favorite patch of skin showing at the neck of his Floppy Black Pirate Shirt, sword in hand, and strode over to confront Brother Tuck. Too bad he didn’t make good his threat. Tuck did lie, after all. And we could have been spared all that sermonizing . . .

blue eyes, stubble and tousled curls at the nape. *sigh*

More of a certain shy Yorkshire lad . . .


I grew up on a farm, and I still live on part of that original farm, in the old pecan orchard. I love the scent of diesel fuel in the morning. It reminds me of my daddy and his beloved John Deere tractors. I enjoy visiting the city and taking advantage of museums, restaurants, festivals, shopping and so forth, but I like my country life, as inconvenient as it occasionally is. So for this reason and more I do have a soft spot in my heart for a certain shy, awkward, sweet Yorkshire farmhand.

He’s just too good for this


Fans of the 50 Shades trilogy are now speculating over who should play Christian in the upcoming film version. Some have even brought up Mr. A’s name. He’s at least 10 years too old to play the role (Christian is 27, I believe) and whilst I think Richard would make a fabulously sexy and spooky vampire, I have no desire to see him play a stalker and twisted serial sadist with a “Red Room of Pain.” 

As a character, Christian’s emotions are so all over the map, he makes John Bateman look really well adjusted. If the character of Paul Andrews disturbed you, he is a complete innocent compared with the “f**ked up” Christian, who enjoys beating a long series of young women who remind him of his dead crackwhore mom. It’s consensual, but that doesn’t make it healthy.

 Fantasy is one thing; fantasy grounded in reality is another.  Let them cast the “beautiful unknowns” that the author is hoping for, for the film; Richard has much bigger and better things ahead for him. 

I’d be happy to see him in some steamy scenes onscreen–we all know he can smoulder and scorch with the best of them– but I’d rather such scenes didn’t involve belts, whips, canes, handcuffs and spreader bars coupled with an overwhelming desire to cause pain.

I’m no snob, really I’m not; but I think Richard Armitage is just too classy, too talented and too good for this. He’s expressed a desire to make a film “all about love.” And this ain’t it.

More of the good guys . . . now that the cat’s freed my arm


Her Royal Highness Queen Puddie has been hanging out with me–actually hanging over my arm and occasionally climbing up on my chest between my head and my laptop. As the saying goes, “her daddy wasn’t no glassmaker.” It’s a little hard to see the screen when a large, fluffy cat is in the line of sight. Anyway, here are some more images of Richard’s good guy characters . . .