More of the good guys . . . now that the cat’s freed my arm


Her Royal Highness Queen Puddie has been hanging out with me–actually hanging over my arm and occasionally climbing up on my chest between my head and my laptop. As the saying goes, “her daddy wasn’t no glassmaker.” It’s a little hard to see the screen when a large, fluffy cat is in the line of sight. Anyway, here are some more images of Richard’s good guy characters . . .

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  1. Sweet and tender characters …

    Puddie is very possessive. My sister’s cat is very jaleous too and has the bad habit of destroying mouse cords !

  2. The unconditional love of pets can soothe a tired soul. My Pecan (3 yr old shitzu) can never get too much love and attention. My sister keeps suggesting we re-name him princess because he just has this sense of entitlement to all this love and attention from everyone he comes into contact with. All you have to do is say his name and he rolls over on his back waiting for you to pet his belly. lol.

    Don’t you just love these Johns. Thornton and Strandring that is. And Harry too. There goodness makes them so extra yummy.

  3. It am still astounded by the fact that all these wonderful characters are brought to life by same outstanding, uber-talented actor and amazing human being – Richard Armitage!!

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