Daily Archives: May 19, 2012

Richard, you make us so proud


He looked so beautiful that day in his snug-fitting jeans and signature blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, exposing those forearms we all seem to admire,those lovely hands holding a welcoming gift. He stood tall and proud, eyes shining, a smile tugging at his mouth, his nostrils flaring.

It was a special day. He was excited and a little nervous. After all, he had to deliver the speech on behalf of the film’s cast and crew, didn’t he? And in a foreign language. And he did it, as he does so many things, beautifully.

And when he introduced himself, it was in the simplest way possible: “I’m Richard, from London.”

Richard, you made me so proud of you and for you. I confess it made me cry, but they were happy tears, I assure you. Video clip is courtesy of the fabulous Bccmee.

Ain’t No Other Man


As we discussed in previous posts,for many of us who are great fans of Richard Armitage, there is simply no other actor who enthralls us in the same way. It’s the potent combination of talent, intelligence, wit, modesty, humility, charisma and kindness mixed with fabulous looks, off-the-charts sex appeal and the physique of a Greek god. Others have some of the same attributes, but it’s not that special melange that Richard offers. There simply ain’t no other man . . .

A look at our dreamer in pictures and vid


I love looking at old family photos, as most of you know. And I love looking at photos, old and new, of Mr. Armitage. After all, he’s family, too, isn’t he? It’s fascinating to see how he’s changed over the years. To see the gangly adolescent, a self-described beanpole with a big nose, morphing into the epitome of masculine beauty he has become, is amazing.

We can still see glimpses of the shy, sweet kid he once was even now–and aren’t we glad to know he has retained that down-to-earth, boy-next-door charm into his middle years . . .

Now that he appears to be on the brink of international stardom, and life is very likely to change for him in certain ways,  I hope there are things that do not change. And somehow, I don’t think they will. I have a lot of faith in Richard Armitage.