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Bad Boys vs. Bad Guys: there IS a difference, ladies


Fedoralady would like to clarify something for readers. She does not equate bad boys and bad guys as being one and the same. Please note an earlier post was entitled And the Bad Boys, not the Bad Guys.

When I refer to someone as a bad boy, he isn’t necessarily involved in criminal activity. Maybe he just can’t keep it in his speedos (hello, Lee!) maybe his ethics are weak, his morals are a bit too fluid.  Maybe he’s an habitual liar and a cheat. Doesn’t have to be an ax murderer to qualify as a “bad boy.” Under that definition, Philip Turner does qualify as a bad boy, if not a bad guy. And an extremely attractive one, I might add.  Bad boys are often quite charming and disarming when they take the notion to be.


A “bad guy,” on the other hand, is how I would categorize Heinz Kruger. He’s a enemy spy responsible for the deaths of a number of people. If John Bateman actually existed, he would definitely have to be considered a bad guy.  Guy starts out a bad guy, killing and torturing for the sheriff, but we see a transformation take place as he becomes an anti-hero and redeems himself as a good guy.  Of course, to those of us who adore Guy, he was never really bad, just–misunderstood. 😉 Sometimes goodness or badness re a character  is in the mind of the beholder, I do believe.



Now, sometimes it’s just not easy to classify a character as a good guy or a bad guy or a bad boy. Sometimes they overlap because, as we know, Richard’ s characters have many shadings.  As would be the case in real life, no character is all bad or all good.. Paul Andrews is a character that fits into this area for me. He is a complex fellow with good intentions. He’s not a monster; he’s a loving dad and tries to discipline his partner’s brattish son.  But he has certain character flaws, weaknesses, vulnerabilities that lead him into foolish, irresponsible actions that result in a terrible tragedy.  You could consider him as a bad boy and/or a bad guy, depending on how you look at things



I hope this helps to sort things out. Sorry I didn’t define things more clearly for you all in terms of how I categorize the characters. Don’t want you worrying yourself into a frazzle about who’s good, bad or indifferent. 😉 I leave you with one of the undisputed good guys, Harry Jasper Kennedy.

Harry and Richard–definitely two of the good guys.

A little romance for Monday courtesy of Claude, John and Harry


The fragrance always stays in the hand that brings the rose. ~ Hada Bejar




If ever two were one, than surely we.~ Anne Bradstreet



The most precious possession that ever comes to a man is a woman’s heart. ~ Josiah G. Holland


Where  love reigns, the impossible may be obtained.~ Indian Proverb


How much better than wine is your love.~ Song of Solomon 4:10



I think Harry–and Richard–would approve


What do we live for if  it is not to make life less difficult for each other?~ George Eliot

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread~ Mother Teresa

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything within its vicinity freshen into smiles.~ Washington Irving


It takes so little to make people happy–just a touch, if we know how to give it, just a word, fitly spoken, or a slight readjustment of some bolt or pin or bearing in the delicate machinery of the human soul.~ Frank Crane

The best portion of a good man’s life, his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and of love.~ William Wordsworth

Be kind–everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.~ Plato

Alone and without love we die. Life itself is as dependent upon relationships with others as it is on food.~M.N. Beck

Some words of wisdom I found inspirational and which reminded me of a certain fellow we all admire. Not having a particularly good day health-wise.  Sort of one of those “somebody took a Louisville slugger and beat the heck out of me” feelings. (A Louisville slugger is a famous brand of baseball bat FYI). Good to see all your comments, though, ladies and may I say keep up the good work. 😀

A friendly reminder . . .


As ya’ll might have guessed from the times I posted during the night, I didn’t get a lot of sleep. So it’s nap time (Benny said I looked as if I was about to keel over).    However, I did want to bring you this PSA (public service announcement).  I would hate for anyone to get into serious trouble . . .

The unforgettable JP


Sgt. John Porter: a character our pacifist Richard didn’t think he wanted to play.  But on a second look at the script, Richard saw a potential in the role that did not register initially.  It would be a challenge to create a soldier who was believably tough and hard when need be, and yet had that humanity, that soft center that made him more than just a highly efficient killing machine.  A flawed hero and a thoroughly admirable one in so many ways–the “better man” Richard would wish to be.



I would say RA certainly succeeded in reaching his goal. There are those who were unhappy with Richard’s decision to play this role, saying that it overlapped too much with another “action” role,  that of Lucas North in Spooks.

I would argue that other than the fact Lucas was in MI5 and Porter, MI6, and both are of a heroic bent,  the characters don’t bear much resemblance to one another.  Lucas, a university graduate, is bookish, cerebral and enigmatic; Porter, with his working-class roots, doesn’t hold his cards quite so close to his vest. Their backgrounds and personalities are quite different.

As crafted by Richard, they are two very separate and distinct characters onscreen, each with his own particular strengths and weaknesses.

Porter wins us over with his tender love for his little girl, with his kindness to a terrified and traumatized Katie, with his willingness to not fly under the radar in the prison in order to save the boy from rape, and more. He is brave and resourceful, capable of great anger and also willing to forgive. He has a strong moral compass, this “good man sent by God.”

He’s a modern-day knight in khaki and camo who moves with a dancer’s grace. Porter is the sort of man we’d hope would arrive if we found ourselves in a terrible jam. He says, “Trust me.” And we do.

Some have objected to  Richard appearing in Strike Back because he played a soldier and there is a certain amount of violence inherent in a military action drama. Yes, John Porter certainly knows his way around weapons. I found him exciting to watch in those action sequences, quite frankly (but then I do not have a problem with watching this type of story, as long as the violence is not highly gratuitous with bombs and bullets flying around every corner. Needless to say, SB:Project Dawn was SOOOO not my thing).

And yes, Porter is very sexy, and not just due to those impressive muscles Richard worked so hard to create. Porter’s chivalry, his good heart, his sweet flirtatiousness, his determination to do what is necessary to carry out his mission even at the possible cost of his life–all these things make him so very appealing to me.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he looks so good in that khaki and camo and his dress uniform. 😉

In Richard’s hands, John Porter is much, much more than another movie meathead with muscles and an AK-47. He has intelligence, a heart and a soul.

For me, he is yet another unforgettable Richard Armitage chaRActer and one of my personal favorites.  John Portah, I salute you!

And the bad boys . . .


Ah, Sir Guy. Beautiful, swaggering, smouldering alpha male, the sheriff’s right-hand-man, hungry for power and wealth–and for someone to trust and to love, who will give him love and loyalty in return. Richard says it is so much fun to play the bad guy. When it’s Richard playing the role and giving it so much nuance and depth, you love watching the bad guy, too. And sometimes, you find them downright irresistible.

There’s John Mulligan, who is handsome and and oh-so charming and successful–and involved in drug dealing.  Lee Preston, gorgeous flirty-girty lifeguard with the face of an angel, the body of an Adonis and the libido of a tom cat, the two Philips, Durant and Turner, philanderers who end up as murder suspects . . .

There are the good guys . . .


We have our favorite RA heroes–sweet, sunny Harry K.; brave soldier, loving dad and savior of reporters and orphans, John Porter; courageous and enigmatic spy who endured eight hellish years in a Russian prison, Lucas North (John who???);  stern yet fair Victorian mill owner and true romantic at heart, John Thornton and the shy and steadfast farmer, John Standring. (OK, Guy is my hero, too, but he’s sort of an anti-hero, you know . . . and he’ll get his turn.) And there are more good guys, like Dr. Track and Thorin, but there are always more posts. 😉