And the bad boys . . .


Ah, Sir Guy. Beautiful, swaggering, smouldering alpha male, the sheriff’s right-hand-man, hungry for power and wealth–and for someone to trust and to love, who will give him love and loyalty in return. Richard says it is so much fun to play the bad guy. When it’s Richard playing the role and giving it so much nuance and depth, you love watching the bad guy, too. And sometimes, you find them downright irresistible.

There’s John Mulligan, who is handsome and and oh-so charming and successful–and involved in drug dealing.  Lee Preston, gorgeous flirty-girty lifeguard with the face of an angel, the body of an Adonis and the libido of a tom cat, the two Philips, Durant and Turner, philanderers who end up as murder suspects . . .

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  1. Lee wasn’t really “bad” as in he didn’t commit any crimes, he was just a serial womanizer! 🙂 He shouldn’t have proposed to the Spanish girl and moved in with her…

  2. Oh those sexy bad boys!! It’s amazing how well he does with them. It’s that expressive face of his! He can smoulder and smirk soooo well 😉

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