Bad Boys vs. Bad Guys: there IS a difference, ladies


Fedoralady would like to clarify something for readers. She does not equate bad boys and bad guys as being one and the same. Please note an earlier post was entitled And the Bad Boys, not the Bad Guys.

When I refer to someone as a bad boy, he isn’t necessarily involved in criminal activity. Maybe he just can’t keep it in his speedos (hello, Lee!) maybe his ethics are weak, his morals are a bit too fluid.  Maybe he’s an habitual liar and a cheat. Doesn’t have to be an ax murderer to qualify as a “bad boy.” Under that definition, Philip Turner does qualify as a bad boy, if not a bad guy. And an extremely attractive one, I might add.  Bad boys are often quite charming and disarming when they take the notion to be.


A “bad guy,” on the other hand, is how I would categorize Heinz Kruger. He’s a enemy spy responsible for the deaths of a number of people. If John Bateman actually existed, he would definitely have to be considered a bad guy.  Guy starts out a bad guy, killing and torturing for the sheriff, but we see a transformation take place as he becomes an anti-hero and redeems himself as a good guy.  Of course, to those of us who adore Guy, he was never really bad, just–misunderstood. 😉 Sometimes goodness or badness re a character  is in the mind of the beholder, I do believe.



Now, sometimes it’s just not easy to classify a character as a good guy or a bad guy or a bad boy. Sometimes they overlap because, as we know, Richard’ s characters have many shadings.  As would be the case in real life, no character is all bad or all good.. Paul Andrews is a character that fits into this area for me. He is a complex fellow with good intentions. He’s not a monster; he’s a loving dad and tries to discipline his partner’s brattish son.  But he has certain character flaws, weaknesses, vulnerabilities that lead him into foolish, irresponsible actions that result in a terrible tragedy.  You could consider him as a bad boy and/or a bad guy, depending on how you look at things



I hope this helps to sort things out. Sorry I didn’t define things more clearly for you all in terms of how I categorize the characters. Don’t want you worrying yourself into a frazzle about who’s good, bad or indifferent. 😉 I leave you with one of the undisputed good guys, Harry Jasper Kennedy.

Harry and Richard–definitely two of the good guys.

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  1. Oops, I didn’t even see the difference in your titles, boys/guys! Too busy getting to the post itself to read and eyeing off those pics!! 🙂

    • LOL I just knew people seem to be confused–I’ve read through the comments, I just haven’t gotten to responding to them–so I thought I would create a post before my eyelids droop any heavier. 😉 My back gave me fits earlier and I had to take a muscle relaxer and stretch out again. I just hope I can sleep. My intended nap was pretty much a bust.

      • O still don’t understand why Phillip Turner is a bad guy?????? Surely gambling away the family fortune has hurt only himself so what else did he do? You don’t think he’s bad because he slept with the woman who was later murdered? It sounded to me as though she asked him, or at least, wanted him to do so?????

        • OK, apparently I didn’t make myself clear enough. He’s not a bad GUY. He’s a bad BOY. Gambling away the family fortune is the sort of weakness of character I am talking about here.He’s not a monster, but he’s certainly no saint. It may be a weakness that hurts only you but I’d also say someone who, for example, drinks/drugs himself to death would be a bad boy (and let’s assume he’s never been involved in driving drunk where he certainly COULD hurt others). Now quit worrying about it! 😉 Let it go, Kathryn, let it go . . .

          • It’s OK, Angie – I wasn’t actually worrying about it – I just misunderstood, that’s all. Oh, he definitely was no saint and I already said he was a bit weak in my opinion, so we’re in agreement! 🙂 🙂

            My poor old brain is a bit tired so you’ll have to forgive me if I get a little muddled – you know how it is 😉

    • Oh, Mezz, you beat me to it – I was going to use that excuse, too!!! 🙂 As a matter of fact, I have only a vague memory of Phillip Turner – because I didn’t buy the DVD!.

      And where did I put the one I burnt through RealPlayer??? Heaven knows. Lachlan (Matthew’s 2 year-old) loves pulling out my CDs and DVDs – he says he’s only looking at the covers but then they’re in a big heap and out-of-alphabetical order when he goes home. Grandy needs to do some shelving at the moment. Lachlan can’t understand why I have some CDs and DVDs that don’t have pretty cover,s so I’m going to show him how I transfer stuff to disc…. one of these days! 😉

      Maybe I’ll just go grab the videotape – I know exactly where that is! 🙂

  2. Fair enough, Angie! 🙂 Thanks for clarifying your classification! 🙂 Sorry your back gave you trouble.
    I really hope you’ll get some rest tonight! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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