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More Serious & Silly Richard and Stuff


I’m dreading the next two days–forecast to be in the 90s– since the older I get, the harder I find it to deal with hot weather. It’s 71 degrees F here now at nearly 11 p.m. and it’s still very warm and “close” in here to me. Hot flashes?  Who knows? I took a shower as I felt very grubby and the hair is pulled up into a pony tail. It’s longer than it’s been in ages and we are going into the hottest part of the year. But I am saving money on haircuts! I am trying to hold out for it to be long enough to put up into a French twist again as I’ve done in the past.

I ‘ve  either got to get to town soon or give Benny a detailed shopping list. I am almost completely out of several toiletry items and had to use hydrocortisone cream as a moisturizer tonight. Necessity is the mother of invention, and my skin does have its drier patches these days. Hey, maybe it will help keep the pesky lesions from breaking out again around the hairline as they tend to do in the heat. Proactive measures. ;

Anyhow, here are some more images of our dear RA . So sexy and cute and sauve and adorable and naughty all rolled into one . . .

Random musings & a “good face”








My husband has suggested I would make a great bartender or vampire. Or maybe a vampire bartender?  Since I rarely imbibe, know little about mixing drinks, and have no taste for blood, I have my doubts. He makes these suggestions, naturellement, because of my insomnia issues, which have plagued me off and on for years now.  For now, it’s on again.

I have a lot on my mind–some of it good, some not so good–so forgive me if I haven’t kept up with responding to comments. I have been reading and enjoying them and I will do my best to respond over the next couple of days.

I have been playing with images of Mr. A, of course, as my therapy. What an interesting, arresting sort of masculine beauty he has.  That face, that particular set of features and their amazing expressiveness, never bores me. In the newspaper biz, we used to refer to someone having a “good face.” That meant a face that captured your attention, its photographic image telling  a story in itself; not necessarily a handsome,  photogenic one, like Mr. A’s, but one that you wanted to look at again and again.

Sometimes the oldest subjects had the best “good faces”–so much character and earned beauty.  Mr. A has a good face now; I think it will be even better in his golden years.  Oh, and PS–if you haven’t visited Google’s home page today, please stop by. In honor of the birthday of the man who invented the synthesizer, there’s a Moog for you to play. Such fun!

Wake-Up Wednesday with this beautiful man


Or go to bed with him. Well, YOU know what I mean. I am sure you  also all know by now, I love Sir Guy and I especially love Sir Guy’s look for Series 3.  While I adore the leather from the earlier seasons, something about the combination of the hair extensions and the new costume really won me over. We had that wonderful Floppy Black Pirate Shirt, the snug-fitting Marvel of Engineering Trousers with the fetching laces in contrasting colors, his designer jacket with all its tempting buckles and the way it emphasized the breadth of his shoulders, his slender waist and curved so nicely over his posterior, those leather forearm guards and finally, a pair of boots that actually seemed to fit him properly, complete with jangly spurs.

Richard  took Sir Guy to a whole new level in S3 and he looked great doing it, whether drunk, dirty and greasy or in pristine, princely shape. And that hair–what a hair actor he is.  Instead of shaving off the medieval mullet, they gave him that mane and he took it and ran with it!  I couldn’t help but wonder after I saw him with the long hair back in the day if he had ever employed any of those techniques in Real Life–or if he mostly opted for a pony tail as he does in the Cats rehearsal . . .