It’s too darned hot . . .


The air conditioner is now humming away, what with the thermometer sitting at 90 degrees right now. By Saturday, it is forecast to hit the mid-90s.  Oh, what the heck–might as well warm things up just a little bit more. Somehow, certain types of heat make you feel really–good, n’est-ce pas?

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  1. Oh, feel that heat! First of all, I’ve seen lots of swans and none have had a neck that beautiful, that inviting of delicate attentions. Second, I have never seen anyone look so scrumptious in a Speedo, let alone at the Y. Third, yeah, he is fine, isn’t he? I could go on. Thanks for these doses of the most delicious kind of heat.

    Good luck with the other kind. Here, we’re hiding indoors from the tree pollen rather than the heat, and I’m woozy with antihistamines, so please forgive me if I don’t make much sense.

    • Richard is part of that .0001 percent of men who can wear a Speedo well. He puts even body builders to shame IMHO. Sorry to hear the pollen is acting up out west. I slept a good portion of the day, until it did start heating up in here. The humidity is actually not too bad right now (41 percent) so it could (and will) be worse. And yes, he’s SO fine. 😉

      • My daughter refers to bodybuilders as “bubblemen” because it looks like their musculature is over-inflated, like so many bubbles waiting to burst. Eww. On the other hand, dance and strength training make a good body look even more desirable. (There are sound biological reasons for this.) Gimme Richard any day, even if he’s simply walking by…

        • I think dancers’ bodies are beautiful. Strong yet graceful. Fantastic posture. Never found body builder-type bodies attractive at all.

  2. On a purely shallow level, I love this vid, Richard is mouthwateringly gorgeous. I delight in his brand of heat, but I don’t cope very well with the hot, humid weather kind!

  3. Yuck, heat and humidity! We’re only in the 80’s in Southern VA, but we got to enjoy a trip to an animal park today. What really made it special is the lack of air on the bus. So the fresh pollen filled air was whooshing around for 45 minutes to and 45 minutes back. Then the bus wouldn’t start so we got to swelter until they could get it going! (Add to that Kindergartners who lay on you because they’re hot! It’s hard to get them to understand that laying on teacher just makes it hotter!) So I have just gotten out of a refreshing shower, and have a headache, stuffy nose from the fresh air!! I think I’m going to take a pill, read a book and then go to sleep early. Thank Goodness for the air at my house, nice and cool!!

    • Laurie, that’s one thing I don’t miss about my newspaper job–spending long hours covering outdoor events, battling the soar temps, the high humidity and the mosquitoes and other annoying insects. I hope you enjoy your book and can relax and have a good sleep. Friday is coming! And you know what THAT means . . .

      • You have my sympathies. I used to hate going on-site in summer. I wish construction dust repelled mosquitoes and their brethren, but it doesn’t.

        Oh, yeah, Guyday Friday! Bring it, Angie. I’ll make myself a cool tall drink to go with the hot tall one-&-only.

  4. This is one hot post Angie (including the steamy video) from the top all the way down!!! I’m naturally referring to the PICTURES here ladies!! 😉 Not that I’m complaining!! And Guy can NEVER be too early for me!!! 😀

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