Daily Archives: May 25, 2012

Last hit of the Hot Velveteen Henchman


Guy and I wish you a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow is Super Secret Agent Saturday. Expect some Lucas and Portah goodness in art and videos, and perhaps one or two other subjects brewing in my head.








Fedoralady finds success at last; Guy remains inspiring


Yea, and there was great rejoicing in fedoralady’s household. For at long last, after many fruitless phone calls, she has spoken to a real live human being at the state unemployment office and had her unemployment compensation re-established.  One less thing to worry about. Now that the matter is sorted out, she thinks she is going to try to catch some shut-eye before the house warms up.  Today’s forecast is sunny with a high in the mid-90s.  *sigh*  In the meantime, here is some more Guy hotness in celebration of Guyday Friday!  Enjoy . . .





Honestly , I loved the hair falling over one eye –shades of Veronica Lake!




“Fly” as in cool, sexy. Don’t think that slang term is used much anymore, but it rhymed nicely with his name.



 “Tizzy”–being all stirred up by someone or something can put you in a tizzy.

It’s officially Guyday Friday. Let the thudding continue!


You really are beautiful in sepia, Sir Guy.

Sir Guy, you naughty bunny, you.  Do you even need to ask?

Yes, now Sherry is at it, too.

 Those intense gazes of yours . . .  it’s hard to look away.

You really love devastating all the ladies, don’t you, my dark knight?