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Here come my heroes . . . and they’re sexy!


I have several of them–heroes, that is,  including Richard Armitage himself–but for now we are focusing on two of them, Lucas North and John Porter, a pair of  two very different, flawed heroes that earn our respect and admiration.  And, OK, our lust.  They are gorgeous, sexy men, after all, imbued with that something extra that RA brings to his characters. Oh, how he captures our attentions and makes us really care . . .  and fall for them. Hard.

Height. Charm. Kindness.


“First you were knocked sideways by his height and his charm, then by that unmistakable kindness.”

This is a quote from Eva Rice’s novel The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, concerning a handsome gentleman, 40-ish, in the entertainment industry. His name is Rocky Dakota, he’s an American, and it’s the early 1950s, but that particular description struck a chord with me in connection with you-know-who. Our own tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed, beautiful charmer, described by Eric Vespe while on the set of The Hobbit as “very smart and very kind.”  I have no trouble believing him.

This should translate into “CHEERS” from Russian. Richard taking a break during the Spooks shoot in Moscow.

It was a restless night. I fell asleep far later than I had hoped and did a lot of tossing and turning and aching in various regions of my body (what else is new?) before finally getting up at 10.  It’s almost 3 p.m.  here now, and after drinking my half of the orange pina colada Benny prepared and numbing my eyeballs, I do believe I am ready to attempt a nap.

Long live Lucas & Portah!


Lucas and Portah live on, as Guy does, as Thorin will do, because we’ve Loved them all Into Being.  We’ve created alternate stories for Lucas–as teacher, writer, artist, even dancer–stories in which he finds love and fulfillment in life outside the Grid, not the ignominious end dreamed up by the scriptwriters.

Portah lives on to fight another day–or to pursue other, less dangerous career opportunities. To see his little girl blossom into a lovely young woman. To find a new, lasting love and help bring new life into the world, expanding his family.

And Guy, ah, well–he’s been transported to other centuries for grand adventures of his own, a hero, yet still possessing that irresistible bad boy vibe.  He finds the love and affection and trust he’s always yearned for.

Of course, in between all of this, they spend their time here with me, the darling lads.  They all have so much potential, so much to give. And they know I love them all.  And I always will. Here’s to two of our SND heros, MI5’s Lucas North and MI6’s John Porter.



Tough and honest and determined and beautiful.



Love the delicious twinkle in those blue eyes and the sweet smile with the hint of naughtiness.


 Oh, Porter.  Those bracelets. YOU.



Lucas in early S9 before the horrendous developments and The Dodgy Character Who Shall Not Be Named. So gorgeous and alpha male. YUM.




 Seriously. I wouldn’t want to be a bad guy messing with the Portah. He’s a force to be reckoned with.