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In dreams


My husband was wearing a very sharp-looking pinstriped suit and a fedora hat as he crossed the lunchroom with his tray. But why wasn’t he coming to sit by me?  Why that Guy-like sneer on his dear face? This was upsetting. I would have to console myself with the Fudgesicle on my tray, such frozen confections a regular Friday treat.


A fedora hat, made by Borsalino. ‪Norsk (bokmå...

A fedora hat, made by Borsalino. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: En fedorahatt, laget av Borsalino. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It had also been quite a surprise to discover the former cook’s house on the old farm property had a door that led to a long flight of stairs down to a basement.  Quite surprising because the little house, as we have always called it, sits on concrete pillars. And then to discover that mystery basement was  connected to the  basement cafeteria at our old elementary school. Never mind that the school was a good 13 miles away from the little house. I had strolled in quite easily as if it were only yards away.

Our dreams can and do often defy logic. I had what turned out to be a very long nap once I had settled down in my sleep mask with the air conditioner humming away, combatting the soaring temperatures outside.  So much for my plans to go to town this afternoon.  I was in dreamland with my husband kitted out like Heinz Kruger–and looking just about as friendly–while I consoled myself with chocolate.

I wonder what sort of dreams RA dreams. We know he has dreamed of himself in character before.  He found himself dreaming John Porter’s dreams while filming Strike Back. Perhaps he is now a warrior dwarf when he closes his eyes at night. Playing Thorin almost 24 hours a day could be wearing on a fellow’s pysche, I am thinking.

Guy had him walking around with a face like thunder for three years, and Lucas–poor Lucas!–reliving those awful memories of torture and despair to the brink of suicide had to be so difficult for an empathetic soul such as Richard.

Here again I find myself, like so many others, thinking, “Richard, you really do need to do something lighter, something witty and sweet and romantic, something all about LOVE . . .”  I think that could garner you some really lovely dreams. I would hope so, anyway.  Maybe a few along the lines of the rather steamy fantasy/dream sequence in SB . . .

Dear Richard, as I look forward to seeing you on the big screen as Thorin, I also eagerly anticipate your future roles and the new characters you will introduce to us. Even if they are characters from classical literature who have been played on screen many times before, I know you will put your own special stamp on them, allow us to walk in their shoes and join in their journey in your own estimable way.

Who knows what the new roles will be for our Richard? What dreams he will dream?

Sunday forecast: Sunny & Sweet courtesy of Harry K.









There was a great commotion from our dogs last night so Benny stepped out to see what was up. He could hear a distinctive rattling sound coming from the yard. He came in, retrieved one of the pistols, the big flashlight and went out to kill Mr. Rattlesnake. Which, I am happy to say, he did.


I think I’ve told you all before that my dad was bitten by a rattler when I was a child and I remember all too well how frightening that was. I have a deep-seated fear of snakes and I am SOOOO thankful last night’s unwelcome visitor didn’t get any of us–canine or human.  Believe you me, I will keep my eyes and ears open when I am outside.


Anyway, I haven’t slept again and really need to try to get some shut-eye so I can make that trip later to pick up supplies.  Enjoy the world’s most adorable and gorgeous accountant in the meantime . . . because Harry always delivers the sunshine.

Some sunshine for Sunday courtesy of Mr. A


Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. ~~ JM Barrie

When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you . . . “When You’re Smiling,”  Mark Fisher, Joe Goodwin and Larry Shay

You are the sunshine of my life . . . that’s why I’ll always be around . . . “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”, Stevie Wonder


Surely there must be a lot of sunshine in the life of a certain Richard Crispin Armitage? I certainly hope so.