Daily Archives: May 28, 2012

Some Macalwain for Monday


Before Sgt. John Porter in Strike Back, Richard played another soldier, Captain Ian Macalwain in several eps of the “macho boys with dangerous toys” TV series, Ultimate Force.  Ian was a by-the-book kind of officer who “got no respect” from his men and ultimately got an ending he certainly didn’t deserve. I can’t watch Ross Kemp in anything now without wishing dire things for him. Not that I liked Kemp much before, frankly.

Anyway, UF was far from great, but Richard, as usual, gave a good performance as an Army officer whose arrogance masked his shyness and vulnerability. He does look terrific in a uniform (and out of it). And the rugby kit? Yum.  Here’s to the Haughty Hottie!

Musings & Some Mulligan for Monday


After my regularly scheduled tossing and turning, I finally drifted off to sleep sometime after the break of dawn and snoozed for several hours. No dreams about fedoras or lunchrooms this time, at least, none that I recall. Sadly, no dreams about Mr. A, either.

It’s been a while, come to think of it, since I did dream of Richard or one of his characters. What fun I had the time I interviewed him in the back of that limo. Can’t remember what we talked about, only that he was sweet and funny, articulate and charming–and just a little flirtatious . . . and gorgeous, of course.

I’ve been hanging out with my own sweet, funny, charming, adorable husband, who is enjoying his rare day off, and the funny, charming, adorable Callie Cat. Skimming through the comments left since I finally fell asleep, I saw a request from Xenia for some sexy bad boy Johnnie Mulligan. And here he is . . .

How come guys who look like this never show up at the door?

 Yes, between the beautiful hand, those arresting eyes (“The better to eat you with, my dear”) and the parted lips, it’s a clear case of fork porn.

Oh, the ever-eloquent eyebrow and that over-the-shoulder smile.

Between the heavy stubble, the fetching curls at the nape of his neck,  the beguiling smile, the slight forehead crinkle–and those eyes!–I’m a goner.


John, you can literally charm the pants off the ladies, can’t you?

Dr. Track, paging Dr. Alec Track


Sometimes you just need a good dose of a caring, compassionate physician with the sweetest, loveliest smile reflected in his beautiful blue eyes. One with elegant hands that agilely wield the tools of his profession, with a deep, rich chocolate voice that provides comfort like a soothing balm on a sore spot. Hullo, Dr. Track.  If only all doctors had your combination of know-how, dedication and a terrific bedside manner. Not to mention spectacular looks and the ability to look sexy in a neon orange jumpsuit.  No mean feat, that.

Going to try to get to sleep soon. Ta, ladies.