Some Macalwain for Monday


Before Sgt. John Porter in Strike Back, Richard played another soldier, Captain Ian Macalwain in several eps of the “macho boys with dangerous toys” TV series, Ultimate Force.  Ian was a by-the-book kind of officer who “got no respect” from his men and ultimately got an ending he certainly didn’t deserve. I can’t watch Ross Kemp in anything now without wishing dire things for him. Not that I liked Kemp much before, frankly.

Anyway, UF was far from great, but Richard, as usual, gave a good performance as an Army officer whose arrogance masked his shyness and vulnerability. He does look terrific in a uniform (and out of it). And the rugby kit? Yum.  Here’s to the Haughty Hottie!

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  1. Actually, I thought Ian had a good point – those bloody guys were insulting from the start. Why didn’t they stand up and salute him when he arrived as they should have? And, as the officer in charge, he had every right to expect co-operation from them instead of overt hostility.

  2. On a lighter note – Richard did look absolutely gorgeous, didn’t he? I thought his white shorts could have been tighter!!! 😉

    Mezz, remember those tight little white shorts Warwick Capper used to wear on the football field? I don’t care that Ian played Rugby Union instead of AFL – he still should have borrowed Warwick’s shorts!!!! 😉

    • Hey kathryn, no fair! Warwick Capper shorts! Too early in the day for that kind of image!! Hmmmm, maybe not. 😉

        • Teuchter – you’re a hoot 🙂 I haven’t seen a photo of Warwick Capper in yonks – I must Google him when I leave here. I just remember those shorts from…..oh, my…….too long ago!

          • Now…just imagine those shorts on Richard 😉

            Uh oh!…..I’m not 100% sure that Warwick and Joanne Capper ever had any children when they were married! So tight tight shorts may not be the way to go if you’re planning a family 🙂

              • See…why do I need to Google? I just knew that Mezz would know the answer to my question! Thank you, Mezz. 🙂

              • His name was Indiana, I think, and please don’t ask me why I remember that and not the important stuff that counts!

              • I know the feeling, my dear! 😉

                I wouldn’t wish fibromyalgia on my worst enemy but, at least, I have that as an excuse for my memory and concentration problems!!!!!! And I get quite shirty if people say it’s to do with my age. Bulldust – I know teenagers with FMS!! Seriously, though – FMS does play havoc with my memory and I get quite frustrated because it will be a simple word like “roof” that won’t come out of my mouth when I need it!

              • There is definitely such a thing as Fibromyalgia Fog–that trouble with concentration and memory–and it can strike at any age. I’ve been dealing with FMS since my early 30s and my mental faculties were still pretty intact back in the day. I used to be known as one of the brainy kids. 😉

              • To me, you still are ;).

                Gee, I didn’t realize you’d also had it for about 20 years like me – bummer.

    • Re Ian having a good point, that’s why I said he didn’t “get no respect” and that I couldn’t stand Ross Kemp, who was their leader. 😦 I have stated in other posts how much I thought that group of soldiers was an undisciplined bunch and I would never want their criminal kind defending me. But he did come across as somewhat haughty and arrogant . . . until he started showing that vulnerable side with–what’s her name.

      • Most of the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) officers I ever met came across like that at first – until you got to know them a bit better – so I didn’t think Ian Mc was so bad but that’s just my opinion. He certainly had a good opinion of himself as an officer 😉

  3. I loved it when you had Ian join the Ultimate Character Force in Sloth Fiction. Welcome to the ranks of the SND, Captain. You’ll get plenty of appreciation here.

    • I obviously need to read Sloth Fiction! See how “hot under the collar” I get when I think of those bloody rotten Ultimate Force guys? I need the lighter version! 🙂

  4. You’re all correct about poor Ian. He got no respect and seduced by an underlings wife! Then murdered! He’s SND. 🙂

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