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  1. I commented earlier this year that I rather thought I had fallen out of fond and into love with Richard’s Monet, and subsequent viewings of The Impressionists haven’t changed my mind. Claude may have dodgy hair on his head and his chin, and lack the supercharged hotness of Porter, Guy and Lucas, but in his own gentle, sweet, way he is sexy and adorable, with his passion for his art, his loved ones and life.

    • And you know, from looking at paintings of Monet himself, he was quite a handsome young man in real life. Having read a number of Monet’s quotes, I think that Richard managed to capture the artist’s passion for life and for art, his highs and lows, that joie de vivre that is so irresistible. He may not be an alpha male, but Monet is indeed very, very appealing. I’d let him eat crackers in my bed. 😉

          • What? What? Angie was the one who mentioned crackers in bed. I’m just thinking of Claude’s comfort!! *looks innocent*

            • As I recall, Claude was definitely NOT wearing his nightshirt when he got the good news whilst in bed with Camille . . . so he doesn’t always wear one . . . 😉

              • You’re right! Sheesh, that’s my faulty memory again…I told you I forget the important stuff!!! And Claude in bed without his nightshirt is really important n’est-pas?! 😉

            • Yeah, right….as though crackers caught up on the nightshirt would be any more uncomfortable than crackers on the sheets! But he did have lovely shoulders in the bed scenes when he wasn’t wearing the nightshirt! 😉

      • Agreed. I loved the smiles, the sweet intensity. Once again, Richard made me believe. I wonder how difficult it would be to Photoshop him into The Boating Party.

    • Totally agree, Mezz, except that I fell for Monet the minute I clapped eyes on him a few years back.

      I asked Asha (who will be 5 in October) if she’d like to watch the DVD as she loved The Impressionists’ exhibition at the NGA (National Gallery of Australia) here in Canberra. She looked at me seriously and asked if it was made for children. I said “not” so she reminded me “I’m only a child, Grandy, so I might watch it when I’m a little older!” Usually, she thinks she’s about 10!!!

      • There is a great video made for children about a little girl in Monet’s garden. I’ll see if I can find the exact title.

        • Asha would love that! I found some pictures of Monet’s garden and house and she was quite impressed! She has been a very bright little spark since forever – just like her Daddy was.

          Mum used to tell me I’d regret teaching Matthew to talk but I never have. He was such an inquisitive child that I used to send his father to the library for books so we could answer his questions properly.

  2. Oh, yes, Asha said she especially liked the paintings of Claude Monet, but the other painters were quite good, too!

  3. I loved the Impressionist. It is a wonderful documentary movie about that period in art. I didn’t find RA to be particularly sexy in it but he did great as Monet.

    • Hmmmm. Probably briefs, unless he’s in a very cold climate, and then he might want to wear something warmer. Then again, it might depend on if he has someone to keep him warm. 😉 Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      • Don’t bother resisting — it’s no fun. While I don’t have a large enough sample to be statistically valid, the Englishmen I’ve known only wore pyjamas in hospital and didn’t wear anything in bed, even when it was snowing outside.

  4. Geez, girls, I wish I was awake when you all were! Love the comments, love Monet and love Richard as Monet! It was love at first viewing, too! He was so sweet and passionate that I just couldn’t help myself. Oh and those smiles…wow!

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