Sir Guy and the Flatigious Foe: TAE Word for the Day



Flatigious Vasey throwing Guy under the bus and turning him over to the guards after the debacle with Irish Spring and the Lucky Charms Guy.

Sir Guy didn’t have it easy. The woman he loved and did his best to protect played him for a fool, He was constantly thwarted by that glory hog git Hoodie and the Mysterious Man with Boobs known as the Nightwatchman–and he had to deal with the capriciousness and ire of Vasey, who would definitely be in consideration for “Worst Boss.”

In fact, Vasey was downright flatigious, which seems a particular shame for the good people of the shire, considering he was the chief officer of the law in Nottingham.

Flatigious: (adjective): extremely wicked; criminal.

From the Latin flagitiosis, from flagitium (shameful act),  flagitare (to plead or demand persistently). First used prior to 1384.

Poor Guy, getting an earful once more when his great plan to trap the gang goes completely awry. (screencaps courtesy of RANet)




We can hardly blame Sir Guy for expressing such feelings to the flatigious Vasey.



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  1. What a great word! Vase is flatigious alright — not to be confused with “flatulent” but he’s probably that as well.
    Love your manip — there are times when I’d be tempted to use it as a “siggie”.

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