There’s just something about the man in a tux . . .


Even back in the day when he wore the dodgy elastic bow tie and rode the Tube to the BAFTAS, Richard Armitage already exuded that star charisma. He is simply dazzling in general and even more so when you put him into a tux. That mega-watt smile, that presence–he simply commands your attention and keeps it. There’s that real old-fashioned, silver screen movie star vibe to RA.

And it doesn’t hurt at all to know this talented, gorgeous, charismatic man is also modest, kind and sweet-natured, a true gentleman.  No wonder we love him.




 From a photo by Hedgey taken at the 2009 BAFTAs.








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  1. Oh gosh, the photo where he gets out of that car…Helloooooo, Mr. Bond! 😀 Tux and Belstaff boots, simply gorgeous. I hope, one day he’ll look like this again…

    (I just love how slim his ankles are *swoon*)

    • For such a big guy–those broad shoulders and massive thighs–his ankles and wrists are surprisingly slender and elegant (rather like his neck). I think we’ll see him like this again one day. Still wondering what his hair will look like at the TH premiere–will it be cropped or grown out a bit, will he be clean-shaven, bearded, stubbled. I know it partially depends on what projects he will be involved in at that time . . . Oh, hell, I just miss SEEING the man. *sigh*

  2. I love the haircut on Hegdey’s photo! Lovely, lovely. His hair on the elastic bow tie photos looked a bit… untidy (Sorry my dear Richard…)

    • I suspect that he thought no one would bother to take photos of him, he was just showing up to fill a chair… He may even have brought a book, only to have his agent take it away from him at the last minute.

      • I got a fairly decent nap in late afternoon. We had thunderstorms move through the night before and that disrupted my sleep. I got up earlier than usual and I just felt out of kilter all day . . . as Monet would say, “C’est la vie!” 😉

        • I feel like a zombie!:( I had some furniture delivered (going to re-decorate the kitchen) at 7 am this morning! They said they’d arrive between 8.00-11.00 but the phone rang at 7.00! Don’t know how I’ll get through the day (I’m back in the office).

        • Hooray for a decent nap! The weather here is not as nasty as where you are, Angie, but it’s still bothersome. FMS = bloody nuisnace

          • I told Benny this morning I had a bloody nose (It’s dry and snotty at the same time, somehow) and two aching knees, and he said it sounded like I had been in a bar fight. LOL I finally took a pain pill.

            • So sorry! (You weren’t in Armitage Protective Mode, were you? ) I hope the pill works and you get some rest.

              • Thanks, sweetie. The knees have been cranky lately and they got really bad overnight. 😦 I am trying to get another Thornton post together and then I may very well check out for a while.

  3. Just to say, none of those pics have ever been printed in a magazine. Occasionally they have been used later to accompany articles about him, but no report about the BAFTAs or any other event has ever mentioned him or printed a picture. Admittedly, it helps to be a woman in a spectacular gown to have your picture printed! He is still very low-profile. I remember, when he did the theatre gala, mags mentioned that Sienna Miller was NOT there, that was more newsworthy!

    • I have to say, at least here in the US, you hardly ever see photos of men on the red carpet in mags . . . the focus is on the ladies and their wonderful (or, in some cases, horrible) gowns. And I ‘m talking about Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, and so forth. That’s just the way it is. The exceptions are generally if a man shows up in something truly god-awful leading to his photo being printed in the “Fashion Police” and “What were they thinking??” sections of the mags. 😉

      • RA was lucky not to have a high profile at the time of the (sorry) god-awful elastic bow-tie, otherwise he might have ended up in the “what were they thinking” section of a tabloid mag! 🙂 But it’s true, there’s a lot more pressure on the ladies..

        • I don’t read about the men dieting, using special undergarments, being defoliated and exfoliated 😉 , having facials (although I am sure some do) prior to their red carpet walks . . . after all, they don’t have massive amounts of flesh on display as some of the ladies do nor are their tuxes generally so tight they can hardly sit down in their seats as appears to be the case with some of the gowns. 😉 Man, I’ve got to get to sleep. The humidity is 82 percent and it’s messing with my FMS/arthritis but I can feel my eyelids drooping . . .

        • The elastic bow-tie was so endearing! The fashion police may not approve but it is another tidbit that confirms that the guy next door is not just an act. I also like the shot of him and Peter Firth with the bow ties off once they had done their presenting.

              • And yet, he carried off Mr. Thornton’s rather formal clothes with such aplomb (if that’s the right expression?). Some actors look very awkward in period clothing, but Richard looked as if he’d never worn anything else all his life.

              • I always find it interesting how some actors, like Richard, assume a period role so easily and believably, whereas others just look awkward, as you say, and don’t fit no matter how they are dressed.
                Richard has a timeless, classical quality about his features which makes him suited to roles of different eras. Then there are those who have what I refer to as “modern” features.

              • Absolutely. Richard is ageless and timeless for me. He could slip into a cravat, doublet and hose, a cavalier’s plumed hat and cloak or a pair of jeans and a tee and look equally at home. And some actors just do not have that quality about them. It’s not just a matter of acting talent, either. Hilary Swank is a very accomplished actress but seeing her in 18th century dress for a period film I thought she stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb. Piper has the same problem. She is not a classic beauty and her modern features do not lend themselves well to a period piece such as ” Mansfield Park.” I can only assume she was cast because they wanted a popular young actress and thought she might be a draw, certainly not because she was well suited to the role.

              • I rented The Affair of the Necklace DVD years ago because Adrien Brody played the villain in it. And he looked quite…. ripped. Not body builder-type ripped know. Anyway, he looked good in the scene where he was topless. I admit I did hit the pause button. The movie itself, can’t remember much of it. 🙂

              • As for Billie Piper, the dark roots showing and the dark eyebrows- blonde hair combination certainly did not help her cause…They could have at least touched up her roots and matched her eyebrows to her hair colour, or put a nice brunette wig on her head! 🙂

              • Agreed. I can only assume they wanted her to look like Rose Tyler . . . which didn’t jive too well with the character she was supposed to be portraying.

            • I think for Rose from DW it was just fine to look like BP did, a girl like Rose would bleach her hair and then don’t bother to re-do the roots (who would, travelling with the Doctor?) but Fanny Price? Even if she had cosmetics at her disposal, she would not dream of using them! I always imagined Fanny to have an understated natural prettiness, not striking as her cousins or Mary Crawford, but pretty enough for Edmund or Henry to fall in love with.

              • Exactly. What worked for the character of 21st century Doctor’s companion Rose Tyler just didn’t translate well to the demure, shy, quietly pretty Fanny Price in the early 19th century.

          • Yeah, and the way he looked so absolutely radiant on the red carpet, as if he was shocked to have fans there seeking autographs and was truly excited and appreciative of their support. And I think he was just that. I like the shots of him sans the tie, too.

      • Same here too Angie, it’s the ladies in their frocks all the way, right down to the sporting awards nights. One of these even had a turntable upon which the WAGS would stand and revolve for the cameras.
        Very demeaning.

          • I saw some footage of the Cannes festival, and it showed photographers screaming their heads off in a very rude and menacing manner (“Look at me or else!!”) to some actresses on the red carpet. I couldn’t believe how agressive they were. I don’t think they’d dare to shout like that at a bloke (especially not someone as tall as Richard)! If they do, no wonder they get beaten up by short tempered actors every now and then (not that I’m condoning that either mind you!) !

            • I don’t condone violence, either, but my gosh, those paps are so intrusive and annoying and horrendously rude. I hate to say they are asking for it when someone takes a punch or smashes their cameras, but they certainly contribute to it happening.

              • I still have trouble with those vultures being allowed to get so close and be so rude to anyone. A person should not have to give up his or her personal space and privacy, just because he or she is a performing artist. I refuse to buy any magazine or newspaper that publishes such photographs.

              • I do seriously hope no photographer will dare to shout at Richard like that at any red carpet event. Ever. That’s abuse, pure and simple.

              • I’m praying that The Hobbit premieres won’t turn out to be a nightmarish experience for him. How can I worry about something that hasn’t even happened yet?

      • Last time he did attend the BAFTAs they did print a pic of his co-star Miranda Raison who looked very classy in a simple black gown. But they do print pics of some of the more famous male actors.

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