Stormy weather & sweet Richard


I am watching the delightful Strictly Ballroom— one of my favs and a movie I haven’t seem in a long while–on Ovation and playing with more images of Mr. A in Photoshop.  My brain is somewhat on autopilot at this point. I’m very tired and giddy so bear with me, darlings. We’ve had more storms tonight–heavy rain, wind, and the crackle of lightning. No loss of power this time around, thank goodness. Twice in one day is more than enough.  It’s quietened down for now.


Strictly Ballroom poster art.

Strictly Ballroom poster art. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is some more artwork celebrating our handsome, talented, expressive, down-to-earth lad. May we all have a good night’s sleep/a good Friday.

Oh, and even with the Worldwide North & South Watch tomorrow, it will still be Guyday Friday. He’d never let me hear the end of it otherwise.







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  1. Wouldn’t give up Guyday Friday for anything! Love the 2nd to last pic and fireworks pic especially. I haven’t seen Strictly Ballroom in ages but I do recall liking it immensely. Baz Luhrmann has such a lovely kooky sense.

    • I think the fireworks one will show up again on the fourth of July. 😀 I went in and took out all the Marvel/Captain America logos behind RA for the bearded pic so we could focus on his beautiful self. I hadn’t seen Strictly Ballroom in ages, either, and when it popped up while I was flipping channels today I had to watch it. I think I am going to do a post on it because seeing it again made me think how wonderful it would be to see Richard performing that sexy Spanish dance in those sexy tight-fitting black trousers . . . in fact I was sitting there with what I am sure was a silly grin on my face. Yes, I really like Baz’s quirky, kooky sensibility. I loved Moulin Rouge–which is a movie people seem to either love or hate, not much in between–and I have that on DVD.

      • Fireworks: On the 4th July and on the opening night of The Hobbit too, right? 😉 Well done for removing the logos! Who needs Captain America when you can have Richard Armitage? Loving the ears on that pic!
        Oh yes, RA in tight-fitting black trousers- reminds me of Leigh’s wonderful “Dancer” story! *drool* I loved Strictly, and also Moulin Rouge, but mainly because of Ewan. He really can sing, that boy. *sigh*

        • Ditto on Ewan in Moulin Rouge. I couldn’t believe all the attention went to Nicole Kidman (not that she didn’t deserve attention for her work in that movie–but not at the expense of virtually no attention for Ewan’s divine performance!).

          • I’ve always been a fan of Ewan’s. So talented and full of joie de vivre and just an infectious grin. He was wonderful as the “starving writer” in Moulin Rouge. Of course, I have to say Jim Broadbent singing “Like a Virgin” was also quite a treat (he is one of my favorite character actors). 😉

            • I had liked Ewan at that point but once I saw him in MR, that put him over the top. Oh yes that grin of his. So funny and seems like another nice guy. I nearly fell off my seat when they started “Like a Virgin” (in a good way). Broadbent is another one of those extremely versatile talents. I would love for RA to have as strong a career as JB’s at that age.

              • Yeah, Ewan seems to be a nice fellow and a very happy family man these days. He sowed a lot of wild oats, I believe, but when he did marry, he committed to it, and good for him. I love seeing him in interviews, he’s delightful. Jim Broadbent has never given a bad performance that I have seen, and I have seen him in quite a few things. Yes, if RA had as rich and varied a career in his later years as Broadbent, it will be a very good thing, indeed.

      • My first thought re: fireworks pic was … July 4 seems an awfully long way away! haha I guess it isn’t, really. OOoh yes it would be something to see him dance, that dance in particular. I had to look up examples on YT and spent quite a lot of time imagining how he would look doing those moves.

        I was thinking of Moulin Rouge when I wrote that comment, hee, and I feel the same way re: people either love it or hate it. Loved loved LOVED Moulin Rouge, saw it in the theater a ridiculous number of times, left the first screening and went straight to the music store to get the soundtrack. lol It’s one of a handful of movies I’ve seen where people actually stood up at the end and applauded. Have you seen the easter eggs on the dvd–there is one adorable one of just Baz dancing by himself around a room (waltzing maybe?). So cute.

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