To hate and to love: Guyday Friday kicks off with angst


I love how Richard showed such a myriad of emotions crossing Guy’s face as Marian admitted to being the Nightwatchman by showing the scar on her hip. You could see as he entered the room that part of him still simply did want to believe his own eyes. There was a certain naivety, a gullibility at times about Guy that was so heartbreaking.

And still, even after this betrayal, he came up with a plan to save her from execution.  Guy, you were the one who truly, deeply loved Marian, not Robin. It’s a pity she could not see past the puppy love of her childhood and her lofty ideals and misguided allegiance to not-so-good King Richard to fully appreciate the man you were and the potential within you.

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  1. There is a lot to like about this episode but you’ve pinned it exactly: it’s Guy that saves the day (with an able assist from Allan). For all Robin’s butting in and spying and trying to save the day, he is completely clueless about Marian’s danger. Yet Guy manages to put his hurt and betrayal aside and help her. That look on his face, after Vasey attacks him for letting the Nightwatchman escape, as he runs past Marian, kills me every time. And that sweet surprised smile after she kisses his cheek? AUgh. Really, Marian, cheek is the best you can do? lol

    • Robin was so busy playing Ye Great Legende that he never really stopped to think about the repercussions for Marian re all the spying, etc. he had her doing for him. And he knew that Vasey would be furious at him for letting the NWM get away, yet he went ahead and did what needed to be done to protect her. “You don’t know me as well as you think . . .” And the way he looked at her and said, “Stay, and make this place bearable.” It tugs so hard at my heart. Dear Guy deserved a real kiss-with tongues. πŸ˜‰

      • He’d have deserved some “horizontal gratitude” as well (pity it was a family friendly show)! πŸ˜‰ At least Marian would not have died a maiden!

          • Why do you think fanfic authors try to remedy this deficiency, if not with Marian, then with someone who is much more appreciative?

            • Thank goodness they’re out there! I get so much pleasure out of a happy ending for Guy, regardless of who he ends up with. πŸ™‚

              • I’m about to watch ep 6 of S3 of RH. Was just dazzled once again by the absolutely stunning, stunning beauty of Richard as Glamour Guy. And how fantastic his whole performance is. And I still think the lighting tech had a major crush on him. He’s just—gorgeous. And yes, I am all for Guy having a happy ending, loving and being able to trust, and being loved and trusted in return.

              • “Stunning beauty”…absolutely…he’s breathtaking. Enjoy!!! πŸ™‚

              • I have never seen the likes of him. The degree of beauty and manliness, that voice, the way he moves . . . It still boggles my mind that some women do not find him attractive. Or thought Jonas Armstrong was the gorgeous, sexy one in the show. WOTTTTT?????

      • Ooh you are exactly right about the way he said “Stay…” Haha kiss-with tongues at the very very least! That would have just been the warm-up. lol

        The universe was making sure I didn’t forget it was Guyday Friday today (as if!). I shipped packages to 1) customer named Guy, 2) another package going to Gisborne, New Zealand, 3) package to Sherwood Drive, and 4) a package to Nottingham, Maryland. πŸ™‚ Happy Guyday Friday!!!

        • Good grief, you HAVE been reminded of Sir Guy all day long, haven’t you?? A rumble, a deep hearty, slightly naughty chuckle resounds in Ladywriter’s ears. “You, see, my lady, no one can escape the power of Guyday Friday . . .”

            • Personally, while I’m in this area, I hope to visit Sherwood Forest Center and have breakfast at Li’l John’s restaurant. With my luck, though, I’d run into Bobbin in a green baseball cap worn backwards, a nasty green singlet, and cargo shorts. Oh well.

  2. I think if I hadn’t already fallen in love with Guy, this episode, or more specifically, when he saves Marian, then asks her to stay, would have well and truly tipped me over the edge. It kills me too when Vasey attacks Guy and he wears it in order to protect Marian. And yes, he did deserve more than a kiss on the cheek, along with a couple of extra episodes where he experienced a some joy in his life while Marian’s gratitude lasted. *sniff*

    • Yes, he definitely deserved so much more than he got. I still get ticked off when I think about Marian coming back for Robin when he died (flopping over like a sack of potatoes) and for poor, beautiful, redeemed Guy–there was no one to welcome him to the afterlife. After being stabbed with a poison blade by his own mad bunny boiler sister and skewered by the horrible Vasey. Talk about overkill. And he should have had more than 10 minutes to enjoy being sheriff, too, before PJ fired him. And more time with Meg . . . *sigh indeed*

      • You’re right, poor Guy. What a tragic life he led! He gets crapped on from his very early years. His character was definately the most complex, the most interesting and the best acted, by the sexiest man around! It’s “The Guy of Gisborne Show”, starring the wonderful Richard Armitage! πŸ˜‰

  3. Thank Goodness for fanfiction is all I can say. At least in most of them Guy gets his redemption and he gets the girl. I love the ones when he is paired with another character. I’m afraid I didn’t warm very much to Marian with all her lying and manipulation. I just wanted him to be loved by someone who deserved him in the end, and for Arrowboy to have Marian waiting for him at the end and Guy to have no one that was just heartbreaking.

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