Armitage’s Armamentarium!: TAE Word for the Day


Surely this word was made for our TDHBEW.

armamentarium (noun):  a fruitful source of devices or materials available for or used for an undertaking; the aggregate of equipment, methods and techniques available to one for carrying out one’s duties.

Mr. Armitage uses his Method acting techniques, journaling, intelligence and intuition, his mobile features and command of his physicality, along with an amazing vocal instrument, to bring his characters to life, giving them depth and breadth and believability. He has a powerful armamentarium at his disposal to craft a great performance.

Likewise, characters such as Lucas North and Sgt. John Porter have their armamentariums of gadgets, tools and weapons to aid them on their missions.

Armamentarium is from the Latin root armament, referring to equipment used by a military unit. The suffix -arium denotes a location or receptacle.

Bravo for Armitage’s Armamentarium and long may it bring us enjoyment!



It would appear John Porter has packed a potent portion of his armamentarium for his mission.

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  1. This word certainly fits our hardworking boy and quite a few of his characters. It also sounds like it was meant specifically for Mr. “Armitage”, Mr. “Armamentarium”. 😉

  2. Such a great word!! I agree – it seems tailor-made for him. He has quite an “arsenal” of talents at his disposal! 😀

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