Before the tea and crumpets . . . enjoy the sizzle of Guy



After several nights of little sleep, I finally crashed today. Fell asleep sometime after dawn and didn’t fully rouse until 4 p.m. Which means I probably won’t sleep well tonight, but my body needed it so.  I almost feel as if I could nod off some more . . . but I have that date with a certain gentleman.  Yet, I must never forget the knight below:





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  1. I’m glad you had a good rest. I was up at 3:30 am for good 😦 I don’t think I’ll watch all of my buddy tonight! I’ve got to get some rest!!! Those kids poop me out with out several nights of 4 hours sleep this week!! Have a great time watching our beautiful gentleman!

    • Take care, Laurie. I hope you get some rest and maybe catch up this weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t participate either, but I wish everyone watching a lovely time.

  2. Happy Guyday Friday! Eveb if his Lordship grumbles a bit, he can’t be too jealous if you give his fellow chaRActer a few hours.

    • Actually Guy has a lot of respect for Thornton. He wears black well, he can thrash a miscreant with the best of them, and he’s a man of passion who has struggled against the odds. Guy is being very magnanimous about it all, our black knight. 😉 I have started on the third ep now, but I have to take a brief break. Puddie was tucked up under my chin for a while and I got so hot I had to make her budge over to my side, where she is grooming her lovely long fur.

      • Guy is so generous! There is just so much wonderful footage of Guy available to us that we can’t cram him in all in one night. (A long weekend, however…)

      • I’m going to watch tonight, RL has got in the way today although I have looked in on the Twitter feed on the laptop a couple of times. I’m still not very familiar with my new mobile phone, and learning how to tweet is yet to be accomplished! I’ll be ready for the next Armitage Watch though!!

        • I just finished watching the whole thing and am *ahem* rewatching the train station scene. Thank you, Sandy Welch, for that addition and Richard and Daniela for making it so beautifully realized on screen.

          • I can’t think of a single instance where I have seen N&S, and NOT rewatched the train station scene, not only for a second time, but many times, before I stop the dvd. I have also played it just to watch that scene alone…*sigh*
            Have you been on Twitter all the way through Angie?

            • No, Mezz, I’ve been so fuzzy brained I decided to simply devote myself to watching the whole thing without the distraction of Twitter. Perhaps I shall watch it again this weekend and do the Twitter thing. And then it led me to needing a Guy fix. You know, he and Thornton both had rather bad tempers at times. When they roar they remind me of each other. 😉 And they both had trouble with women. At least Margaret finally came to her senses. Sadly, Marian continued to lie and manipulate and managed to talk her way into being skewered–oh, yuck, Robin is kissing Isabella. EWWWWWWWWW.

              • Oh, I knew it was Bobbin to whom you were referring. 😉 After all, poor Guy really WAS faithful to her memory, instead of only playing lip service regarding his deep devotion a la Arrow Boy.

              • “Faithful” to her memory…that’s the word I was looking for! For the life of me, I couldn’t think of it, so settled for “loyal”. 😦

      • I can even see Guy being magnanimous enough to let you rewatch the train station scene. without trying to snatch the remote Guy knows he was your first, your best beloved, so he can just stand there, leaning back, arms crossed, waiting for you.
        My regards to HRH Puddie. Yes, this weather is a bit hot and muggy for a feline collar.

  3. I watched N&S last night and, of course, loved it!!! I did not do the twitter thing though. I am not into twitter. Plus I think it would be too distracting for me. I always replay the kissing scene every time I watch N&S and like Mezz said sometimes I put in the DVD just to see that.

    I agree that Guy of Gisborne was more faithful to Marion than Bobbin was. I was even put off over the fact that Bobbin would not marry Marion. He sort of marries her just before her last breaths. Guy wanted to and was ready to marry her at any time. Guy behaved more like a man deeply in love more than Bobbin did. Guy never looked at or even remotely considered another woman after Marion’s death. You can’t say the same thing for Bobbin.

    • Exactly. Poor Marian was hardly cold in her grave and Robin was playing kissy-face with Isabella and soon after that, with Kate. Other than the first ep, I saw little evidence Robin was grieving for Marian. He even told Isabella he just wanted to forget about Marian when Izzy asked about her. The love of his life, his “wife,” and he wants to forget. It was poor Guy who lived in hell, and admitted it to Robin. 😦

      • He may have killed Marian in a moment of passion, but Guy’s constancy is part of what makes him so appealing.

        • I think Guy was so overwhelmed, so crushed by Marian’s rejection of him, finding out all his dreams and plans were for naught, that he temporarily lost his mind and simply wanted to blot out the pain of what was happening. He couldn’t accept what she was saying. And if you ask me, I think Marian must have gone a little mad in the desert sun to say the things she said to a desperate and dangerous man holding a big, sharp sword. Makes you wonder if she wanted to die and become a sort of martyr. Under normal circumstances, Guy would have never killed the woman he loved and had been so devoted to protecting from harm.

          • I can easily believe Marian wanting to be a martyr to the cause. After all, saying those things she knew would enrage the man with the sword was just the culmination of a series of really stupid and risky behaviours.

            • I have also wondered if deep down inside she knew she wouldn’t be happy married to Robin, either. He was too self-absorbed and too much of a flirt and didn’t really take her seriously in spite of constantly using her to further his own ends as the great hero. Better to go out the martyred heroine, giving her life to protect her king.

              • I think you read her right. She didn’t stay in the forest with Robin very long, and on some level she probably knew he was just a self-serving, glory-seeking prat with a wandering eye. Yes, better to go out a martyr than be married to that, but why come around to escort him to the sweet Hereafter? But she could have had Guy, a gorgeous man who loved her, wanted her, saved her life repeatedly, and stirred her!! She could have protected both the King and Guy, if she’d thought about it a little more. Argh.

              • I think the desert heat finished melting any good sense she had left in her. Guy would have treated her like a queen. Yes, he might have lost his temper now and again, but what fun it would be to kiss and make up with him.

              • “I know you’re furious. You may have had a rotten day and lost one of your gloves, and the servants aren’t done cleaning your leathers, and the armourer has only finished putting a new edge on one of your swords, but don’t you think there are things we can do that don’t involve getting dressed or steel weaponry?”

              • Things that would help him relieve all that tension and stress and give him a sweet release. Put his mind on pleasurable thoughts and activities.

  4. Do you remember during the first episode of Robin Hood when Bobbin was returning to Nottingham and he was kissing up that woman in the beginning? I could not believe it. He was supposed to be so in love with Marion. They were supposed to be like soul-mates.

  5. Good that you were able to catch up on some sleep Angie! I completely missed the whole Thornton watching- was too tired to look up the timezone abbreviations and I have no idea how EDT and CET (my timezone) relate (? not sure that’s the right word but too fuzzy brained to come up with an alternative) to one another!

    • The only time zone I am familiar with outside of the US is GMT-Greenwich Mean Time. I not only watched all of N&S, I ended up watching five eps of Robin Hood S3. I skipped the two Guyless eps. Oh, the beauty of Thornton and of Sir Guy. *sigh*

      • Angie, no one can blame you for indulging in an overload of such beauty. It’s good for you!

        Time zones: Remember if it’s noon in San Francisco (Pacific time), it’s 1:00 p.m. in the Rockies (Mountain time), it’s 2:00 p.m. in the Twin Cities (Central time), and 3:00 p.m. in New York (Eastern time). Jump the Atlantic to my time zone in Andalucia and it’s 9:00 p.m., the same as it is in Paris. However, Spain starts Daylight Savings about a week before the U.S., so there’s a short period when it’s confusing. I used to know other zones by heart, but they’ve slipped away…

  6. So EDT is New York time and it’s 6 hours behind Andalucia (which I believe is in the same time zone as Central Europe?). Is this correct? And PDT is 8 hours behind CET (which is GMT+1 hour). Right?

    • Almost. PDT is 9 hours behind CET most of the year. There’s a little bit of the year when Europe goes to Daylight Savings maybe a week before the U.S. Makes for interesting timing on phone calls, Skype, and banking.

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