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The N&S Global Watch continues . . . thoughts on Thornton and Gisborne


Sir Guy, who really can be quite a sweetheart when he chooses to be, was very magnanimous about sharing Guyday Friday with Mr. Thornton as part of the North & South Global Watch.

After all, it would  have to be an extended marathon to view all 37 episodes of Robin Hood in which Sir Guy appeared (he’s quite proud of the fact there is more Sir Guy than any of the Creator’s other ChaRActers. He preens over it, truth be told).

My dark knight sees something of a kindred spirit in Mr. Thornton. Of course, they are both part of the Brotherhood of  ChaRActers lovingly crafted by their Creator and they do bear a physical resemblance– both are tall, dark-haired and rather regal, with a tendency to smoulder and brood very attractively.

They are two proud men who have struggled to reinstate the good name and fortune of their families. Both suffered tragic events at a young age–Thornton, the financial ruin and subsequent suicide of his father, and Guy, his father’s leprosy, and the loss of both of his parents and his home.

They both have tempers, which can flare quite suddenly; they possess passionate and sometimes tempestuous natures. When they love, they love whole-heartedly.   They can be stern and harsh, this medieval knight and Victorian mill owner, but they have their kind and gentle sides, too.

Both men have younger sisters who can be trials. Fortunately for JT, while Fanny may be a silly, affected goose who tries his patience sorely, she is no murderous shrew like Guy’s sister, Isabella. There is genuine affection between the Thorntons.

When Guy lost his parents, he had to go out into the world and make his way  and care for his sister–who seems to have always been difficlt– as best he could.

Hannah Thornton may be a dragon and a battle ax, but her steady presence in John’s life, offering encouragement and support that never wavered, made such a difference in the man her son became.

John might have felt at times as if no one loved him but his mother. For Guy, there was the lonely ache at his core, knowing that he had truly had no one, no one at all, save the poisonous sheriff and that vindictive sister. And when you have those two, you’re better off with no one.  He tried to fill the emptiness with his pursuit of power, status, wealth, but it never really satisfied him. He wanted, he needed love, affection, a home and a family.

Marian was the love of Sir Guy’s life. Sadly, she never returned his feelings. Thank goodness that the love of John’s life, Margaret, came to understand and appreciate the wonderful, honorable man Thornton was.  We need a happily ever after for a least a few of the Creator’s ChaRActers, don’t we?


The Return of Stanley Stunning


The late, great ABC News anchor Peter Jennings (who I believe was actually a Canadian) was a very handsome, dapper gentleman with a great presence on screen. Someone nicknamed him Stanley Stunning and it stuck.

I think Richard Armitage definitely rates as a Stanley Stunning, don’t you?