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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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    • Yeah, when Isabella was being all flirty-girty with PJ and saying. “Hot . . . hot . . . hot.” I could only look at Guy and think, “Yes, indeed he is. Too bad he’s your brother AND you’re a bloody nutter!” LOL I was really having fun working on that last photo . . . the chesticles are simply mesmerising.

    • Not a new word in the Armitage fandom, although I have coined quite a few words and phrases πŸ˜‰ It was around well before I become an RA fan more than four years ago. LOL

  1. Wow…he’s so lovely! These pictures make me want to reach out and touch! But unfortunately I only touch the d@%* computer screen!!!

    • My sentiments exactly!! Like Laurie C, I just want to reach out and touch!! Do you think he would sizzle if we did or would it be like getting an electric shock?? I’m guessing it would be worth every tingle!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

      • For some reason my eyes zero in on that nipple every time… πŸ˜‰

        Teuchter, how are you going with your new dvds?

    • Ah, Lady Anne, I thought that might have been you. You are delightfully predictable in certain ways. Not, mind you, that I am complaining. . . oh, the 21st century is quite wonderful. I am–how would Ladywriter put it?–really getting the hang of this computer. When I can drag my dear LW away from it, that is. I wonder if I could have one of my own? . . .

      • Dear Guy, I know I’m completely predictable where you are concerned. Your own computer? It might be like the sword LW gave you, only functional when the Queen decrees. Even I can only contact you at her discretion, although you are often in my thoughts.

        • P.S. I’ve written you some new stories. Yes, you survive and you get the girl, although you might be a bit surprised at who she is.

          • Oh, really?? That is most intriguing, Lady Anne. To live on to fight another day and get the lady, too–what a lovely change from the frankly frustrating experiences I have often had.
            As to my getting my own computer, I suspect that you are correct. My dear Ladywriter will use her royal perogative in determining whether or not i shall have my own machine.

            I do seem to capture imaginations all across the world–which turns out to be round rather than flat. Life is simply never dull. Especially when a ChaRActer has a Lady Writer who loves him. plenty of Cheez-Its and an amusingly stroppy three-legged cat to keep one company.

            • Besos y abrazos, dearest. I’m sure Lady Writer will keep you in Blue Bell and other treats, too. She loves you very much, and she is supposed to be writing you a story (hint, hint). Give Thumper a scratch from me, and stop feeding her treats, you naughty man.

              • She does keep me in delicious victuals–she and Mister Ladywriter, who is quite a wizard at preparing wonderful puddings, or desserts as they call them here.
                As to my story, she has been reading some of her historical books again and has purchased new software to enable her to organise her very scattered thoughts and ideas. She has to–download?–this later. She thinks about me a great deal, it seems.

                I have to say I do look very handsome indeed in my highwayman’s garb, cutting quite a dashing figure if I do say so myself. And I get a sword and a pistol. And a beautiful lady who is capable of great passion and deep devotion to me . . .

                Thumper does love to have a good scratch. That missing leg means she can’t do a proper job of it on one side. I do like to slip her a treat now and again, although she is quite plump.

                LW says she looks like a black and white bowling ball on three legs. I have not yet had an occasion to do this bowling, so i simply take LW’s word for it.

                If I weren’t at least a little naughty, I wouldn’t be the Sir Guy you all know and love, now, would I?

              • Thankyou, dear Sir Guy and lovely Lady Anne, I’ve started my day with a smile! πŸ™‚

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