The Return of Stanley Stunning


The late, great ABC News anchor Peter JenningsΒ (who I believe was actually a Canadian) was a very handsome, dapper gentleman with a great presence on screen. Someone nicknamed him Stanley Stunning and it stuck.

I think Richard Armitage definitely rates as a Stanley Stunning, don’t you?








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  1. Yes, Stanley Stunning he is indeed!!! Wonderful pictures! How are you feeling Angie? I’ve been catching up on sleep today…A lazy, lazy Saturday! I was supposed to do some hoovering and other housework! The flat badly needs it…

  2. Stanley Stunning is such an apt description for this gorgeous man!! The fourth picture down is one of my favourites and of course seeing his beautiful smile is always a treat. I’m truly longing for some new pictures of him to emerge. *sigh* Do you think Sir Peter will give us another Production vlog one of these days? He must know that fans all over the world are going crazy – not just Richard’s loyal followers!! πŸ˜€

    BTW – I hope ALL of you have voted for Richard as he has been nominated in the Best Actor category for his role as John Porter in Strike Back-Project Dawn at the TV Choice Awards. (See RANet for details) It is an amazing nomination considering he only appeared in one episode!! He must indeed have made an impact – not that any of us are surprised as we are well aware of his talents! πŸ™‚

    • Sometimes people are nominated for awards supposedly for one piece of work, but actually in recognition of a body of work. I suspect that’s the case here. Of course, I voted.

      • I thought about that aspect, too, Leigh. That Richard’s brilliant work on Spooks, along with his work on SB and RH and so forth may have earned him this nomination as much as the few harrowing minutes on SB BD.

  3. OT: WordPress used to notify me of replies to my comments (in the top right hand corner), and for some reason it stopped doing that! It’s weird because I haven’t changed any settings. Has it happened to anybody else? Just curious!

    • I’m not notified either, and there is often a delay between a new post and the notification in my mailbox. WordPress seems to be having a few glitches of late. I just come check when I’m able.

      • Are you noticing this with any other WordPress sites you subscribe to, ladies? I didn’t get notifications of replies for a comment I made at one of the other RA sites using WP.

        • I don’t get notifications either and I have checked my settings several times. If I don’t check in I don’t know know about any comments. I do get notification of new posts though by Angie.

          • I get notifications of new posts from these sites, but nothing re. comments. Again, I have to go look.

            • I get notification of new blogs but I haven’t been getting them on comments. But I haven’t been X-ing the little box that says Notify me of follow-up comments via email, either. Before you post you have to x that box. I think they were just notifying you of everything for a while. I’m kind of glad they stopped because I would open my email and have 150 new ones. When I get on here, the little box with the speech bubble is red and I know someone’s commented on my comments. Try x-ing the box.

              • I have been x-ing the box. The software just doesn’t like me very much.

              • I guess I assumed everyone knew you had to do that–x the box. Never assume anything, of course. Still, I haven’t received follow up comments from some blogs even when I have checked the box, so I don’t know what is going on. ?? However, I DO get notification of all your comments here at TAE. And I enjoy reading them all even though I don’t reply to all of them.

            • That’s what is happening for me. I get notifications of new posts, but none for comments. So it’s some sort of WP glitch and not specific to my blog, at least.

  4. I love the fourth photo. I love seeing Richard like that. There is a video of RA on You Tube showing him on a talk show titled Lorraine, and he is witnessing a cooking segment. The way RA looks on that show is my favorite of his looks. He is relaxed and in jeans and his hair is similar to the fourth photo. He also looks so tall. RA is doing a bit of chopping in the segment. That fourth picture looks like it came from that show.

    • Yep, he’s watching chef Richard at work during that segment. That was his Heinz Kruger hair, which a lot of people don’t particularly like (no sideburns, but certainly appropriate for the period). I agree, he looked great, lots of smiles and grins during that interview and he was rather flirtatious with Lorraine’s fill-in, Myleene, who seemed to be quite taken with him during the interview preceding the cooking segment. A friend met him and got an autograph and a photo that same day and said he was, indeed, very tall–long, long legs–and gorgeous even with that hairstyle she didn’t like LOL When she was timid about posing with him and getting too close, he tugged her closer for the photo. Said he was sweet and a little shy but approachable with his fans.

      • At least we have confirmation that he’s not an “empty milk bottle” as one writer described a famous actor who simply wasn’t “there” when he wasn’t in character. When he was on screen, in character, he was memorable, but no character, nothing. Thankfully, Richard has a sweet, genuine, lovely personality when he’s simply himself, as well as creating compelling characters on screen.

      • I love Richard in sideburns but not too long. Harry Kennedy’s sideburns are just the right length to me. I am glad that your friend had a nice experience with Richard.

        I watched Persuasion again last night and so wish that our man would play Captain Wentworth. The more I watch that movie the more I love it. I am now reading a book titled Captain Wentworth’s Dairy. It is persuasion written through Captain Wentworth’s view. It goes back to when he first met Anne and goes through their courtship and Anne changing her mind about marrying him. Then the book picks up again where Persuasion begins. I am loving it because from reading Captain Wentworth’s thoughts you find out why and how he fell in love with Anne.

        I wish that Richard would do what some actors do here. If they come a cross a project that really means a lot to them they will buy the rights and see the project through themselves by getting their own backing instead of waiting for Hollywood to come knocking with a script and an offer. Tyler Perry, for example, does it all the time and has been hugely successful at it.

      • I quite like his Heinz Kruger hair, it’s cute and boyish! πŸ™‚ Myleene really fancied him like crazy, and who can blame the poor girl? πŸ™‚ And to make matters “worse”, he started flirting with her, the cheeky bugger! πŸ™‚

        • When in doubt, flirt back… Because she’s not a co-worker, she might actually have had a chance.

          • I think she’s married (or at least lives with a guy) with children. She’s gorgeous though isn’t she? So Leigh, you don’t think RA is gay? πŸ™‚

            • Heh-heh, Judit. I don’t make assumptions, but quotes and observed behaviour indicate that he likes females. That said, most of my LGBTG friends were in het relationships at some time in their lives. I’ve learned that love has no respect for gender boundaries, anymore than it does for age, race, or religion. I wish him happiness, with whomever rocks his world. (I wish that could be me, but I know that all I can have is the fantasy.)

              • That’s what matters most to me–that he is happy and fulfilled in his personal life, no matter the gender of the person with whom he chooses to share it. I love RA to bits and I always will. I don’t like to make assumptions either, but I suspect he is a sensitive, shy straight male. Whatever the case, he’s a beaut. πŸ˜€

              • “Observed behaviour” I like that!!! Amen to everything you said, Leigh! And to what Angie said as well! πŸ™‚

              • I do love how he tends to get a bit flirtatious whenever he’s interviewed by a female. “Why don’t you come over and find out . . .” Lordie, if he said that to me with that naughty little smile, I’d be sorely tempted to take him up on it. LOL No wonder Myleene seemed a bit flustered.

              • Unless I were otherwise committed, I would wait until the commercial break and then quietly let him know that I would take him up on that offer. (If I were otherwise committed, I’d still thank him for making my day.)
                Many years ago, I watched an interviewer fall in love with the interview subject, right there on national television. I think everyone could see it, and they just stopped seeing the cameras, the audience, anything except each other. They were together for years after that.

              • And that would absolutely make me day, I will tell you that. πŸ˜€ Those eyes, that smile, that voice . . . ahhhhhhh. One thing about 50 Shades *cringes at mentioning it. When will all the hits related to these books STOP???*, Christian is supposed to have this magical effect on women, making them simper and get moony-eyed and such when in his presence. That I could see Richard having that effect on much of the female population.

              • I’ve just googled Myleene Klass, and apparently her husband of only 6 months has just “walked out on her” and their 2 children. The relationship itself lasted for 11 years, the marriage however was short lived. That’s showbusiness for you!

              • Can’t wait for the 50 Shades “mania” to die down. It crops up everywhere. I read an article on Christian Bale in an online magazine and in the comment section people kept suggesting him for the role of Christian Grey and swooning over the possibility. The guy (CB) reportedly has quite a temper so that aspect would work fine but a) he’s too old for the role and b) don’t think they could afford to hire him! His an A-lister, isn’t he?

              • Yesterday alone I had more than 500 50 Shades-related views. And the most common search engine terms? Most are tied to it in some way. I am really sick and tired of seeing it on my stats page. I’d be happy to take lower numbers of views, believe me! No, Christian Bale wouldn’t pass for mid-20s and he is an A-list actor here in the States. Even though he’s not afraid to take risky roles and did sex scenes and nudity in American Psycho, these books are an entirely different story. I really don’t think he’d be interested even if the age was right.

              • I won’t even mention that topic by name anymore. The faster it fades, the better. Any actor worth his salt, A-lister or not, would have to be stupid or desperate to take such a role. It has that kiss-of-death smell about it, just like some roles that are so completely unsympathetic that the audience, quite unfairly, never forgives the actor.

  5. I was just watching Mylene interview Richard and I have to say that his voice is so beyond sexy. It is beautiful. The deepness of it paired with his British accent sends shivers up my spine. I love to watch his interview on the North & South DVD for the same reason. I also love his boyish charm in that interview. Richard Armitage is indeed perfection.

    I would love RA no matter what, but I really do think his is heterosexual. He is just not a “search and destroy” type of male. There are straight men who are sensitive and feel deeply about things. He also seems to be a bit shy which may seem strange when you consider he is an actor. I remember a man I used to know many years ago at my then workplace. He was straight. Another guy spread a rumor around that he was gay because he was a sensitive type of male. However, he really was only into females. He was not gay at all. Anyway, whatever RA is into I love him and wish him nothing but the best.

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