A miscellany of RA for a Sunday afternoon


Here are some bits and bobs of Richard in some of his smaller/earlier roles and RA himself. I hope all are having a good Sunday/Monday.  Benny killed yet another rattlesnake today, this time in my parents’ front yard close to the same spot he found one before. A big ol’ rattler with 13 rattles. *shivers*  Have I mentioned I really do not like snakes at all?



He looks beautifully peeved here, methinks.







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  1. OMG, Angie, another rattlesnake! I’m glad Benny got it. The man is treasure. He bakes like a dream, he’s good with children and animals, he’s tall and good-looking and intelligent, he loves you to bits, AND he kills dangerous snakes — what a man!

    BTW, the pictures are yummy.

    • I will be sure and tell him so. Oh, his hair also curls delightfully in the heat and humidity when it’s got a little length to it. Such fun to run one’s fingers through. I showed him the photo of John S. doing the double thumbs up and so he’s been doing that for me. 😉

      • Me, too. And since it was a rattler that bit Daddy, I really, really don’t like them–not that I am keen on cottonmouths or water moccasins, either. He said even after he cut off the snake’s head, the body kept wriggling around in the road for about 20 minutes. Thankfully my doggies didn’t get bitten, either.

        • Lower Alabama is beautiful, except for the reptile population. It may be a herpetologist’s wet dream, but it’s a nightmare for me!! I’m glad the doggies are safe. Just the thought of those snakes makes me want to pack some serious heat, biodiversity be damned.

          • We have all manner of wildlife down here, that’s for sure. Just driving to and from Greenville, you might see wild turkeys, fox, bobcats, turtles, coyotes, snakes and more. I hope I don’t have any snaky dreams tonight. I really am an animal lover, but I’m afraid for me the only good snake is a dead snake. Benny said after he killed the snake, Elvis came running and commenced barking his head off. “Elvis, boy, the snake is dead.” Elvis just kept barking. LOL

            • Good for Elvis! LOL I’m just glad to know he’s sensible about keeping his distance and not trying to kill the snake himself.

  2. Yes, yummy yummy pictures! Haven’t seen the one with the ladder! I keep asking Angie to clone Benny, but I suppose I have to be patient… after all, ROme wasn’t built in a day! 🙂

    • I am still working on it, Judit. 😉 The ladder is one of those early promo stills. Note he’s in well-worn jeans. Definitely a jeans-and-leather-jacket kind of guy.

          • Amen, sisters. Friends, yes, but potential love interest? You have to be kidding. I will happily apply moisturiser and sunscreen. I give a good back scub, too. But a man who takes up more space than I do on the bathroom shelf? Nah.

  3. That footsie playing scene was so sexy in BTS! The twinkle in his eyes.. Oh. dear.God. I just wonder, why did they have to go see the therapist, couldn’t Alona work out as a great therapist she thought herself that all she needed to do was massage the “peaches” and the family jewels would start working again??? 🙂

    • You’ve heard the well-known axioms about the shoemaker’s children always going barefoot, or the one about the plumber’s sink always being clogged? I think Alona had other problems, e.g., enshrining her dead husband, failing to discipline her brat of a son until it was too late, and being aggressive and insatiable about her own needs while not giving a damn about Paul’s. A little aggression and pouncing occasionally can be good for a man’s ego, but you’d better be damn sure you deliver what thrills him.

      • Physician, heal thyself. Yeah, I don’t think she gave a damn whether he was satisfied as long as she was. Giving him that massage actually focused the attention of him, which had to be nice for Paul above and beyond the sheer pleasure of it. I even wondered if the impotency issue tied into control–by being unable to perform, Paul was denying Alona the one thing she couldn’t seem to live without in regards to him. He had the upper hand in that sense.

        • Yes, and the therapist pointed that out straight away, that the only thing Paul was able to control in the relationship was whether or not they were having sex.. Dear Alona had a rather high opinion of herself didn’t she? How shocked she was when the therapist handed her the questionnaire for “controlling women”… he he he.

        • Classic passive-aggressive behaviour. Still, I think when Paul ran into Alona at that barbecue, he should have run the other way, fast. The woman was trouble, addicted to lip gloss and everything…

            • Even if, like some men, he liked preying on birds with broken wings or casting himself in the role of their saviour, he still should have taken the sausage and run!

              • If he’d only known just what he was getting into. Maybe if he’d met Keiran that same day–whom I am certain was already a spoiled little git–it might have helped put him off the idea of anything long term with Alona.

              • He was probably thinking with his sausage when he ran into Alona and the sausage thought it was a good idea to have some fun with the lady. She did have an amazing body (save the weird nipples). He was too young to overrule his sausage with his other, more sensible brain. 🙂

      • To use Paul’s expression, my room was always a “tip” when I was working as an au-pair (and cleaner)! I did so much housework elsewhere that I didn’t have any energy left to do my own. 🙂

    • Judit, you are so right! IMO, somehow the foreplay of the footsie scene is just as hot as the full-on sex scene that follows. The look on Paul’s face…*thud*

      • The thoughts you are certain are going on in his head. Those eyes, the smile tugging at his mouth. And notice how broad his shoulders look when he’s sitting at the table. A sexy boy, indeed.

        • I can’t help but wonder if he’s drawing on experience here…sorry! Naughty of me, but the thought of Richard, not Paul, looking like that…turns me to mush.

            • I’m not sure I’d even make it back home . . . I’d have to attack him in the car. Assuming we’d made it to the car before I jumped his beautiful bones. Or would it be too obvious if we both slipped off to the loo at the same time during supper?? Oh, I have such a naughty mind at times.

              • Well, sure, my thoughts are just as naughty. The loo (remember to lock the door), then the car for seconds, then home for thirds… But you knew I was so inclined.

            • *grin* Leigh, words failed me at the time…I don’t know about marshmallow creme, but there’s certainly molten something in my veins when I think of him like that! I’d have to opt for the loo as well! 😉

  4. Oh and that STUPID woman in Casualty! How could she turn down Richard’s character’s (can’t remember what his name was) offer of a night of pampering in a luxury hotel? Un-bloody-believable.

  5. Ladies those girls where just a little crazy! I’m sure that we would treat RA’s characters much better than that! (Not to mention his Creator!!!) Come over here, Big Boy….

  6. Uggh, just reading about having snakes so close gives me the heebies, I can’t imagine how scary it must actually be for you. Bravo Benny!! I hope your dogs know to keep right away from them!

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