Randy Marian: Because this is the way it should be


Lucy Griffiths is a talented young actress. We all know she loved working with Richard Armitage. She clearly thought he was a great screen partner and, I suspect, she had a wee crush on him, too. Yet, as Maid Marian, she had to pretend to be repulsed by six feet two inches of smouldering, black leather-clad alpha male, preferring an arrogant git of a character who looked like a slightly shopworn Justin Bieber with a hoodie and scruffy facial hair.

I suspect if Lucy had had her way, Guy and Marian would have gotten to know each other a lot better. And Robin wouldn’t have been such a little pervy Peeping Tom!








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      • And they would have an excellent time making them, I’m sure. Can’t you just imagine them with a bunch of rambunctious little ones, getting into all sorts of mischief? (Thank heaven for fanfic.)

        • They certainly had a good time making their daughter in Dangerous to Know. Even if poor Guy was roaring at Allan whilst Marian, in the midst of labor pains, cursed Guy out for getting her into that condition . I can imagine the little girls wrapping Guy right around their pretty little fingers. And woe be unto any young men interested in courting them when they grew up . . . I see him as a very protective father.

  1. I dearly wish he would meet the woman of his dreams in the near future, even though I know this is none of my business. It is just that I can’t bear the thought of him not having the opportunity to have a wife and kids of his own, just as he said he wanted. Such wonderful genes need to be passed on. I’m convinced he would be a very loving husband and a wonderful Dad! 🙂

    Guy and Marion would have been wonderful together as they seemed to have great chemistry!! If only Bobbin hadn’t got in the way! I think they would have made a really hot couple! Now if Richard had been cast as Robin Hood, the problem would have been resolved right there and the series would have been MUCH more interesting!!! 😀 Mind you, he still was perfect as Guy, wasn’t he? I doubt anyone could have done justice to the part as he did. We DO love the bad boy!! 😉

    • I think many of us feel that way, Teuchter. The wish for him to have someone special in his life and a family if he desires it. And yes, those genes really do need to be carried on. I always felt Richard and Lucy had more on-screen chemistry as romantic partners than she ever had with Jonas. Marian and Robin seemed more like brother and sister. The sparks between those two only really flew when they were bickering. Robin was like a gnat–so annoying. Oh, Richard would have made a Robin we’d have all fallen for. And if Jonas had been Sir Guy LOL we’d totally understand why Marian was turned off by him. But–I would have hated to have missed out on the sublime creature that Sir Guy became in Richard’s beautiful and talented hands. *sigh*

      • In the Russell Crowe “Robin Hood,” initially Russell was playing both Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Imagine if the BBC Robin Hood had cast RA as both Guy and Robin? It would have made a worthier Robin, for one, without ‘robbing’ us of RA’s magnificent Guy.

        • Good point. And we know he can play two completely different characters in the same show. Spooks 9, anyone?? Boy, that would have been exhausting if he had played both roles. But interesting, very interesting. And we would have understood Marian feeling pulled between the two men.

        • As with Guy, I think a boy child should inherit the nose. And I suppose there is always plastic surgery, although I am not a big proponent. A female might inherit a scaled-down version of the nose which could be quite striking. Women don’t have to have tiny noses. I certainly don’t. 😉

            • I used to hate my nose when I was growing up. Now I look on it as a cross between my mother’s and my dad’s noses and that makes it special to me. And now I also realize many of those little noses I yearned for that I saw on television as a child had been surgically enhanced. 😉 Lea Michele, who stars on Glee, has a very distinctive nose and is lovely. I am sure someone along the way suggested she have it bobbed, but I am glad she didn’t give in.

              • What would happen if everybody with a distinctive nose would go under the knife to change it? We’d lose all individuality! Everybody would have the same generic (if that’s the right word) type nose, it would be so boring! Do we really want everybody to look the same with filled-up duck lips and stuck-on watermelons for breasts and upturned Barbie-noses? I don’t!

  2. Yes, Richard would have made a much better Robin Hood but the script would also have to be changed from Robin Hood being so darned into himself and showing lack of real love and commitment towards Marion. I can only blame the writers for Robin’s character; not so much Jonas Armstrong. It is strange that they made Guy more devoted to Marion than Robin Hood was

    Lucy Griffith looked so beautiful in her wedding clothes. She was the perfect Marion and I remember Richard saying in an interview that he enjoyed working with her the most out of everyone else in the cast. I wonder if he had a crush on her. I Googled Lucy Griffith and she it looks like she may still be unattached. It seems to me as if she is trying to come to Hollywood but having a challenge getting anything concrete to come over here for. She is really young….only 25. RA may see her as too young for him even if he is attracted to her. For some reason I don’t picture Richard seriously considering someone quite that young. Richard seems to be an intense person away from the camera. I don’t mean it in a negative way. I just see him as being really intense in a relationship just like he is with his acting. RA is an avid reader of books and I find people who are extreme book lovers very intense. I am addicted to reading. I have my own library in my house that is more precious to me than jewels so I know how intense book lovers can be since I am one of them. Anyway, right now Lucy seems to be really focused on her career. I am really surprised that she didn’t become so much more in demand after being on Robin Hood and being so well liked. She seems like a very lovely gal.

    Daniela Denby-Ashe is 33; much closer to Richard’s age. Btw, Daniela and I were born on the same day but in different years. Daniela seems to still be unattached. Her career hasn’t really exploded either since N&S. Go figure. I really like her.

    So where is all this RA fan fiction?

    • Xenia, Lucy will be starring in season 5 of True Blood as Eric’s little sister. So that might well be her big break. I read on this blog earlier (I think the source of the info was Angie) that for a while she dated the actor who played Carter in RH. 🙂

      • Oh well good for Lucy!!! If I was Lucy I would have made myself available for Richard not Carter. I guess it is easy to have in your mind two people whom you think would make a great couple, but maybe in real life they don’t really suit one another on that level. Maybe I should stop matchmaking for Richard? 🙂

        I never heard of True Blood. I don’t watch TV.

    • Both LG and DDA are not famous enough (and too low-key) to make it into the gossip mags (as is RA), LG is also still young enough that she is not expected to have an “official” boyfriend or get married (unlike RA at 40). I think those people can date whomever they wish (even each other) and we won’t necessarily learn about it.

      With RA we really have NO idea what is going on and if he really wishes things to be different. I think if he wanted to get married and start a family, he should have no problem to find someone, and who knows, perhaps he already has. Or perhaps, for whatever reason, he prefers otherwise. I don’t take it very seriously that he said in interviews that he hopes to have a family someday, he knows that at his age he is at least expected to express the wish! Only if/when RA starts to get photographed by paparazzi we will get an idea with whom he spends his time and might start to draw conclusions.

      • Richard said himself that he is finding it more difficult to find someone and so he ends up falling back on an ex. I understand that. While I am not on the same level of financial success that Richard Armitage is on or even close I have achieved quite a few milestones in my life. As you become more successful people start looking at you differently. I live in and own a huge 15 room mansion. It is a historic brownstone. Some men can get scared off when they see my house because they figure I don’t need them. Then you have those who see my house and then figure I must be loaded and want to ride my coat tails. You can’t be sure if they really like you or if they just want you for what you have. I am almost forced to look for a man that has achieved at least my level of success because then he will be less likely to feel insecure. He won’t need to ride my coat tails either because he has plenty success of his own. This makes the playing field even and we can concentrate of having a real relationship. Now if little ole me who no one knows has these dilemma’s I can understand RA finding it more challenging to find someone.

        I remember Oprah Winfrey saying on her show several years ago that if she didn’t meet Stedman just before she became a multimillionaire she doesn’t know if she would be involved with anyone at all because with success you come across more people who have an agenda that is not in your best interest.

        Too often actors get involved with women and if it doesn’t work out he is paying more in monthly alimony than what I make in a year. Or sometimes it is the woman paying alimony. Remember what happened to Jane Seymour when her husband took her to court for money? One of the reasons she did Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was because she had to hand over to David a load of money. At least that is what I read in magazine interview that she did.
        Maybe RA already found someone as you said though. I certainly wish him the best because I so much want him to be happy. .

  3. Marian has a slightly worried look on her face as she’s sitting behind Guy on the horse; I wonder if she’s telling herself, “I must not touch, I must not touch” 🙂

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