Richard set to visit US in July for Comic-Con!


In case you haven’t seen it, RA Frenzy (see link above) has a scan of a page from About Film featuring several of The Hobbit stars, including Richard with a brief bio and quotes about the role.  And great news– Richard is going to be at Comic-Con next month in San Diego! Yeah!! 😀

It’s sold out!  Booooo.   😦 Not that I would have gotten to go anyway. But it’s great to know he’ll be back on American soil again so soon!! Please let new RA fanboyz and fangurlz be there to take his purty pitcher, do interviews and provide us with fresh Armitage goodness.

I love Richard’s quote regarding facing the fanboyz. “Bring it on! What, are they going to attack me? I’ll take my sword with me, that’ll keep them away . . .”  You go, Richard Armitage!! I can imagine the twinkle in your blue eyes and the mischievous smile on your lips, you darling fellow, you.


Thorin Oakenshield, without a doubt the world’s hottest dwarf.

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  1. Angie, you have got to get press pass to this! Maybe we can all pitch in so you can go. That’s off the top of my head, but if there was an effort, I would contribute.

    • Oh, I wish I could! I would probably have to dope myself up, though, in order to endure the flight–my stupid tailbone is still giving me trouble. 😦 I told Benny about it, and he said who knows, maybe Richard would swing by Honoraville . . . yeah, right. 😉

  2. Oooh, this is wonderful news! I first read about it over at Tumblr earlier today, but didn’t want to get my hopes up. But now…*does a little dance*
    Hopefully there will be lots of Richard for us to see! 🙂

  3. The drought ends! That’s lovely news. I’ll be back home by then, but I’ll be thinking of you — my heart in San Diego briefly. I think Richard will be surprised by the variety of life forms represented.

  4. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I had hoped but does it say when the panel will be?? Please let it be late Thursday afternoon! Seriously I am crying now I was pretty sure there would be a Hobbit panel but would RA appear? I have a very bad feeling it is going to be on Friday or Saturday though.AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHH.

    • That’s all I know for now. When Frenz gets more info, I am sure she will share. So–are you going to be at Comic-Con?? Late Thursday afternoon? But not Friday or Saturday?? Enquiring minds do want to know.

      • I’ve been going to Comic Con every year since 2002 (and a brief one-day visit in 2000) and have always been able to get a four-day pass (it runs Thurs-Sun, with Preview Night on Wed). Last year, the organizers changed they way they sold passes to this year’s convention because certain tickets for 2011 sold out during the 2010 con. My friend and I were not able to get tickets for 2012 during last year’s con so when they held the general sale last March, the only days still left were Thursday and Sunday. (Saturday is the big day, with the most attendance and some of the hottest panels; Friday is the next biggest day.) The last few years, they have scheduled some really big panels on Thursdays but my fear is that the Hobbit panel will happen on Friday or Saturday.

        • I will keep my fingers crossed that The Hobbit panel will take place on Thursday so you can be there. 😀 It would be SOOOOOOO great to have one of our own there there to do some serious Richarding!!!

          • Thank you! Although my Richarding might be more of the fainting variety if I can actually get in to the panel. lol

          • My fingers and toes are crossed, and I’m wishing hard for you, asilomar11!! I can only imagine the agony of the wait for you, you poor thing, never having had the possibility of actually seeing Richard in person.

            • Thank you, Mezz. If the panel is on that day and I can get in, there will be plenty of photos (and maybe even video if I can figure out how to make my camera do that lol). Why isn’t it July yet? Unless there are some more tidbits (please RA keep talking!) then they won’t have the schedule posted until about 2 weeks before the convention.

          • Angie, do you still have your union card? Can you register as a sub? I know the plane ride would be rough, but with a pillow, a muscle relaxer, and a pain pill, you might be able to do it. (That’s how I’m getting home. Flight time = 18 hours in two jumps, sheer hell)

          • Hey, wait, I’m a teacher!!! How do I get this free pass. Oh, and how do I get the free plane ticket and hotel room!!!

            • I’ve just been reading up on the passes, and the last day to apply was May 29th, but there is some sort of waiting list is someone cancels a pass.

              • It would be soooo amazing, but I can’t possible afford it this summer. ;( I don’t know what I’d do anyway…stand there like an idiot with my mouth open!!!

  5. I never thought I’d be THIS excited to think he will be in the same time zone as me – even if he will be nearly 1400 miles south of here!! 🙂 It’s the idea of it!! Hopefully there will be some news and/or magazine coverage!!!! 😀

    My fingers are crossed for you too, asilomar11, then we really would have a first hand report!! 🙂

    • Heck, I was thrilled when he was almost in the same time zone as me–New York for the CA premiere and just a mere hour ahead in time. I’m thinking Entertainment Weekly usually does a spread on the event. They are one of the few American publications that has printed RA’s photo and quotes from and about him–and they did a good online interview, too. I am expecting lots of coverage of the movie itself.

  6. I’m sorry I feel so out of the loop here, isn’t this Comic-Con a convention for comics fans? Such as Batman and Spiderman and things like that? If so, what will The Hobbit stars do there? Sorry if I sound stupid! I just don’t get the connection! 🙂 It’s not that I’m not excited for everybody who’ll be fortunate enough to attend!

    • It started out as a comic convention but in the last decade it has really become more of a pop culture convention (believe me there are plenty of purists out there who want to ditch the Hollywood side and keep it only about comics) with a lot of tv shows and movies getting a boost there, even if there is only a tenuous comic or sci-fi/fantasy connection–or even no connection at all.

    • Actually, it is for fans of not just comic book heroes such as the ones you mentioned, but the sci-fi and fantasy genres, including movies based on video games. So– the Star Trek, Star Wars, TLOTR franchises, all of these and more are part of the event. Sir Peter and some of his actors have appeared in previous years. Comic-Con is catchy and shorter than saying the Superhero-Scifi-Fantasy convention . . . 😉

  7. I guess this means the The Hobbit filming is wrapping up. YAY!!!!! Richard will be back in his own house in London and looking for the next project if he hasn’t found it already. I heard that San Diego is beautiful. I hope that while he our dear Richard is there he will love it and think about moving to the USA. The more time RA spends coming over here the more he may start to think about it. Since he hasn’t been lucky finding love in Europe his lady love may be in the USA. If I am not her I will be happy being his housekeeper.

    • According to what I can find out on the Internet, the last main block of shooting is supposed to end sometime this month. Sir Peter has confirmed that additional scenes may be shot in 2013, so it may not be completely over for at least some of the cast members. Our nephew on Benny’s side and his family lived in San Diego and really loved it.

      • I have a dear friend from my good old tennis fan days (we “met” on a message board back in 1998!) who recently moved to San Diego from Phoenix, Arizona, and she loves living there.

        • California is a beautiful state-we spent a couple of weeks out there back in the 80s, visited LA, Santa Barbara, San Simeon and Hearst’s Castle–and Disneyland, of course. 😉 Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway was a treat, too. I don’t think I could live in LA, though. I remember in Santa Barbara remarking that I had never seen so many Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis and other sinfully expensive cars in one place.

  8. I have always heard fabulous things about San Diego and also San Francisco. I heard that New Mexico is also very lovely. I have never been to California. I would love to visit but not live there because as crazy as this may seem to some people I really love experiencing the 4 seasons. Winter could be a little shorter but I do enjoy it too.

    • Parts of California do have real seasons and they’re beautiful. It’s a large state, with lots of different climate zones and terrain.

      • I do want to visit California. San Diego, San Francisco and Mount Shasta. My Mom took the train from NY to California and back right after she retired and loved it. I always wanted to do a cross country trip like that.

    • California is a must see in the states. I don’t say that as a resident of the state. I have never lived there. Just been there many, many times. It is a gorgeous state, and I’m not talking about Hollywood so much.

      • I am glad Benny and I had that opportunity to visit the state. I have gotten to see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and some truly gorgeous scenery. There is a lot more to it than Hollywood (thank goodness) 😉

        • No kidding, and really, the best parts are outside Hollywood. One of my favorite state despite all of the crap that goes on there. Lassen Nat’l park is one of favorite places on earth.

          • And it does have quite a propensity for an assortment of natural disasters–mud slides, wildfires and earthquakes. 😉 I’d love to go back and visit, among other places, San Francisco. One of my artist friends here lived there for a number of years and loved it.

            • My friend, Mimi who loaned me ‘North and South’ initially and is responsible for my presence here 😉 lived in San Francisco for many years. She adored it. I almost get sick of hearing about it. LOL! I have not been there in several years but would love to go again.

              • I have lived there, but in a different era… I am not sure I would like it as well now; I certainly can’t afford it.

              • A friend of mine lived in San Francisco for 6 years and loved it too. As a matter of fact she calls it her second home. About twice a year she goes back there to visit and reconnect with the people she made friends with there.

              • I’m wondering if Richard has had time to ski in NZ – they have some great snow fields across the Tasman.

                We’re having an early ski season this year – plenty of snow already, so maybe also in NZ?

        • I have some truly splendid mental postcards of CA, just breathtaking — and only one is an urban location.

  9. Oh, wow, what I missed overnight!! When I got on this morning I saw it! Completely the wrong coast for me, but at least the same country!! New material…the long drought may soon be over!!!

  10. No No NOO! Richard is not going to live in America…only visit sometimes for work. 🙂 Well, that’s my dream anyway ;)…

    My daughter lives only 45 minutes from San Diego but, while it’s a nice place. it can’t compare with London.

      • Ah, but you missed my point. London’s in England and Richard is very much the Englishman…why would he live in any other country? 🙂

        • and California is a very expensive place to live – Richard is frugal with his money. He might be prepared to rent a house for a few months if he’s working there, but…….

              • Phew…that’s such a relief ’cause I thought I must have upset you or something 🙂 I really started out by saying, as a joke, that I wanted Richard to keep living most of the time in the UK, not the US, but then it all seemed to get a bit serious. 🙂

              • Kathryn, if I haven’t made it plain by now, let me attempt to do so. I am seldom serious in RA Universe. Yes, sometimes I’m very serious, but most of the time, uh, no. So no worries about me.

            • Oh, I knoooow! (said with Mrs. Fawlty’s voice!) The cost of living is horrendous!

              But it’s such a great place

              • I’d love to visit London again (and Paris and go on to Rome and Vienna and . . .) but I could never afford to live there. Right now, I can’t even entertain the idea of visiting. I’m so poor I can’t afford to pay attention. 😉

              • Love it, Angie 🙂

                Completely OT but:

                Did I tell you I bought “North & South” and “Persuasion” read by Juliet Stevenson from Audible? Thanks for the recommendations.

                Traxy mentioned another book by Elizabeth Gaskell the other day – “Lois the Witch”; it sounds good so I might see if there’s an audiobook of that, too. I’ve seen both “Wives and Daughters” and “Cranford” but I’m hoping to read them one day, too.

              • Might as well joke about it. I already feel like I’ve been crying. Sinuses and Weather Body. More inclement weather on the way. I hope you will enjoy Stevenson’s narration. Since RA can’t actually record every good book out there, we have to give other performers a chance. 😉 I am like you, I have seen the television adaptations of other Gaskell works, but never read them.

              • I’m so sorry, Angie. We might as well be in the same neighborhood. Between the storms tap dancing through here and the accursed allergies, it’s wreaking havoc with the physical. May it ease up soon!

              • Sorry to hear the weather is causing you problems.

                It’s cold and wet and miserable in Canberra and has been for a few days. But I guess I’m lucky ’cause I can go back to bed at any time and turn on the electric blanket!. Thank the Lord for audiobooks – I’d die without them. It’s just so lovely to make like a kid and listen to someone read to me. 🙂 Of course, I’d like that even more if I could always have Richard read for me 😉 – but that’s being a bit greedy.

                I must go on to Audible again later and look for those Russian books

              • There is a great pleasure in being read to and shouldn’t stop when we are children. I fondly remember one of my high school English teachers asking me to read aloud to the class on a regular basis. I read aloud to myself sometimes–my own stuff and the work of other writers.

              • When I read to a friend who was gravely ill, he told me that my reading to him was better than sex. Why should a person have to be that ill before someone is willing to read to him or her?

              • I used to read my columns and other articles aloud to my mother before her cataract surgery. I loved being able to do that for her.

              • I ran out of my allergy meds and have used some out-of-date Benadryl. It ain’t working so swell. 😉 Earlier I was hacking and sneezing very hard–at least this time I didn’t spew snot on the screen as I have done before. Even though I am by myself, it’s embarrassing when that happens! Yes, I am all for things improving soon!

              • Meanwhile, have you got a fresh cucumber in the fridge? If so, put a couple of slices on your eyes for ten minutes. It’s a Victorian remedy, but I find that it helps. Will a vaporizer help with the coughing and spewing? I know it’s already humid, but if you can get some steamy vapor into your passages, it should help reduce the clogging. Sometimes just a flannel wrung out in hot water draped over my face for a couple of minutes is enough to help. Honey (especially if it’s local) should help, too.

              • I have some local honey–I actually got to taste it while it was still on the honeycomb, that’s how local it is–and I have a vaporizer, I am just not sure where it is. I think the hot cloth on my face is also a good idea. My face hurts. I have a headache and neckache, too, but the facial pain is almost more annoying right now.

              • Yeah, the face pain is sinuses. Do you have any aspirin, ibuprofen, other NSAID? Some decongestant that works for you? You’ve got to get the inflammation down, and the gunk dislodged, before some unpleasantness takes up residence and infects the inflamed tissue.

                Richard’s solution of the salt-water neti-pot thing helps, but you have got to have an enormous tolerance for pain if you’re already this raw.

              • I’ve taken some pain reliever. It hasn’t really kicked in yet. I haven’t taken any decongestant because of my blood pressure. It’s been up a bit. Gee, I wonder why?? 😉

              • If I could send you some cozaar via e-mail I would. It’s all that RL rubbish that’s pushing your blood pressure up. Can you breathe if you lie down, or recline propped and supported? Suggest you do some biofeedback or other relaxation exercises and climb aboard the magic carpet for a little while.

              • It’s where you use your conscious mind to exert control over autonomic functions, particularly brain waves, through an exercise or series of exercises that involve breathing and auto-suggestion. It is also possible to control heart rate and respirations, and thus blood pressure, but it is the neural effects that help with pain control. To learn, you do the exercise while you are hooked to apparatus that allows you to see your brain wave patterns displayed on a computer screen, so you can tell when you have the desired pattern. It’s rather like learning to drive stick shift. Once you feel where the “gears” are, you don’t need any apparatus anymore.

              • @Judit, biofeedback has been around at least since the 1970s, but I think people claimed too much for it too quickly, and it stopped being publicised so much. There are other techniques, but this one has the virtue of being relatively easy to learn and to practice.

  11. Even though I now live in Canada, I am British by birth and would love to think his home base would always be London. This is surprising considering I am Scottish! Any of you who are British will understand what I mean! Lol!

    San Diego is truly beautiful! We have holidayed there twice (actually in El Cajon) and the weather was glorious even when we went there for the first time in November!! I have wonderful memories of the area.

    • Hi Teuchter….I know exactly what you mean…and I’m Australian! 🙂 I also have Celtic blood in me – my ancestry is 3/4 Irish and 1/4 English.

      Richard’s being very English (or British if you like) was my point, too – I feel that he wouldn’t mind being temporarily in another country for some future projects but England will always be home.

  12. I agree Teuchter. Even though I’m American, and I would love to see him over here for different projects, I think Richard is very British. I feel that he might be a fish out of water in CA. (Especially in spend thrift, it’s all about me, glamorous Hollywood/LA.) However, I could be completely wrong! It will be very, very interesting to see what the next few years bring for our lovely Richard!

    • One thing to take into consideration is not all films or even television shows are filmed in California. Back in the days of the studio system, most films were shot on the studio back lot. Nowadays, a lot is done on location. Several US TV shows are actually filmed in NYC. If–and this is a big IF–he needed to relocate temporarily or for a portion of each year, he could very well end up in NYC. I do think that would be a better fit. Heck, he may end up back in Budapest or in Prague for a project, who knows?? It will largely depend on what he auditions for and what is offered to him. If he pursues a film career, it could potentially take him all over the map. British TV had him in Hungary and South Africa. To a certain extent, you have to go where the work takes you. Nobody is saying he’s going to abandon London forever.

      You know, it’s funny, but nobody ever seems to say, “She’s so AMERICAN. I can’t imagine her living any place else.” Are we too young of a country, I wonder, or lack a certain identity? Just a thought.

      • Well, they do say, “S/He’s so American!”, just not where you can hear it. Sometimes it’s a compliment, sometimes not.

        I was born in San Francisco, but home is my corner of Andalucia. I step off the train and sigh. I belong, as I never have anywhere else.

        • It’s good that you’ve found your special place, Leigh. 😀

          The stereotypical”Ugly American?” Not that there aren’t some real yahoos out there. 😉 But you’ll find boors and ill-mannered people anywhere you may go, I suspect. I try hard not to categorize people according to their nationalities, or their race, creed, sexual orientation or religion for that matter. I don’t want to be pigeon-holed. Anyway, enough on that subject.

          • Actually, the last time I heard it, it was a great compliment paid to Michele Obama when she was visiting.
            It’s true, you’ll find the ill-mannered and the boors everywhere, but you’ll find others who are gracious and thoughtful. I prefer to enjoy the diversity of the truly civilised.

          • One way and another, it had been tugging insistently at my sleeve for most of my life, beginning with dreams in childhood. From films to cookbooks people gave me, from stories certain people told and photographs they showed me to books and poems I read, I could not seem to escape. Finally, I went to see if the dream was real. It was and it is. It took me a long time to buy a home and obtain residency, but at last I have a home in a lovely “white village”, across the road from a river and a national park, close to the train station so it is easy for me to go into town when I wish. It is not paradise. In fact, the river overflowed its banks by 5m in the winter of 2009/2010, and I had to deal with the flood damage. Still, it’s my home; I belong there. (After so many years, of course, I speak castiliano fluently enough to enjoy reading it. Few of my friends speak any English, so I don’t bother most of the time.)

            • @Leigh, it’s wonderful that your dream came true! You had to work hard for it as must have taken a great deal of courage and determination! I take my hat off to you! 🙂

        • Oh, Leigh……I just loved Spain… …I went on a 8 day Trafalgar coach trip out of London in 1997 and enjoyed every minute of it.

          • My sister and brother-in-law have been several times. He is actually Spanish. His family moved to Puerto Rico to run a rum distillery and that’s where he grew up, in Ponce. He’s been in the US for years–he actually graduated from the Naval Academy– but he still has a very pronounced Hispanic accent. Like a cross between Ricky Ricardo and Antonio Banderas. 😉

          • Coach trips are often excellent. The bus drivers navigate the mountain roads and narrow streets with such skill, it amazes me. The scenery is splendid, of course. Hotels and restaurants are always happy to have groups, and generally do good meals for them.

            I have been told that I must be working for the turismo (tourist office) without portfolio, I speak about my home with such delight. There is a lot to recommend Spain as both a place to visit and a place to live. Certainly, the current economic situation is difficult, but in historical terms, it’s just a ripple. The basics remain sound: crops grow and livestock thrive; light industry still produces good products and enough of them; the service sector remains strong; transit and transportation just continue to get better; and while the hospitality industry struggles, it’s still functioning. Utility costs have risen and cities may have defaulted on their contracts, but we’re trying, we’re trying…

      • I’m all for him ending up fillming back in Budapest!!!! 🙂 Funny, I just read an article today about “the Hungarian curse” on movies (and there have been quite a few shot here with big name stars!) that were shot in our capital city recently- apparently they all ended up being huge box office flops! Oops…

      • Isn’t it because the USA consists of 50 (apparently not 52? I’ve just googled it) states in itself? Sorry if I’m not making sense! It’s late..

        • 50 states and two “territories”. The territories have similar, but not equal, status and rights.

      • I’ve long thought he would be a good fit in NYC. Frankly, it’s not that much different from London with respect to culture and amenities and a cosmopolitan feel. However, NYC is not nearly as expensive and it doesn’t rain as much. And of course the history is different, but there is lots of history in there as well.

        That aside, I see Richard as very progressive despite his somewhat conservative view of money, so I don’t think he’s necessarily tied to a place simply because of its broad heritage. I think he’s the kind of guy who would be willing to try anywhere out. But I also think he’s very close to his family, and this would be what brought him back to England.

        BTW, I’m almost entirely of British descent, and I will admit to feeling quite a pull when I visited the U.K. It really did feel like coming home but most of that had to do with visiting all of the places where my ancestors had lived.

    • I can’t picture RA living in Hollywood. I think he would be more comfortable living in another part away from LA. NYC I think he would find comfort but if he is a tight wad maybe not. CA is also expensive. He may actually love New England. Boston is a great place to live. Connecticut is also very nice. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward lived there all of their married life. Anyway, it seems that Richard enjoys traveling outside of Britain. He is very British indeed and that is one of the things I adore about him. That doesn’t mean he could not be happy living elsewhere. I consider myself first and foremost Panamanian but I am not going back there to live. I am American now too and I choose to be here and love this country. New Orleans looks like Panama, so when I am there I feel like I am back home.

  13. Well, just speaking for myself here, Angie…I thought most of you guys thought that America was THE only place to live? I know most people do think their own country is the best place in the world to live but even more so with Americans?

    • I can only speak for my country, and I can assure you that a LOT of Hungarians absolutely do not think Hungary is the best place in the world to live, that’s why a lot of young people leave!

      • But you didn’t feel any need to leave, Judit? That’s great…because we don’t want Hungary or any other country for that matter to become a place for only the oldies 🙂

        • Most young people have to go where the work is. For example, engineers are sometimes “gypsies” because they have to go from one project to the next to work. Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore, New Guinea, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Egypt — I know one engineer with all of these on his CV. Many technical, professional, and executive workers can’t stay put or they would go hungry.

          • @Leigh, I used to work with British engineers and they were real globetrotters, almost all of them worked (for extended periods of time) in a lot of continents. It’s difficult but they really do have to go where the work is.

          • Exactly. It’s not a world in which people necessarily stay in one town, country or even continent their entire lives. Those in the military also have to go where they are sent. You have to retain a certain flexibility, flluidity (but not of your morals, of course). 😉

        • Yes, I did, and I left for two years to live in London (1999-2001) but back then we weren’t part of the EU, so when my VISA expired I had to return to Budapest. Well, there were also very strong family reasons. My country is an aging country- hardly any children are born and the population is decreasing year by year.

    • No, actually, I don’t think that. I always hoped for the opportunity to live abroad for at least a few years, but that didn’t happen and at this point, it’s very doubtful it will happen.. I am interested in knowing more about the world. Obviously, there are many things I love about my country–its people most of all–but I am not so Americo-centric that I think it’s the only place in the world to live. Now, there are certain New Yorkers who tend to think there is no other city on earth, but I am no New Yorker, but a born and bred southerner–and proud of it.

      • I would not mind living in Europe at all. I follow a couple of travel blogs by women who picked up and moved abroad. One to France from Canada and the other one to England from Canada. I love reading their experiences on life in another country.

    • I love America, but when I went to England and Scotland I had a feeling of being “home”. My family left there hundreds of years ago but that’s how I felt! It’s amazing all of the stereotypes out there! I feel as though I could live in England for part of the year, Scotland for part of the year and Western Pennsylvania for part of the year! I live in VA now but I hope to go “home” to Pennsylvania when I retire! Oh, wow, the possibilities…if I ever strike it rich that is! LOL 😉

      • I felt that way about Ireland and England, too, Laurie – as comfortable as actually being at home 🙂

        It’s a shame you didn’t get your wish to live abroad for a few years, Angie – I wanted to live and work in Europe in particular for some time but that didn’t happen for me, either. I went and got married too young! 😦

          • Ah ha…but it’s OS…as in “over the sea” from mainland America! 🙂

            We now know that Jeff will be staying at Camp Pendleton, CA, until the end of his service in Nov 2014 and then….ta da…Canberra! It would have been great if Jeff could have been posted to Darwin, then the family would have been flown over, courtesy of the military, but….

            My ex-husband spent 12 years (1968-1980) in the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) and we had hoped to get a posting to Malaysia but that didn’t happen either. But they did move us, lock, stock and barrel, at their expense from Melbourne back to Canberra a couple of days before his discharge so that saved us quite a bit.

              • Or is my fuzzy-headedness playing up worse than it usually is? There is an Omaha in Hawaii, isn’t there? Shut up, Kathryn, and go back to sleep!

              • Kathryn, maybe you’re thinking of Oahu,Hawaii, where there is a naval base at Honolulu.

                I’ve only just kept up with reading all these comments, my once wonderfully fast internet having gone to cr*p, but it has been an interesting post, girls!!

              • Told you I was fuzzy-headed 🙂 I didn’t think to Google it first – duh

    • I have to admit that I am proud of my country, warts and all, but no matter if I lived here or not, I would always be an American. It’s not so much about where I live as a state of mine, and I think that would hold true for Richard Armitage as well, He is going to be British ’til he dies, but that may not dictate that he always lives is the U.K.

      • You’re absolutely right about nationality – it stays with us for life, doesn’t it? I just feel that Richard’s base will always be in England and England would remain home for him, no matter how much time he had to live away for work. And his family’s there so it will always tug at the old heart strings.

      • Yeah, it’s not as if he’s going to renounce his citizenship or anything if he happens to end up living somewhere outside of the U.K.. anymore than I would my American citizenship if I ended up living overseas for a time. And as long as he has family in England, I am sure he’s going to want to spend a certain amount of time there.

        • I’m with Angie, I think he’ll go wherever work will take him for the next few years or so, but I’m sure he’ll go back to England on a regular basis to see his family. The fact that he has no kids makes moving around easier for him I’d think.

  14. Ohmygosh, the typos. Can I just delete my entries, Angie? I’m just kidding. But my typos did make me cringe. ;p

    Speaking of the American thing, I’m infected with something much more rabid. I’m from Texas originally. I tease my husband about being a “naturalized” Texan (he moved there when he was four years old ), yet neither of us have lived there for a long time, and my kids have no accent and do not consider themselves from Texas even though the older three were born there. I guess I can’t help it, y’all. 😀 I’m a Texas girl and honestly, when I’ve traveled overseas, people have received that warmly and get a smile on their faces when I say I’m from Texas. This revelation is usually precipitated by them recognizing and then questioning me about the accent. LOL!

    • Trust me, some days more than others, I have to use my edit button quite often after posting a comment. No apologies necessary.

      Actually, people are often surprised to find out Benny and I are from Alabama. I think that’s because (A) we don’t have the heavy accents they are expecting and (B) they may have that stereotypical view of Alabamians being inbred, slow-witted yokels. Not that there aren’t some folks like that, but we aren’t. 😉

      I love my home state, with all its flaws. Some of the best people in the world live here. We came back when Benny left the military in order to look after our aging parents, and that is not a decision I regret at all, because we were able to be there for them.

      • Oh, Angie, I’m grinning like a Cheshire Cat! I was just thinking about all these terrible stereotypes out here and, believe me, we have a few here…eg. State versus State.

        I tell very few people that I was born and brought up in Queensland because people from all of the other States really think Queenslanders are so backward. And, I admit, there is some truth in that prejudice – I’ve even been known to make the statement myself in jest! I certainly never think of myself as a Queenslander.

        But i always hurriedly state that I left QLD (as we write it) when I was only 23 and that I am a Canberran!

        And, of course, Canberrans are derided by every other Australian! People think that, because it’s our national capital and Federal Parliament sits here, it’s full of people who are full of hot air (ie., politicians)!!!!! But very few politicians actually live here – they’re just here when Parliament is in session.

        It’s actually full of normal people – even if quite a few of us work in the Australian Public Service. It has all the other professions and trades, etc., as are found in any city. But….

        only about 400,00 people, thank the Lord! So….clean air, not too much traffic, and
        just the right size for me. 🙂

        • a few typos….ah, what the heck, who cares 🙂

          but that 1st “ehere” should have been “there”…as in “out there”

        • I remember a joke an Aussie commentator made during the coverage of one of the matches (some 15 years ago) at the Aussie Tennis Open about the family of Pat Rafter who’s from Mount Isa, Queensland and is one of 9 siblings. The commentator guy (who himself is a former player) said Pat’s parents must have had that many children because they had no TV in Queensland so there was nothing much for them to do at night apart from making babies. 🙂 At the time I thought it was a rather rude comment but now I understand why he said what he said.. It’s like an Aussie in-joke.

          • hmmmmmm…..except that it’s not always meant as a joke, I’m afraid

            Ah, well

            Such is life, Ned Kelly, such is life 🙂

            • Well, I must say it did sound very mean-spirited at the time, and I was offended on Pat’s behalf because he’s such a lovely, classy guy (I only settle for the best!!!). After Pat retired from competitive tennis, I sent a some money to his charitable foundation as a small token of my gratitude for all the joy he’d given me with his wonderful performances over the years and his mum thanked me for it with a hand-written note! It’s one of my most treasured possessions. 🙂

        • oh, my, I was really in a hurry….there are about 400,000 people in Canberra! 🙂

          Oh, flippin’ heck…what reason did I have for coming back to this particular post again? My mind’s gone…… completely!

  15. Do you guys have anything like our Radio for the Print- Handicapped (RPH)? I’m sure you must. I did volunteer work for them years ago – it included reading newspaper articles and excerpts from books on air as well as some DJing and programming.

    Even holding a newspaper can be difficult for some people and many books are so darn heavy that it’s downright impossible to hold them upright.

  16. Thanks, Mezz! Oahu was the place I was thinking of, of course 🙂 Bugger this bloody fibromyalgia…..some days it really gets me riled up when I forget something as simplle as that. I feel like a right idiot on those days so please forgive my forgetfulness and often silly comments. 🙂

    • Trust me, I would much rather it had been Oahu instead of Omaha, but I don’t believe they have an air base there. 😉 Although if you want a good steak, you can’t beat Omaha.

      • Oh, yeah, Angie…I had a look on Amazon for that Kindle and even though the one I can use for Australia is $109 instead of $79, it’s a bargain compared with what our shops charge for a basic Kindle. Now I just have to get Matthew to agree to bring it home from Melanie’s!! He hasn’t said “no” so that must mean “yes”, no? 🙂

        • Hey, I paid $189 for mine, which was the intermediate model when I purchased it, so that sounds like a good deal to me. 😀 I am sure Matthew will come through for you.

          • I’ve just entered a competition to win a Kindle Touch through the Book Depository in the UK! 🙂

            If I don’t win that, I probably will just go with the basic Kindle for ebooks + audiobooks – I’m not really bothered about colour or anything fancy like that for the present.

            Maybe I’ll buy a better one when I win the Lottery? However……. that might be a little difficult as I never take a ticket!

            • The jackpot on the Hungarian lottery is 3.9 billion HUF at the moment which is about 16 million AUD. If I win that, I’ll buy you the best Kindle there is to buy Kathryn, plus Angie goes to Comic Con! 🙂 And I do buy a ticket every week so…there’s always hope!

              • This must have been why I’m back here!!! 😉

                Thank you for the kind thought, Judit

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