Rainy days and Mondays . . . and Richard


No need to talk it out, we know what it’s all about  . . . rainy days and Mondays always get me down . . . funny but it seems it’s the only thing to do, run and find the one who loves you . . .

I used to listen to lots of Karen Carpenter. She had such a rich, mellow, expressive voice that wasn’t quite like anyone else’s. Karen sang some upbeat pop tunes such as “Top of the World,” but it’s the melancholy tunes that I seem to sing in my head  more often than the happier ones. Karen can make you cry, but it’s a cathartic flow of tears, a satisfying sort of melancholy.

I wonder if Mr. Armitage is a fan? He’s a bit too young to remember the Carpenters in their heyday, but then I am a fan of music and musicians that lived and died before I was even born. You like what speaks to you, whether it’s current or from decades or centuries ago.

This one was used in a lot of weddings back in the day, with its talk of “white lace and promises . . . so much of life ahead, we start out walking and learn to run . . . we’ve only just begun . . .”

I think this calls for a little John and Margaret. And Harry and Gerri. May your Monday be a good one and may any cloudbursts not rain on your parade.

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  1. It’s cold and rainy here, too! Ah, the beautiful Richard…our panacea for all that’s wrong with the world 🙂

      • Hi Judit. I’m not too bad, thanks. I just needed to take a little time out. 🙂

        Especially seeing I got myself into such a lather over a certain person’s negativity about Richard’s career. I’d experienced her attitude last year on a couple of other blogs and I just wasn’t up to hearing any more about his not doing any serious work in her opinion. We all know Richard’s not perfect and has occasionally chosen work we may not like but surely that’s up to him. We can make suggestions as to what roles he might be good at but…… 🙂

        Wasn’t it great to see that article in Total Film and to hear that Richard is going to Comic con?

        • I’m glad you decided to comment again! 🙂 I was afraid you might not come back. As for negativity- I left (non-RA related) online message boards for that reason before, but now I try not to let it get to me.. Please don’t let the negativity get to you! Just ignore it. 🙂 Yes great news about the Comic Con, I can’t quite believe yet RA will be back in “circulation” again in just a month’s time!

          • Yes, I did over-react a tad, didn’t I? Sorry about that, ladies…that’s what happens sometimes when I’m feeling off. But it’s no excuse and I know it; I will try harder “not to let it get to me” in future. What was that syndrome called? Ah, yes, Armitage Protection Mode!!! :).

            • Kathryn, nice to see you back. Have fun and, really, truly, don’t let it get to you. 😀 I want this to be a happy place and do my best to keep it that way. life’s too short . . .

              I will bid everyone adieu for now as I had no sleep last night and am about to topple over. Four hours of sleep in two days just ain’t cutting it for this chick. Good to see there are more Carpenter fans out there. An extraordinary talent. I will catch you all later.

            • I’m SO guilty of having this APM syndrome, Kathryn, and have a really hard time dealing with it! I think we react in much the same way as we would if it was a family member who was being maligned. Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!!! 😀

              • I remember as a young woman someone saying something very uncomplimentary about my dad and I was just about ready to fight her. And I am a very non-confrontational person. If someone was to badmouth my husband, I might be inclined to do some serious harm. Because we are part of “our little community,” it’s only natural that we would tend to take on the mantle of Armitage Protective Mode at times. Perhaps if Richard was less of a gentleman and more outspoken and aggressive, we might not feel so protective. But then again, if he had those characteristics, we might not love him so much.

              • So very true. I experience APM and it’s a very good thing my sword is in storage. Sir Guy and I understand each other in that respect.

              • I have to work hard to keep a lid on my APM too. As Teuchter says, we respond on Richard’s behalf the way we would for anyone we care about, and not knowing him doesn’t make any difference! 🙂

  2. Dear Angie, The clouds and rain are beautiful and I love and bless them. I also love and bless Mondays. YAY!!! The sun was not out for most of the weekend here and but I thought the cloudy days were beautiful too. I always want to snuggle up in bed with my kindle to read on rainy cloudy days. Thank God for clouds that bring rain to feed my garden and help farmers. Water is an essential part of life in so many ways. Today is supposed to be another cloudy rainy day. YAY!!!

    I love the Carpenters. I didn’t know that Karen Carpenter suffered from anorexia until she passed away. Richard was born in 1971 and Karen passed away in 1983. They were popular right up until her death so it is possible for RA to recall their popularity just a bit.
    The Carpenters songs are timeless and will always be remembered. I came of age during the 60’s and 70’s and the music from those two decades are my favorites. Especially if it is classic soul and easy listening music. The music of the Carpenters is so moving and can make you cry. I start to get very reminiscent whenever I hear their music now. While the 60’s and 70’s were turbulent they were also some of the best of times. I am glad that I witnessed it.

    Richard missed the Beatles heyday entirely. Their last commercial concert was in August 1966 and they broke up in 1970, the year before Richard was born. I had a huge crush on John Lennon and wanted to marry him when I grew up. When John took up with Yoko I was still a little girl but I was like…WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe he dumped Cynthia for Yoko Ono.

    • I was born in the same year as RIchard, but that didn’t stop me from becoming a HUGE Beatles fan in the early 80s!! I even joined a Beatles Fan Club in Budapest! 🙂

  3. It is rainy here too. And Monday’s, well, not particularly fond of them.

    I have missed this place. Have been so rushed in the last week and read quickly without too much time to comment. It feels nice here. You and these lovely ladies have created such a wonderful place here. Just perfect for rainy Mondays.

  4. I played “We’ve Only Just Begun” so many times as an accompaniment for weddings or graduations (also “Do you know / Where you’re going to”) that I practically had it memorized!

  5. She had a lovely and distinctive voice! She’s another one of our entertainers that left us too early! I was born in the mid-sixty and one of my favorite all time groups has been The Beatles. I love music from all over the place. I listen to everything from Baroque, to current hits, and many things in between. We can love music from any era. I think it’s a shame that people put themselves into boxes. With Richard’s training in music, I bet he enjoys a wide variety of music!

      • Because he plays/played the cello and the flute I’m sure he does Judit, although, like Laurie, I think his taste in music is pretty eclectic. He once described how listening to an orchestra live actually has an affect on our bodies in a way that music on our Ipods or CD’s can’t replicate. He has also said he loves going to gigs, again because the music is “live.”

        I’m a huge music-lover myself and enjoy a wide diversity of genres. Anything from country to classical (my first love I have to say) – reggae to rock and roll – and beyond!!:D

        • I think that if you are a true music lover–and especially if you’ve learned to play an instrument and/or been in a choir or other musical group–it’s likely you do enjoy a broad range of music, including classical.

          When I was teaching at FDA, I would usually play music as the students did individual written work or took tests. Mozart, Bach, Handel and other classical musicians, along with some Enya, were frequently in the CD player. Some of the students turned up their noses at it, but many came to appreciate it and even request certain pieces of music. Some actually borrowed my CDs to make copies for themselves. They said it helped them think.

          I completely agree with him about the impact of live music versus the canned kind. When the touring musicals come to the Ritz, some have recorded music. But one company always has an orchestra and it adds to the enjoyment of the show. For our annual fundraisers, we have a group of local musicians who make up the orchestra. My former co-worker, Michael Rodgers, is an accomplished pianist and trumpet player and he has performed for the last several years.

          It’s funny, but we tended to have musical people in the office. I sang and can play the piano, albeit very poorly nowadays; Austin played several instruments, including the guitar and didgeridoo, Kevin played the guitar and had a lovely singing voice. We used to laugh and say we could have had our own band. One of the things I enjoy most about our cruises–the shows. Simon Cowell may continually poke fun at cruise ship performers, but some of them are very talented singers and dancers, and there are some fine musicians. On the Celebrity cruise we took back in 2000, they held a tea with a group of musicians performing classical music. Just lovely.

          I think my eclectic tastes are reflected in my choices of songs for my videos. Everything from LMFAO to Yo-Yo Ma and Ella Fitzgerald. 😀

          • I do agree — live performances are so different, so much more vibrant. I have been very fortunate to be in the audience for some stellar performances, sometimes in some quite unlikely venues. A friend of mine took me to the Venetian in Las Vegas and we enjoyed a semi-staged performance by an ensemble of opera singers. We happened upon the tenor later and he serenaded me with one of my favourite arias.

            • Yes, live sure is better than canned. I think that when songs were recorded using an entire orchestra in the studio the recordings sounded better. Now synthesizers or whatever it is called are used to imitate the sounds of instruments a lot of times when recording songs.

              Opera singing is great. I never thought I would like opera, but when I worked for the NYC Opera, going to performances were free for me so I took advantage of that. Every summer was opera season so every Wednesday I would meet a friend for dinner and then we would go to see an opera. I worked for them for 5 years and it was a very interesting place to work. Imagine walking down the hall to go to the bathroom and passing Beverly Sills on your way. I never would have come to appreciate opera if I did not work there. One of my favorite scenes in the movie Persuasion is the opera singing scene. The singers voice is so beautiful and I find myself rewinding the DVD to replay it sometimes when I watch Persuasion.

              • Oh Xenia, wow! You walked past Beverly Sills on the corridor at NYC Opera??? She was one of my father’s favourite opera singers! My father was a music historian, his specialist subjects were Mozart and early 19th century Italian opera composers (that’s the so called bel canto era of opera). I grew up listening to operas and classical music, and at the time I couldn’t really appreciate it and when I reached my teens, I rebelled by listening to the Beatles (that was as far as I took it, my brother listened to heavy metal- only when my dad wasn’t at home though!) ! My father passed away when I was 16 and it was only when I was in my 20s that I began to appreciate Mozart, Beethoven and operas and took out his old cassettes from the drawers. I remember as a child I often felt sort of resentful of him for not being “like all the other dads”, but looking back, I’m so glad I was exposed to classical music and eventually learned to appreciate it as I matured. I’ll be forever grateful to my dad for it.

            • Nothing compares to a live performance. This concert I went to in Vienna on the 27th of May.. There was just the tenor accompanied by a pianist and it was simply magical. Time stood still for me while the concert lasted. I forgot all my worries. There was standing ovation at the end and the audience just did not want to let the performers go… They had to do 4 encores (four additional songs, not repeats)!

              • Bless your Dad Judit for instilling the appreciation of classical music in you. My Dad was a musician when we lived in Panama. After we immigrated to America he did still play music in a band. Latin Jazz was their specialty so I grew up listening to Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Miles Davis, Buddy Rich, Max Roach, etc on our Hi-Fi. Does anyone here remember the Hi-Fi? In our apartment there was a set of drums, a piano and a xylophone that my father played.

              • Yes, I remember Hi-Fi. I also remember Carlos Gardel and Ernesto Lecuona and others who wrote some of the best Latin dance music ever. I had some of their songs on 78s, and then some were recorded on CD. My musical tastes are somewhat eclectic, from plainsong and polyphony to bel canto and verismo, from Vivaldi to Mann, from the Romantics to rock&roll. Yet when I dream of dancing, it’s usually Latin or flamenco.

              • @Leigh, I’m going to a dance festival (latin dances) on Saturday with my friends, I can’t wait! 🙂 We’ll not be dancing (I did go to dance schools in my teens to try and take lessons but there were never any boys to dance with so I gave up eventually), just watching, but it’s always a fantastic experience (it’ll be our 3rd time)! We’re taking my 4,5 year old godson with us, hope he’ll like the dancing. He’s a very open and friendly little fellow. Do you ever watch ballroom dancing on TV or go to dance competitions?

              • When I’m home and I can afford it, I go to the annual concurso de flamenco. I sometimes watch the ballroom dancing on TV, but real competitions, not “Strictly Come Dancing” or “Dancing with the Stars”. I have to go to my friends’ cafe where they have cable and get channels from all over Europe.

              • This Concurso de flamenco sounds awesome!! I have to say I loved the Hungarian version of “Dancing with the Stars”, (Of course I’m aware it’s not “the real thing” but it’s still was a 100 times better than anything else on offer on TV at the time). Although I could never bear to watch it live due to the extensive commercial breaks. I taped it then fast-forwarded the annoying commercials and just watched the dance numbers. I hardly ever watch any live TV these days, because of the commercials. So if people ask me whether I’ve seen this or that advert I normally just stare blankly at them! 🙂

              • I’m with you all the way, Judit! I record programmes from our commercial channels so I can ff through the ads 🙂 Ah ha…that American spellchecker again….sorry, Mate (spellchecker), but “programme” is correct! Only computer programs are spelled that way in my book!

              • @Xenia, yes, my Dad was special. Rather difficult to live with at times. He had a lot of issues, but loved us dearly. Sadly he passed away at a very young age. I must admit I’m not familiar with latin jazz, but I do love latin dance music, it’s awesome. 🙂

              • @Kathryn, my laptop was supplied by our IT department in the UK and it corrects my Hungarian spelling all the time because it thinks it’s smarter than me (I suppose in some ways, it is) and it assumes I can’t possibly know what I’m typing! Sometimes it produces funny results, when a random English word stays in the Hungarian text in case I don’t notice that the spellchecker sneakily replaced a Hungarian word with an English one! 🙂

  6. Have I mentioned I absolutely love his jawline on pic #2? I’m just wondering about his hands… Please, can the body language experts here explain what that means (hands in pocket while kissing)?

    • I interpret it as being a little bit shy or perhaps hesitant to get into embracing/face cupping, thinking he might be taking things too fast. Not that the vicar would have minded a bit.

      • It was their first kiss too, wasn’t it? No I’m sure the vicar wouldn’t have minded an embrace and/or face cupping a la John Thornton. What woman in her right mind would??? 🙂 I loved the way Dawn described RA as a kisser in her book: shy, giggling, loving..*sigh*

    • I think to be kissed on the hand by someone classy like Richard is lovely. I had a gentleman do it once when thanking me for assisting him and it was done in such an elegant, old world way.

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