Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

A little bit o’ Lucas and Ros


Lucas and Ros were a great team.  They had each other’s back, they had mutual respect and they bantered so well with each other.   I felt those two “got” each other.

Not to mention the fact they looked so swell together: two tall, slim, fit figures striding along purposefully in jeans and Belstaff and black leather, sleek and sexy, making the world a little safer. Do real spies look like that? Probably not. Surely they would need to blend into the background better. But this is fiction, and these spooks impress.  Colleagues are indeed OK.




It’s not Friday, but . . .


Sleep. The vast frontier. These are the thoughts of the blogger named fedoralady. I want to boldly go where I haven’t gone quite enough most days/nights. To the Land of Nod.

Going to flip on the A/C and see if can manage a nap.  Thanks for all your good wishes and I hope your day/night is going well. In the meantime, Guy thought you’d enjoy some fanart featuring–Guy! What a surprise . . .