A little bit o’ Lucas and Ros


Lucas and Ros were a great team.  They had each other’s back, they had mutual respect and they bantered so well with each other.   I felt those two “got” each other.

Not to mention the fact they looked so swell together: two tall, slim, fit figures striding along purposefully in jeans and Belstaff and black leather, sleek and sexy, making the world a little safer. Do real spies look like that? Probably not. Surely they would need to blend into the background better. But this is fiction, and these spooks impress.  Colleagues are indeed OK.




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  1. I love Lucas and Ros, and I like to imagine them in their SND AU that they have a life together. They make a fabulous couple. πŸ™‚
    Lucas deserved a relationship with a strong woman like Ros, who was his equal, with whom he shared a mutual respect, a sense of humour and an understanding of the demands of their job. Elizaveta was the past, Sarah had her own agenda, and Maya…well, the less said about that relationship the better. 😦

  2. These pictures are really great!! Even though they weren’t “romantically involved” in Spooks, they had extraordinary chemistry, I think, and looked fantastic together. They seemed to spark off each-other in a wonderful way and even though Ros was Lucas’ boss in effect, there was also a kind of mutual respect there. I believe that in reality they also worked well together on set and Hermione did say he was “sublime” as Lucas North. I’ll always love her for that!! When Richard did that “Interview about Spooks” when talking about S9 he said “Yeah, she’s greatly missed. . . Yeah, yeah, we all really miss her. . . . we all miss her, a lot!” I’m sure that was a very genuine sentiment!! πŸ™‚

    I honestly believe that Spooks/MI-5 came to a close once Ros then Lucas were no longer a part of it as for many it just wasn’t the same. It had survived the “deaths” of many characters but I believe losing these two incredible actors sounded the death-knell for the series. I’m sure I’m not the only one who lost interest in it after they were gone, even though I did buy the DVD’s of S10 to complete the whole series for my collection!! Long live Ros and Lucas – both of them SND!! πŸ˜€ Wouldn’t it be great if they could work together again?

    • I took SO long to type the above message, as I was watching the Queen’s Jubilee at the same time on BBC Canada and had to keep stopping to look!! Sorry if my remarks duplicate what others have said. When I started to type, no-one else had commented!!! πŸ˜€

      • No need to apologize, Teuchter. I’ve had the same thing happen when posting. Also, I very much enjoyed watching part of the Jubilee events myself earlier and I don’t blame you for being distracted. I think it’s clear we liked Ros and we all sorely missed her as Lucas’s fellow spook. πŸ˜€ Nothing against Sophia Myles, but Beth was no Ros.

    • Richard and Hermione had much more chemistry together onscreen than he had with “love interests” GOR or LR. I have always liked Hermione as an actress. Having seen her in a number of roles, she’s always impressed me. I think Richard’s performances are even better when he has a strong talent to play off of. IMHO, Hermione is a better actress than either GOR or LR. And she and Richard seem to have as much respect and affection for one another in real life as they did onscreen. I would love it if they could work together again–maybe in a romantic relationship this time.

      As far as I am concerned, Spooks ended for me when they did what they did to Lucas on top of Ros’s death. Spooks 10 doesn’t even exist.

    • I never watched season 10 because I read somewhere that Tariq (whom I really, really liked- he was so cute and clever!) was killed off in it as well as Ruth (whom I also liked)! So I decided to skip the whole thing altogether.

      • I began to boycott Spooks after what they did to Richard’s character in S9. TPTB may not care about whether I watch or not, but I won’t give them a minute of my time, let alone any money, not after that.

      • I was totally gutted when they killed Tariq as he was a favourite of mine!! You would think I would have been used to TPTB doing crazy things by that time. They couldn’t even give poor Ruth a happy ending which she totally deserved after all she had sacrificed over the years. I’m not sure Harry was worth it. I had quite gone off him by the end. If I hadn’t already owned all the Spooks DVD’s from S1 onwards, I doubt if I would have bought S10 as it was such a disappointment and such a poor way to bring the whole series to a close. The words “lead” and “balloon” come to mind!! πŸ™‚ Maybe they didn’t care by that time. For me the best will always be S7 with S8 as a close second and S9 only because Richard’s acting is superb!

  3. Lovely photos. I really enjoyed Ros as a character and Ros and Lucas as a team. But the main thought that occurs when I’m looking at these images is, “Guh! Such an unbelievably gorgeous man!”

  4. Hermoine (love her name) was fantastic as Ros and she was indeed an integral part of Spooks. Lucas and Ros were a great team. I never saw them as a possible love match though. Not even when they were pretending to be a couple in that one episode. Both of them together had great chemistry working for the cause. They certainly cared about one another and I saw that very clearly. I did not sense a love match though, although at the same time I could see them having an affair. Nothing beyond that however because of the fact that they were both so strong and so much alike. Ros seemed a little stiff when Lucas bent down to kiss her. Sorry gals…I just never saw a love match there.

    Who are GOR and LR?

    Beth was a good character but yes she was no Ros. The show should have brought in Daniela instead. πŸ™‚

    Lucas and Elizaveta I could not picture together no matter how hard I tried. I did not see or sense a shred of chemistry there. Maybe it was the actress who played her but that relationship I just did not buy at all.

    I could not stand Sarah Caulfield and I was hoping that the writers would not have them sleeping together, but of course that is exactly what they did. From the first time her character appeared on the show I didn’t trust her and thought she was a skeezeball which she turned out to be. Lucas clearly had feelings for her but I think that was more because she was so pleasing to him in bed and he found her to be sexy. Men always confuse lust for love.

    I don’t know what to think about Maya. John Bateman really seemed to love her from the way he wailed from his gut when she died.

    I agree that the first nail on the coffin for Spooks was when they killed off Ros. The second nail was when they killed off Lucas. I think that Richard was ready to leave the show though by then. I never watched Spooks 10. As a matter of fact I never watched any of the Spooks episodes before RA appeared on it. Shows like Spooks are not my cup of tea because of the violence. I only watched the episodes that RA are in just because he is in them. I have no desire to own the DVD’s to it. I am not buying Robin Hood either. I am content with the many movie still photos I have of RA from those shows but that is as far as I will go. I own the DVD’s to North & South, Sparkhouse and The Vicar of Dibley last two shows.

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