Oh, Marian. You Naughty Girl!


Marian’s back and she’s got a bad case of it for Sir Guy.  Finally–Marian found her Good Taste Gene!!




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  1. Strip poker, huh? In true 12th century style, Marian would not have more than five pieces to lose before she was starkers: girdle, cotte, shift, and shoes. Somehow, I don’t think she’d mind losing, although she’d like to win a few pieces off Guy first, I expect.

    • I figure if they can have a casino in the castle, Guy and Marian could have some fun with cards. 😉 At least Marian wouldn’t have the vast amount of clothing a mid-Victorian lady would have had to deal with. And I am sure she’d definitely want to see Guy shed some clothes. The pain meds finally seem to be kicking in BTW. I am propping up on several pillows.

  2. *sigh* If only….

    I do hope you can get some rest tonight Angie, or should I say this morning! Take care, lovey! 🙂

    • Thanks, Mezz. I am watching an old Paul Newman movie I haven’t seen before–The Young Philadephians– and when it wraps up I hope to get to sleep. I watched The Sting earlier, so I am getting my fill of gorgeous blue-eyed men. I think of it as therapy. 😉

  3. Now that is much better. See Marian, if only you had come to your senses earlier, you would not be dead now. lol

    I wonder if Lucy G. wanted to jump RA’s bones…or maybe that is just me projecting.

    • Yes, I can’t imagine any female NOT wanting to jump his bones but then I have to remind myself that not every woman finds him attractive (although judging from Lucy’s interviews I think she did… find him attractive that is)!

      • Oh Judit, I really cannot understand any woman who does not find him attractive. But I figure more for us who do!

        • I know people who don’t find him attractive! It blows my mind. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

          • I know people who do not find RA attractive as well but that is okay. I am not bowled over by George Clooney. As Laurie said beauty is in the eye of the beholder; so I won’t criticize those who are not bowled over by our man. I think that Richard has way more than his share of admirers.

        • I can’t understand it either! I know a number of women who don’t “get” him like I do, some of them family members!! I would have hoped they would have inherited my Good Taste Gene, but it seems not!! I might even have to disown them or write them out of my will!! LOL!!!

          I go on to tumblr daily and when I’m scrolling down and come across pictures or gifs of him they literally make me gasp at his beauty. I’ll never understand why some don’t see it. But I must admit to being rather torn too, as I find I don’t want to share him with too many other people which we will likely have to do once TH hits the screens in December!! On the one hand I just want to keep him to ourselves while at the same time wanting the whole world to know who he is!! How crazy is that???

          • I agree completely, Teuchter! I’m so happy that he’s about to hit the world stage in a big way, but I want to keep him to ourselves! Those newbies who haven’t know him when he was just trying to stay steadily employed! It is crazy, but I feel it, too. And, I expect so do most of us longtime fangirlz!!

          • “You know, one of these days, Richard is going to emerge from hiding looking fly as sh*t wearing a leather Belstaff jacket and bulge-magnifying jeans…..” This is over at the confessions on Tumblr.
            Just the image of Richard evoked by these words makes me breathless, when it finally happens I think I may just pass out from sheer happiness. Like you Teuchter, the sight of him makes me gasp…he’s just too beautiful for words.

            BTW I’m torn too, and I’m a relative newcomer to Armitagemania compared to others out there.

              • I share the sentiment expressed above. I’m a relative newbie too (although I can’t remember what my life was like before Armitage-mania kicked in!) and I’m also torn between wanting the whole world to see how incredibly talented he is and wanting to “keep him” to ourselves. I love this little community, and never before have I felt so at home on any other online blog, forum or message board as I do here! Btw, my female family members+best friend aren’t bowled over by RA either!

              • Not an issue for me, because I don’t share my interest (addiction, obsession, whatever) with friends and family, with a single exception. I fell hard for Richard in 2005. I don’t expect others to feel the same way I do; I don’t share their fascination for the actors and musicians who make them thud. and squee. I just sit there and smile, knowing I have always wanted nothing but the best.

              • My family don’t know the scale of my addiction either just that RA’s “my favourite guy”. They thought it was Hugh Jackman I liked best, so I showed them some pictures of Richard but they went “meh” so I won’t talk about it any more with them!

            • I am at a point where I just want to see him, wearing whatever, looking however–he’ll look beautiful to me. I want to hear his voice, and his laugh, and see that dazzling smile reflected in his gorgeous blue eyes. I want to watch him look at his big beautiful feet with that slightly sheepish expression he wears and watch his hands speak with equal elegance as he talks. I want to see him fold up those long legs on a couch. I just want to see him.

              • I agree Angie, I don’t care what he’s wearing or how he looks either, that first sight (and sound) of him is going to be absolute heaven.
                I really miss him, it’s almost a physical yearning…crazy!!! How can you miss someone you’ve never known?!! *sigh*

              • If he had any idea how many of us yearn to see him–Richard Armitage himself and not just his characters–he would be absolutely amazed, I think. Watching the old interviews and the DVDs, etc. helps. But it’s very much like needing to hear a loved one’s voice after a long absence, to see their face again.

              • So very true! And when we see him and hear him again, it will be as if the time between was nothing at all…

              • Oh the sheepish grin while looking down and folding his legs on a couch in such a typically Richard-ish manner… *sigh* Do you think he’ll be invited to shows like Jay Leno’s and Conan’s? He’s never been a guest on an American talk show before!

              • I think Richard would acquit himself very well indeed. It’s just that Leno, Letterman, and Conan O’Brien often treat their guests very badly indeed, as if the guest is only there to help them get the laughs. Their humour is frequently cruel and they display both rudeness and ignorance. They would certainly test Richard’s patience.

              • Ah well, maybe they’ll get Martin and Sir Ian to do these “rounds”..Martin seems to be very comfortable in talk shows.

              • And they would surely ask him about the bloody circus!! And how to pronounce his name and stuff like that.

  4. Remember that Richard is in heavy costume in The Hobbit. If you haven’t seen him in anything before you won’t notice how handsome he is. Of course we know it and can see it because we have seen him in N&S, RH, Spooks etc. The back of his head looks handsome and sexy to me…LOL

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