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Ice cream, Comic-Con and Frenzy the Temptress

Comic-Con Costume 1

Comic-Con Costume 1 (Photo credit: heath_bar)

Comic Con 2009

Blue Bell Ice Cream Truck

Blue Bell Ice Cream Truck (Photo credit: NixBC)


Frenz (and just so you know, the lady in the interesting outfit is NOT Frenz. At least, I don’t think it is . . .) reminds me of a big ol’ bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream right now–Moo-llenium Crunch. With Hershey’s Choccie Syrup and whipped cream. I couldn’t find a photo of it, but here’s their wonderful Homemade Vanilla. As a Texas girl, I know Frenz is very familiar with Blue Bell.

Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla–the closest thing to real homemade vanilla ice cream that you can buy in a store. Expensive, yes. But sometimes only the best will do.

(Photo courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel)

Why do I compare my fellow blogger to a sinfully delicious treat? They both tempt me. Seriously.

She goes and posts this link about reporters needed at Comic-Con at her blog (see link above):


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

Do I have writing/reporting experience? Yup. A decade of it.

Do I have experience covering panel discussions? Let’s see. City council, board of education, county commission, among others. Yup.

Have I interviewed famous people before? Yup.

Do I have my own laptop and recording device? Yup.

Is my favorite actor in the whole wide world slated to be at Comic-Con? Yup.

Do I have the money for a plane ticket all the way across the country and the cost of a hotel room? *sigh* Nope.

Oh, well, a girl can dream. But dang, I hate to miss seeing people in outfits like the one above. Not to mention Mr. A and the rest.

Richard–and Thorin–simply dazzle.


That Thorin is something else, isn”t he? He may be a dwarf, but he stands very tall in my estimate. It’s true we’ve only seen snippets of Richard’s performance–his appearance in the film trailer, and then brief glimpses of him here and there in the video blogs–but I truly like what I see (and hear. Oh, that  voice!).

I ask myself if I would be as impressed with what we’ve seen of Thorin thus far if I weren’t so fond of RA and so thrilled to see anything new with him in it. Admittedly, I am prejudiced in RA’s favor.

Still, I think anyone, not just a besotted RA fan like me,would watch Richard in action–running, brandishing Orcrist, riding his horse, bellowing in that barrel, singing a solemn tune–and say that fellow looks like the warrior dwarf and king that he’s playing.  Just as he inhabited characters such as Thornton, Porter and Gisborne, so it appears he is giving us a fully-fleshed out Thorin, one that will very likely be more complex than in The Hobbit (which, after all, was written as a children’s book).

Some still wish for more RA in the video blogs. Mind you, I wouldn’t object to seeing and hearing more from RA, but it does strike me that we aren’t seeing a great deal of even Sir Ian and Martin in these videos.  I think it is safe to say Bilbo, Gandalf and Thorin are the three lead characters in the film. And I suspect the leads are so busy filming there isn’t a lot of downtime for trailer tours and cutting up.

The focus of the vlogs seems to have been on the secondary characters and of course, all those wonderful behind-the-scenes moments where we get to meet all the people who help make this amazing movie magic and how they accomplish that magic. The vlogs have truly been not only entertaining, but a learning experience. Thank you, Sir Peter!

It’s all just enough to make you want more, much, much more.  Especially more of that regal, handsome, courageous dwarf.

I think Richard Armitage‘s “rightness” for the role of Thorin was first most evident to the world at last year’s press conference. He didn’t push himself forward. He listened quietly, attentively to more loquacious panel members. And when it was his turn, he responded with wit, intelligence and his customary thoughtfulness. He dominated the event.  Call it mystique, allure, the “IT” Factor. Whatever it is, RA has it in spades.  He may not be an aristocrat, but he has the regal bearing and natural elegance of one, that is for certain.

And it didn’t hurt, of course, that he looked and sounded so damned–MANLY.  *thud*

Thorin needs to be a strong, alpha male type, with charisma and leadership abilities–flawed, but still nonetheless a genuine hero.

I think there are going to be a lot of audience members  who will be very impressed by Richard’s portrayal. He will look like, sound like and BE the King Under the Mountain. We will believe.

And so what if his beard isn’t as long as it is in the novel? Scarlett O’Hara as written by Margaret Mitchell  had at least one husband and a couple of kids that didn’t appear in the movie. She was also not supposed to be beautiful. And that film still turned out to be a classic.  You can remain faithful to the spirit of a written work without following it word for word when translating it to the screen.

And I, for one, can hardly wait to see the magnificence of Thorin on the big screen in December.

Richard, in the drink yet again. MORE THORIN!


I still haven’t seen Sir Peter’s latest videoblog entry in its entirety, due to the sl-o-o-w connection out here (well, at least it’s better than dial-up). But I have perused the screencaps the ladies of www.richardarmitagenet.com have provided, along with their link to PJ’s facebook page and the vlog.  Which of course inspired me to fiddle a bit with images of RA as Thorin.  You know, for a man who has an admitted fear of deep water, Richard certainly isn’t afraid to tackle projects that require him to dive right in.

Thorin appears to be in Full Roar Mode here, a look we’ve also seen with Sir Guy and John Porter, among others. Fedoralady likes Mr. A’s ChaRActers when they roar.

He’s been a water aerobics instructor and life guard, piloted a sub which was smashed open underwater, and been waterboarded not once, but twice. Now he’s floating down the rapids in a barrel. The boy’s got moxie, that’s for dang sure.

That is one handsome dwarf. I am so thankful they didn’t completely bury RA’s wonderfully expressive face under makeup and appliances. He is such a kingly Thorin.

And, because I never tire of looking at Thorin (or Richard) here are a couple of older ones . . .