Richard, in the drink yet again. MORE THORIN!


I still haven’t seen Sir Peter’s latest videoblog entry in its entirety, due to the sl-o-o-w connection out here (well, at least it’s better than dial-up). But I have perused the screencaps the ladies of have provided, along with their link to PJ’s facebook page and the vlog.  Which of course inspired me to fiddle a bit with images of RA as Thorin.  You know, for a man who has an admitted fear of deep water, Richard certainly isn’t afraid to tackle projects that require him to dive right in.

Thorin appears to be in Full Roar Mode here, a look we’ve also seen with Sir Guy and John Porter, among others. Fedoralady likes Mr. A’s ChaRActers when they roar.

He’s been a water aerobics instructor and life guard, piloted a sub which was smashed open underwater, and been waterboarded not once, but twice. Now he’s floating down the rapids in a barrel. The boy’s got moxie, that’s for dang sure.

That is one handsome dwarf. I am so thankful they didn’t completely bury RA’s wonderfully expressive face under makeup and appliances. He is such a kingly Thorin.

And, because I never tire of looking at Thorin (or Richard) here are a couple of older ones . . .

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  1. He is regal, isn’t he. A little itty bitty glimpse of him and I am on cloud nine. It is in his presence. Even with all that hair and prosthetics, he is so elegant and kingly.

    • Yes, all it takes is a glimpse here and there and I feel uplifted. I have said for a while that he has the aura of a true star. And we are seeing it right here.

  2. Oh dear what have I missed? Have been swamped with work all day! There’s a new vlog???? Yippeeee!!! Richard got a lot of stick for not having a long enough beard…Hope people who criticised him and PJ for that will be able to get over their reservations and enjoy his performance..

    • It’s not as if this is the first time a movie character’s appearance has deviated from a decription in a book. But there will always be someone who isn’t happy… I don’t care what they think; I just want Richard to be happy. If he’s pleased with what appears to me to be working beautifully, I am well content.

      • There are some people who weren’t happy to begin with because they don’t like Sir Peter’s vision for Tolkien’s worksin the LOTR trilogy. These sour little souls are already dead set against these films before they’ve even seen them. So anything they can nit-pick over, they will. You just can’t make some people happy, and I am sure Richard realizes this.

    • I don’t know The Hobbit story yet so I didn’t know that Richard’s beard was supposed to be longer. I did notice that it was less than other earlier photos of him as Thorin. At least I could have sworn I saw it as bigger with his face more hidden. Maybe I was imagining it. I like it this way much better because you can see more of his face. I love photos of him as Thorin in profile. I just LOVE his long nose. From the front his long nose and piercing eyes makes me melt inside. OMG our man is so freaking handsome.

      I sort of find Richard a little intimidating dressed up as Thorin. If he walked up to me looking like that I would be so tongued tied and nervous. His presence as Thorin is so commanding and masculine.

  3. When I saw the name Thorin on your post this morning, I HAD to pop over to RAnet right away to check out the vlog!!! I’m soooo excited!! He looks absolutely fantastic and regal as gracie said. I would dearly have loved to see more of him AND hear him talk but thankful to see even these short glimpses after all this time! 😀 From what Peter J said, it may not be too long before he does the next and, sadly, the last one!! But I have to think positively – we will then be even closer to December!!! 🙂

  4. It’s a fantastic vlog, I think it was the funniest of them all! I really, really enjoyed watching it. I find the sheer scale of the project intimidating! But PJ is so down-to-earth and matter-of-fact about the whole thing, he always manages to put my mind at ease. Of course I would have liked to have seen more of Richard and hear him talk and see the inside of his trailer (as opposed to James Nesbitt’s) but.. ah well. Richard wouldn’t be Richard had he been more in the foreground.(sorry if the grammar is bad, I’m tired)

    • It was definitely entertaining. PJ certainly seems pretty laid-back. I think he has so many trusted, talented people in place it gives him a confidence he might not otherwise have.
      I like to think RA is so busy as one of the STARs of the film he doesn’t have time to show us his trailer. 😉

      • I think you’re likely correct. With what is probably a 6:00 a.m. makeup call, his alarm probably goes off at 4:30 or 5:00 so he’s ready when the car or minivan comes to fetch him at 5:30. After makeup, it’s over to wardrobe to get into costume, then shooting until lunch, then back on set, makeup touched up, and shooting until tea break, more shooting, get out of the costume and the makeup, grab a bite to eat, check e-mail, have a glass of wine, have a bath, read a chapter, and crash. Unless there’s a break in the shooting schedule, he doesn’t have time to be hanging around in his trailer, let alone giving a mini house tour.

        • Yeah, I don’t think there is a lot of time left over for trailer tours and hi-jinks. We all know he’s a hard worker, and I think all that hard work is going to pay off when we see him on the big screen.

          • {Note: I had to clean out cookies because a friend sent me an infected e-mail, so things may look a little different.}
            Unless something goes horribly wrong in post-production, all Richard’s hard work will pay off in a most glorious way. No stopping the juggernaut now.

              • Oh, I think we’d all have preferred RA over Jimmy Nesbitt, but I am just thinking of practical reasons why he wouldn’t be likely to appear in such scenes. 😉

              • …That should have read “as if I was criticising him”! Need to proof read but it’s not always possible when I’m at work…

    • OMG Judit, I am thinking the same thing. I am loving PJ too. I think he is so brilliant and looks to me as a very nice, gentle man. Yes, I admit it, I am crushing on PJ. But forever loyal to RA of course. lol

      • I want to give him a big hug, to say thankyou for being a wonderful, inspirational director, and for recognizing that Richard IS Thorin. Then for just being the lovely man he is! 🙂

  5. I really like Peter Jackson too. He seems like such a fun person. What a genius he is at film making. I never saw Lord of The Rings so I will put it on my to movies to watch list during the summer. My major in college was film production, but that was a long time ago. Film making has come such a long way since I studied it. It is fun but at the same time such hard work and from what I saw on the vlog that part of it hasn’t changed.

    Oh Richard my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Finally, a little glimpse of Richard! And little is the operative word! They must be keeping the main actors under wraps. We only saw little snippets of Gandalf and Bilbo, too. He looked so spectacular in that bit where he’s walking with Ian. By the time this movie is released I’m going to be a blithering idiot. 🙂

  7. The major stars–Martin, Ian and Richard–are not nearly as visible as the other actors. Which heightens the anticipation of seeing them on the big screen. I think one thing is for sure–the humor Sir Peter promised will definitely be there. Why else would they have created such comical looks for most of the dwarfs?
    It’s hard not to crush on Sir Peter. He reminds me of a cuddly teddy bear. And Richard–ah, he is indeed sublime and spectacular and stunning and sexy as Thorin. What a knockout!!

      • Excellent point. Just as he has fleshed out and given additional dimensions to characters such as Sir Guy and John Porter, so it appears he is doing the same with Thorin. I am sure he has created a full-fledged back story for the character.

        • Yep, totally with you on that one, Angie. I reckon Richard’s also gotten as much info as possible out of PJ and Co. towards the day he’ll be directing and producing – the boy’s not crazy – he knows who’s good in the business! 🙂 I bet he’s not getting a lot of sleep but loving every minute of the hard work

          • Oh, I am sure he’s taking it all in. As that fellow said, he is not only very kind, he’s very smart. I told Leigh I get a real vibe of contentment from him in these little snippets we do see. He’s doing what he loves surrounded by wonderful professionals who are also doing what they love. And I am certain he is learning a lot along the way. If he’s worn out, it’s a good kind of tired–the tired of a man who’s worked hard and can take satisfaction in knowing it was a job well done.

  8. The vlog appeared not long before I went to bed last night. I watched it a couple of times, and I was so excited it took me ages to get to sleep. 🙂
    My God Richard is superb, Thorin has such a presence. I’m wondering if some of the naysayers are changing their minds on seeing these vlogs, that maybe PJ’s choice of Richard for the role wasn’t so far off the mark after all!
    I’m really beginning to appreciate that it’s been a good idea not to have Richard in the vlogs too much, nor Martin and Ian in this one. As you say Angie, it’s heightening the anticipation of seeing them on the big screen. While the actors and what they have to say will be important on the promotion circuit, ultimately it’s the characters themselves to whom the film belongs.
    Ooooh, the second half of the year is going to be so much fun!!! 😀

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