Someone’s knockin’ at the door . . . at Ladywriter’s


“Oh, Ladywriter,” rumbled the slightly gruff voice.

“Come in, Sir Guy,” LW responded.

Sir Guy strolled in. Closing the door behind him, the tall, dark and toothsome knight leaned back against it with a nonchalant  air, head tilted and hands tucked behind him. Nobody lounged quite the way Sir Guy did.

“Soooo–you are trying to–go far, far away to see the Creator?”

Ladywriter sighed. “It’s very–tenuous–uncertain for now, Sir Guy. There is the possibility I might get chosen to serve as a reporter at Comic-Con. And then if I am, I have to come up with the cash to cover my travel costs and expenses. Too bad California is so–far, far away. And–” She gave Guy a wry smile. “You may have noticed I’ve been here a great deal more the last few months because I have been out of a job. And then there was that stupid accident.  And in the hassle to get the unemployment benefits reinstated, I’ve lost several weeks of pay.”

Guy’s brow furrowed. “You SHOULD have sent me to that office with my Magic Sword. I’d have gotten you the results you wanted,” he said with a distinctly menacing growl.

“Dearest Guy, I have no doubt you would have gotten results, but we try to avoid the murder and mayhem of the 12th century around here . . . ”

Guy gave a manly sniff and thrust his chin forward. “I wouldn’t have murdered anyone–”

Ladywriter raised a warning hand. “Or torture.”

“Ah–but don’t you wish to torture them–just a little–every now and again, dear LW?” Guy flicked back a strand of his tousled mane and raised a curious brow, a certain glint in those kohl-rimmed eyes. He looked dangerous. He looked hot.

LW heaved a great sigh. “More than you know. But I’m trying to stay out of jail. Benny is a long-suffering man but I do believe even he has his limits.”

Guy shrugged his broad shoulders as he rubbed his lovely aquiline nose. “There are certain things about the 21st century that I still do not quite understand . . .”

Ladywriter gave him a sympathetic smile. “I know. It’s not always easy for a fabulous medieval henchman and dark knight to adjust to it all. But you are doing wonderfully well. Look at all you have learned, dearest Guy.”

Guy’s lips curled into a rather smug smirk.. “I have learnt a lot, haven’t I ? I think you do–understand me, Ladywriter. And feed me very, very well.”

“Is that a hint, Sir Guy?”

Guy’s eyes widened as he assumed an innocent expression.  “Oh, I hadn’t thought–well, perhaps-cake?”

“Strawberry. Lower shelf of the fridge. Low-fat. Not that that makes any difference in your case.”

Guy grinned. It was absolutely the most glorious sight when Sir Guy grinned.

He disappeared for a few minutes, returning with a very large piece of cake, liberally covered in whipped cream, and a tall glass of milk.

“There are a great many good things about being So Not Dead, LW.  Being able to eat anything I wish and not gain an ounce is one of them.”

He took a bite of the cake, his tongue darting out to lick of the excess whipped cream from his lips. “MMMMM. MIster Ladywriter, Snake Slayer Extraordinaire and Marvelous Baker, succeeds again.”

Guy sipped his milk.  Oh, goody. Milk mustache time . . .  Ladywriter thought.

“So, speaking of this Comic-Con—when will you know if you have been chosen for this assignment? Is not the event only a few weeks away?”

“It is–and I just don’t know yet. At least Jonah has already contacted me to ask I live or will be in the area. . . . I think that’s a good sign. ”

Guy took another bite of his cake and chewed slowly, his eyes narrowing“I am certain I could be–persuasive— if you needed me to be . . .”

“GUY . . .”

“Just reminding you that I am always at your service, my lady . . . and, one other thing–”

“Never fear, Sir Guy.  I am working on the first Guyday Friday post even as I speak.”

“No–erm–Thorin?”  His brow furrowed slightly in spite of the lightness of his tone.

“No Thorin.”

Those beautiful eyes lit up. That and the milk mustache were about to do in poor Ladywriter.

“Well–that’ll do nicely . . .”

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  1. I fear Guy’s jealous streak once TH furor erupts in December. 🙂 (SO happy you applied–yay!) Loving the first and last pics, beautifully done.

    • Yep, me, too. It may take a WHOLE lot of brownies, cake, cookies . . . to keep my Guy sweet. I’ve done a lot more Guy Art, too. I think he noticed all the Thorin stuff I had been doing . . . 😉

    • I was thinking the same thing about Guy’s jealousy. And then I scrolled down and saw what you’d written. Great minds think alike!! And I love, love, love those pictures where RA is leaning against a wall with a lovely look in his eyes!! 😉

  2. Guy is so supportive, even if his methods are no longer politically correct or even legal. You’ve gotta love him, and I know he adores you, Lady Writer. Maybe he should be bringing you your vitamins and making you take them.

  3. Oh, Angie….how could you possibly say that Guy is vain?

    Don’t you listen to LW, Guy….you’re just “beautiful and you know it”…it’s being honest, not vain 😉

  4. Après la pluie, le beau temps Angie ! I wish you luck for the Comic-Con and it would be wonderful if you were choosen.
    Our peacock knows very well how erotic he appears when he drinks a cup of milk !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dearest Ladywriter, I hope you know that I really meant what I said about contributing to your travel costs should you be chosen for Comic Con! Nobody is more qualified than you for this job! 🙂
    Thank you for brightening up my morning with the story of your latest encounter with Glorious Guy! So funny and sweet (literally!!)! Your indebted servant from “Middle Earth” (a.k.a. Eastern Europe)

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