Daily Archives: June 8, 2012

Sir Guy–sexy, sweet, sublime


Guyday Friday is drawing to a close. I hung out tonight with my own TDHBEW. He brought home not only supper but presented me with the niftiest optical mouse for my laptop–so colorful (designed by an artist whose name escapes me) and it fits my hand perfectly. And it works on virtually any surface! Now, if I can only remember to turn the thing off (and not misplace it . . .)

All you have to do, Guy, is crook that finger . . .


The bad news is, I didn’t sleep. The good news is–I remembered to take my multivitamin with that healthy orange juice and my high-fiber cereal with the fresh-from-the-bushes blueberries (see, Lady Anne, I was a good girl) and I have more fanart completed.

Quite a bit of it is (shhhhhhh!) Thorin as he has been on my mind of late. But this being Guyday Friday, I will save those for later and bring you more of the delectable man in black, Sir Guy of Gisborne.  Who is just a wee bit jealous of a certain kingly dwarf with longer locks and an even bigger sword than Sir Guy . . .