All you have to do, Guy, is crook that finger . . .


The bad news is, I didn’t sleep. The good news is–I remembered to take my multivitamin with that healthy orange juice and my high-fiber cereal with the fresh-from-the-bushes blueberries (see, Lady Anne, I was a good girl) and I have more fanart completed.

Quite a bit of it is (shhhhhhh!) Thorin as he has been on my mind of late. But this being Guyday Friday, I will save those for later and bring you more of the delectable man in black, Sir Guy of Gisborne.  Who is just a wee bit jealous of a certain kingly dwarf with longer locks and an even bigger sword than Sir Guy . . .

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  1. Guy is going to have nightmares !
    Someone dares to ask that question : “Who has the big sword” ?
    Oh lala Shakespearean choice …..
    Happy Guyday Friday !

  2. Completely OT!

    Oh, Angie…I’ve just finished listening to the audiobook of “North & South”….how can I ever thank you for recommending this???? It’s almost 3am Saturday in my house but I just had to get out of bed to tell you! 🙂

      • Hi ladies. Had lunch out today with Matthew and his family and then we went to see “Dumbo” 🙂

        I just told Matthew and Donelle that I really didn’t like “Jane Eyre” and “Pride and Prejudice” when I had to read them at school as a 14 year-old but that I like them as an old woman who’s a romantic at heart!

        The audiobook of “Persuasion” is fine so far and I’ll get back to it once I’ve read all the new posts and comments that have hit the mailbox today!

  3. I meant to say .”how can I ever thank you enough”! Isn’t it lovely? Different from the miniseries but just as great and the differences were only to make the show more exciting and romantic visually anyway so perfectly acceptable IMHO. 😉

    I must get back to bed now 🙂 – I’m hoping for a call (at a respectable hour!) to ask me over to Matthew’s house to play with my darling grandbabies later today or tomorrow.

    I’m going to pop “Persuasion” into the CD player and try to get a little

    Oh, yes…. thank you, too, for more beautiful pics of the Gorgeous Guy…he’s so scrumptious 😉

    ‘night, ‘night…talk to you later.

  4. Sorry to hear you aren’t able to sleep, but glad to hear you’re doing right by yourself in other ways. Ah, the gorgeous Sir Guy! You don’t have to tell him about Thorin, do you, at least any more than is strictly necessary?

  5. Sorry about the lack of sleep but yay for vitamin-remembrance. That first image is absolutely heavenly! Somehow, that expression and the sepia combined makes me long to touch his face.

  6. I’m almost swooning for real – get a load of pic no. 3 – the man is sex on legs! Those slightly parted lips are doing me in 😉

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