Fun and a little “heavage” with Sir Guy


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  1. “Heavage”!!! LOL I hope by this time you’ve had some sleep, even if it was short! What I call “forty winks”. Not sure if that is a common expression this side of the pond or not.

    I see you managed to fit in what must be one of your favourite Guy pictures – the 4th one down!! – I wonder why? 😉 He certainly is a man of many, many charms!! I do love Guy and wish Richard could star in another series that had LOTS of episodes so we had something to look forward to week after week! “Something calm and all about love” if you please! 😀

    • I always thought they were silly to leave VoD where they did. They could have had a lot of fun with a married vicar and her accountant husband…

      Love the heavage. Love Sir Guy. And the rascal knows it. [Yes, dearest, I’m writing you another story. I’ll send Lady Writer a copy when I’m done. Maybe she’ll share it with you.]

      • I wish the Vicar of Dibley would come back with Dawn French and Richard. RA said so many times that he would return for it, but I wonder if he feels the same way now that he did The Hobbit. Would RA go back to doing TV?

          • I just hope he’ll stay in front of the camera for a good while! I know a lot of actors make successful transitions into directing but I just don’t want to “lose” him yet, I think he has a lot to offer still as an actor. 🙂

    • We’ve always said “40 winks”, too! I hope that fact that she hasn’t responded means she’s getting hers! I agree with you on the series television. All of this sitting around waiting for him to act in movies is toooo loooong! I hope he will be like some other British stars and float between television, movies and the stage! Oh and some more voice work would be nice! 🙂

    • LOTS of episodes, over a few series, would be lovely. As much as I want to see him on the big, big screen, the wait between movies is definitely too long, so a mix plus audiobooks would be just right!! 🙂

      • TV, movies, stage and audiobooks sound like the perfect combination to me and I hope he does some of the latter quite soon – after he has taken a well-earned rest after they wrap in NZ – as I love listening to him read. In all the audiobooks he has read it is hard to believe that all of the characters are voiced by him. It seems almost impossible at times.

        A great example of this is LoTN which I finished listening to (for about the third or fourth time) this afternoon. As someone once said, he doesn’t just read this, he performs it!! How true! Even though I know the story line I still found myself on the edge of my seat during some of the “scenes”. I can only describe them as “scenes” because of the way he puts everything into the reading so you can “see” what he is seeing in your mind’s eye. Such an amazing talent! As I’m listening, I imagine him looking like Sir Guy, so that always helps!! 😀

        • BTW – if you haven’t already checked out “RecycledVinyl”s Guyday for today please do so!! Droolfest of Guy pictures!! 😀 You won’t be disappointed! 😉

    • RecycledVinyl’s Guyday droolfest that is!

      I’ve just started LOTN again too Teuchter. Richard is amazing. I picture a taller, younger, slimmer version of Thorin for Uthred, even though he’s blonde haired. It probably has more to do with the costume of leather and fur that creates that image for me. 😉

      • Blonde haired? I didn’t know that! I must have missed that bit of the audio!! That’s a good way to imagine Uhtred though! “A taller, younger, slimmer version of Thorin”!!! 😀

        • IIRC in the first book of the Saxon Chronicles, Uhtred was described as being fair-haired. In The Last Kingdom, it starts off his story as a young Saxon boy who is captured by the Danes. I’ve just lent it to my sister, so I can’t check for you, but I’m pretty sure he is blonde. 🙂

          • Ah ha….now I see. I haven’t read any of the earlier books but I’ve borrowed the one following LOTN so I must set aside some time to actually “read” it soon – if I remember how! 😉 The 6th book is available as an audiobook through our library and I have it on reserve – I think there are 2 people ahead of me in the queue.

  2. Mezz…where did you get the idea that Uhtred was blonde?

    I’ve listened to LOTN 6 times….and “The Hobbit” 7 times so far! Rob Inglis’ voice is not quite up to Ricahard’s standard but he’s very good. I’ve also downloaded his reading of “The Fellowship of the Ring”, “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King” free from YouTube. “Fellowship” fit perfectly easily onto 16 CDs so I have a permanent copy. I think I’ll have to save “The Two Towers” and “Return of the King” onto my little MP3 player as some of the parts from YouTube are too long to fit on a CD

  3. I always see Uhtred as Richard, dressed as a cross between Guy and Thorin 🙂

    I ended up listening to “Crime and Punishment” twice and it was better the second time around but it’s still strange – I can’t say that I liked it but it is interesting, so I might give it another go one day.

    Yes…Richard must do some more voice work – audiobooks, poetry reading, radio plays and voicing ads and documentaries…….I image him still doing voice work when he’s 70!!!!

    • I’ve never seen the term before, so I had to look it up! defines it as “the display of a man’s well-developed pectoral muscles”, as in he + cleavage, but I prefer your meaning kathryn! It certainly applies to mine when I look at him bare chested! 😉

      • I first saw the term in connection with Alexander on True Blood . Eric Northman tends to sport clingy black tees cut just low enough one can glimpse heavage. If you’ll notice, Guy has a bit of heavage going on. 😉

        • As much as I like Alex, his “heavage” is not quite as fetching as Guy’s! 🙂 But they did have him running around wearing very little or no clothing in True Blood season 4, didn’t they? They do know on which side their bread is buttered…

          • Oh, no one’s heavage is more glorious than Guy’s (and his fellow ChaRActers) . . . 😉 Yes, we got some great eye candy in S4. Speaking of TB, it’s the front page story of this week’s Entertainment Weekly mag. Just got it in the mail. I’ll let you know if there’s anything of interest to share. 😉

            • Thanks! 🙂 I loved those cute basketball shorts on Alex in S4, they always looked as though they were about to fall off! 🙂 I just hope to God he’s not going to go anywhere near the 50 Shades film… Hope he has more sense than that.

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