V-A-M-P-S, black leather & other assorted and sundry thoughts on a Sunday night

Images taken at the True Blood panel at San Di...

Images taken at the True Blood panel at San Diego Comic-con with Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Rutina Wesley on Saturday July 25, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m mourning the end of the second season of Game of Thrones–who knew I would become so addicted I’d watch one episode no less than five times?–but the return of that “cotton candy batsh*t” (as one person described it online) in the shape of the new season of True Blood is helping tide me over. Particularly because a certain lovely young Brit actress you may all be familiar with has a featured role this season.

For anyone who has read my not-for-the-faint-hearted Guy and Rebecca stories, Lucy Griffiths‘ character Nora, a double agent within the Vampire Authority, reminds me of Rebecca. She’s beautiful, clever and dangerous. And looks great in black leather. red lippie and cat’s-eye makeup.

A new publicity shot of Lucy, looking sleek and sexy and back to her stunning dark hair, following a hiatus as a blonde.

Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgaard and Lucy Griffiths in the first ep of True Blood. Lucy rocks the black leather and sexy high-heeled boots.

Nora, “an irreverent British lady from the Elizabethan or Victorian era,” and Eric share the same maker, Godric.  It’s an intense love/hate relationship that leads them to bicker like siblings and to engage in some very unsisterly-brotherly behavior, if you catch my drift.  And she doesn’t take off her black leather gloves when she engages in it. “Bad-arse,” as she describes Bill and Eric in one scene.

I could only think, “Boy, how hot she and Richard would be together . . .” *sigh* And they could both wear black leather this time.  Not that Alexander Skarsgard isn’t totally yummy as Eric. Boy, if he’d played Robin Hood . . .  so, poor Lucy. Had to play opposite Richard Armitage‘s ultra-sexy Sir Guy and now she’s locking lips and other things with Eric Northman as portrayed by the gorgeous Askar.

Lucky Lucy–and doesn’t she look adorable at the TB premiere?

I wonder if she and Richard will have an opportunity to at least talk when he comes to San Diego for Comic-Con. She might end up on the True Blood panel, who knows?  At any rate, while I had my definite reservations about Marian as scripted on RH, I have always liked Lucy. She truly seems like a sweet, down-to-earth young woman (who appreciated her opportunity to work opposite RA and made the effort to learn from it) and I do wish her tons of success.

(images courtesy of aceshowbiz.com)

And speaking of True Blood, it looks like this season is going darker after getting a bit twee with all the fairy dust stuff in the recent past. There is Christopher Meloni of L&O:SVU now on board as head of the Vampire Authority and the deliciously evil Russell Edgington is back. And Pam still has her wonderful way with a quip.  I’m looking forward to it, “cotton candy batsh*t” and all!

I want to once again say “thank you” for everyone’s good wishes since the news broke about my going to Comic-Con next month. Frenz is trying to assist me in getting the donation button set up.  She is a true techie and I’m just an artsy-fartsy wanna-be.  Sometimes I need all the help I can get!

We had rather miserable weather this weekend and I’ve felt a bit “bat sh*t” myself sans the cotton candy, so I will hopefully get it together  tomorrow and bring you more posts. Still chasing that elusive thing called a good night’s sleep.  I think Sir Guy understands that quite well.

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  1. I’m glad to see Lucy Griffiths working and in a very popular series. “Cotton candy batsh*t” may it be, I can see where it could be a lot of fun.

    I am so hoping you get a good night’s sleep. So many things to think about, so many things to dream about…

    • The cast members seem to have a great time filming it, I have to say that. 😉 I’m really glad for this opportunity for Lucy. And she gets to keep her own lovely British accent, too. Kathryn should be happy. 😉 Me, too, re the sleep. Good chance of rain tonight through Tuesday. Whoo-hoo. I know we need the rain to combat drought but the continued 100 percent humidity is getting to me. Yes, lots on my mind. *sigh*

      • Oh, I am, I am 🙂

        Pity that Ryan Kwanten, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer didn’t get to keep their own accents 😉 But then, Anna does seem to spend her life in the US so it’s only natural that her accent would change anyway. I’ve always thought that Stephen was cute, if a little short, and as for Ryan, I’m so glad he is getting a bit of work so I’ll let him sound like a Yank 😉

        I’m not sure that “True Blood” is on any of our free-to-air television channels so I’ll probably never get to try it out 😦 I can’t recall seeing Alexander in anything – what other shows has he made?

        • I am guessing this is you, Kathryn. 😉 It wouldn’t have worked very well if three born-and-bred southern Louisianians had foreign accents, now, would it? 😉
          Ryan, Anna and Stephen are all playing such characters. Luckily, they decided to opt for a classy British character to bring in, a perfect role for lovely Lucy.
          I don’t know that Alex has done any other TV series. He’s been in some movies- Battleship and Straw Dogs–oh, and he was in Zoolander as a male model.
          True Blood is aired here on a premium channel.

          • Ah, I haven’t seen any of those movies.

            I must ask Matthew if he gets “True Blood” on any of his Foxtel channels – Foxtel is one of our pay TV distributors.

          • Alex was also in the HBO miniseries “Generation Kill” (haven’t seen that). I watched Straw Dogs a while ago, AS again was running around a lot in various states of undress (he seems to do that a lot- can’t fathom out why??? 🙂 ). Didn’t like the film itself very much, the script left a lot to be desired. It was gruesome though alright!

            • I haven’t seen either one. I had read reviews of Straw Dogs and they were very mixed. Hmmm, Alex and Richard running around together in various states of undress. Now that is a pleasant thought. LOL BTW, some people at EW.com are mad at Eric for moving on so quickly from Sookie to Nora–but Sookie clearly told both Eric and Bill to take a hike. And he IS Eric, after all. And he and Lucy look great together, I have to say. There appears to be a bromance developing between Eric and Bill, which is pretty funny.

              • Yes, Sookie broke up with the two of them so what is a testosterone filled Viking God/vampire supposed to do? 🙂 I must say I really loved the “amnesiac” Eric, and I was a bit sorry that he’s got his memory back. He much was cuter minus memories. 🙂

              • Ah well, it was inevitable he’d get his memory back. It’s weird to see Eric and Bill actually working together. And Eric saying, “I’m not going to leave you!” to Bill. Kind of like Bobbin and Guy. 😉

              • Exactly. Oh, and Bill and Eric were being given new identities by Nora’s contacts, and guess what Eric’s new name was supposed to be? Irving Applebaum. LOL When he reads it aloud and looks at the woman, she answers very defensively, “New identities are hard to come by.” If there were ever anyone who looked less like an Applebaum . . .

        • Flippin’ heck – what happened here? This was my original response to Angie’s “Kathryn should be happy” but, as soon as I hit “post comment”, it disappeared into cyberspace!!! So I tried again to leave a response and you see the results above. It must be another of WP’s doozey days.

  2. Thank you for the lovely post – it’s great to see Lucy looking so beautiful. And our darling Guy — with such temptingly parted lips and a little kiss curl on his nape! – but I don’t think he’s having such a good night. Just look at the frown! Don’t you just want to nuzzle and kiss the back of his lovely white neck? Yummy or what? 🙂

    Sorry you’re having such trouble sleeping. I understand completely as I’m in the same groove – hence my not commenting much the last couple of days when I’ve been snuggling under the doona, listening to my audiobooks more than I’ve been up and about! 🙂

    I hope tonight is much better for you

    PS. I tend to use the term “RS” a lot…it stands for “rat sh*t”!! ;).

  3. Whoops. “Doona” is actually a brand of continental quilt (duvet to the Brits) but it’s what a lot of Australians say – just the way the Brits say they are going to hoover the carpet 🙂

    • Doesn’t Lucy look gorgeous, particularly in that first picture? I think she is lovelier with the dark hair!! I too would love to see her act with Richard again. I always thought they had great chemistry.!!

      I agree, Kathryn, it’s hard to stop using terms we were brought up with! We call it a duvet here in Canada too but it took me ages to stop saying things like hoovering! Now I say trunk for boot of the car, hood for the bonnet, purse for handbag etc., etc!! I guess after being here for more than 35 years now I guess it’s not really surprising! 🙂

      Poor Richard! If I remember correctly he said he had a “stinker of a cold” at the time of that episode and couldn’t breathe through his nose – hence the open mouth!! Not that I’m complaining!!! 😀 That certainly is a yummy looking neck though!!!

      I hope you have a much better night tonight Angie and dream of wonderful things to come! 😉 Imagine if you saw Lucy and Richard meet up!!

  4. Oh, I am, I am 😉 Such a pity, though, that Ryan Kwanten, Anna Paquin and Stephen Mover didn’t get to keep theirs 🙂 Just joking.

    • Darn..the comment above was supposed to come under Angie’s and was in regard to Angie’s cheeky dig that I should be happy that Lucy kept her English accent!

    • Stephen is so much more chamring with his own accent!!! I think his performance in TB would definitely have benefited from speaking with his natural accent! Never heard Ryan speaking in his original Aussie accent, his American accent (to me at least) sounds very, very convincing! Anna also overdoes it sometimes (again, to my ears) not sure Angie would agree with that?

      • Yeah, I like SM’s natural accent much better, too. I was very surprised to find out Ryan was an Aussie. He is so different from his character. Jason is like the total dumb but sweet bimbo blonde male. Ryan seems very bright and funny in RL. They say it takes smarts to play dumb well, and I think Ryan shows that. Anna’s accent gets a bit thick at times, agreed–but she is still better than poor Stephen. It’s funny that three of the leading actors would be Brits and Australians in a show set in the American deep South.

              • I am really hoping he doesn’t. Besides, while he is beautiful, he is not an unknown anymore (they say they are looking for beautiful unknowns) and I am hoping he’d be out of contention. I think they are going to have to make it as cheaply as possible, frankly. Although I am still amazed at how many hits I get related to those damned books. Thousands each week. *rolls eyes* And so undeserving of all the attention. That woman has to be howling with laughter all the way to the bank.

              • Let’s give the role of Christian to Zac Efron and be done with it (though ZF is not an unknown either but at least I don’t like him :)! ) I’ve been on Audible today and 50 Shades is in the top 10 list there as well, although I can’t imagine anybody enjoying the narrator’s voice, it’s extremely annoying. They could torture prisoners with it!

  5. I’ve never seen either Game of Thrones or True Blood. I would love to see both but refuse to pay for premium channels. I’ll just wait until they come up on Netflix!

    • I understand your stance completely, Laurie – that’s how I feel about pay TV… period! 🙂 I’m fortunate enough to live in a country which still has so much free-to-air television. I hate to think that we might ever go the same way as the US in this respect – it must be so difficult for people on welfare to afford it.

      • They can’t afford it, which is why they go to bars and friends’ houses, why they get friends and family to record stuff for them. Some network stations put whole episodes on their websites, so if someone has a computer with WiFi access, even if it’s only at a coffee shop, s/he can watch. Libraries are difficult; you only get an hour on one of their computers and you have to use ear buds or headphones.

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