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Lucas for Tuesday: an early treat & glimpse of Comic-Con


And for those of you going to beddy-bye soon, this lovely image of our favorite spy between the (royal blue) sheets–

May he inspire sweet dreams for you–or happy daydreams, whatever the time zone you inhabit. ūüėȬ† You will notice I have removed a certain Evil Popsicle B**ch with a really horrible accent from the screencap. It was only her hair, but I didn’t even want that.

Blue is definitely his color, I love the fact Thorin’s lovely outfit features blue. *sigh*

Here I go blatantly seeking out your patronage once more, dear readers. Comic-Con is coming up a little over a month from today and my fund is now open for donations. Ain’t too proud to beg, I reckon, as it’s the only way this unemployed lady will get there.¬†Any contribution of any amount is most appreciated.¬† You can donate through PayPal and the¬†shiny button to the right, or you may send funds directly to me if you please. And thanks again to all those who have already contributed.

Asilomar is also going to offer some of her¬†lovely jewelry–never too early to buy for Christmas!–as a fundraiser for me. More to come on that very soon.¬† And, judging by these images from past Comic-Cons, I don’t think I shall be bored. ūüėČ

I know that’s not Johnny Depp, but the dude on the right does¬†kinda look like Orlando Bloom. Who is also reprising his role as Legolas in The Hobbit. A chap named Richard Armitage is in it, too, BTW.

Wouldn’t Mr. Armitage make a very handsome and dashing pirate, indeed!

Leias, Leias everywhere!

He’s got the look. But which look for Comic-Con?


What will it feel like for me to be in the same room as Richard Armitage, “good Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise?” Will I feel as if I am in the presence of greatness? Will I be transfixed? Stand there with my mouth foolishly gaping open like a fish?

Will I start crying? I certainly hope not, as I am multi-orifice crier. My nose runs, I drool, and the tears course down my cheeks. Not a pretty sight.

Will I be so excited I have to suppress a stream of high-pitched giggles threatening to pour out of me?

Heck, I wasn’t even a giggly schoolgirl back when I still sported pigtails¬†and kneesocks.¬† And now, here I am, 50-something, a “mature” woman, and I am as giddy as can be.

It’s not as if I haven’t covered events and talked to celebs and done interviews before. I am not a rank amateur, although Comic-Con will be on a grander scale than previous assignments.¬† But–it’s RICHARD.

And Richard Armitage¬†is a game changer. You all know what I mean. Tattoos, kohl¬†liner,¬†long hair, wife beaters (tank tops, not guys who beat their wives), dwarf disguises, dodgy squirrel-like beards and manky wigs, con men and those of dubious morals–physical traits and characters¬†that perhaps¬†made you turn your nose up in the past, somehow do not diminish his aura, his presence, his IT factor.¬†¬† He’s had it for a long time, it’s just taken the world a while to catch up.

From a slightly hazy snapshot that surfaced at RAFrenzy of  a 20-something Richard during the time he was performing as Angus in Macbeth. I think you can really see the devastatingly handsome man he is becoming.

Not only do I wonder how I will react, I wonder how Richard will look. Well, gorgeous obviously, and the hair will still be pretty short unless he’s letting it start¬†growing out as¬†the wrap on¬†TH¬†filming approaches. ¬†But what about the facial hair?

Will he still sport his beard and mustache for Comic-Con?


Will he sport that sexy stubble?

Or will Richard be clean-shaven (the better to fly under the radar at Comic-Con)?

In a few weeks, I hope–I pray–I dream–to be able to tell you first-hand.¬† *SQUEEEEEEEE*

Angie’s Comic-Con Trip Fund is now set up and you can donate through PayPal by clicking the button on the sidebar. For anyone who prefers to send a contribution, please let me know. I’m flexible and I am very, very appreciative. Your good wishes, prayers¬†and messages of support also mean a lot, so don’t think you are not¬†helping me¬†even if you have no funds to spare. And thanks to RAFrenzy for setting¬†up the donate button¬†for me.


Comic-Con (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

More Miscellaneous Monday with the lads & thank you!


Good day to all! It’s another rainy, thunder-y¬†afternoon here in LA (Lower Alabama).¬† It’s staying relatively cool, which is a blessing. I can survive without running the A/C and that’s less highway robbery I have to pay the electric cooperative.¬† ūüėČ

A big thank you to all those who have already contributed to my Comic-Con Trip Fund. Your generosity is noted and truly appreciated!¬†For anyone who cares to¬†contribute, just use the donate button at the top of the sidebar. And thanks again to RA Frenzy for setting it up for me. The best fans and bloggers in the world are part of “our little community.”¬†Anyone who would prefer to send funds directly ( and I have had a few who do) just let me know and I can send you the info. Merci beaucoup! And John Standring thinks it’s swell, too.

This handsome gent below also extends his thanks.

And continuing our miscellaneous theme, more random images of Mr. A and his ChaRActers . . .

Miscellaneous Monday is here! (and the button)


Since my brain is highly scattered at the moment (see new addition to the sidebar on the right in case you were wondering why. Comic-Con! California! Richard Armitage! Crazy costumes! A job!), I am going to share a few scattered images of Mr. A and his assortment of ChaRActers.

EDIT: Right now the donate button only seems to work for US residents, unfortunately. Customer Service won’t be open for several hours and I can’t seem to find answer through other means.¬† Sorry for the inconvenience. I think the problem is solved and international readers may now donate. Thanks!

Angie’s Comic-Con Trip Fund!


As many of you know, I applied and was accepted for a reporting position with CBR at this year’s Comic-Con, which is set for July 12-15 in lovely San Diego, California. Naturally, I am totally hyped over the notion of getting¬†the¬†opportunity¬†to¬†see RA and other TH folks, along with lots of other interesting possibilities. Just seeing the costumes sported by some attendees alone should be highly entertaining and I promise to take my camera.¬† And I long to be an ambassador for my fellow RA fans at the event and to be able to share as much as I can with you all as “the next best thing to being there.”

However, to get from Alabama to California is no mean feat. It takes funds, and I’ve been¬†unemployed since last September.¬† There’s nothing left in the “rainy day” fund, if you know what I mean. People have offered to help, and so we’re setting up a way for you to do so.

A donate button will be added to the sidebar on this blog¬†that will¬†allow you to¬†contribute¬† to Angie’s Comic-Con Trip Fund. Any amount will be greatly appreciated, and many thanks to fellow blogger RA Frenzy for assisting me with this. More coming in future posts on other fundraising plans!¬† EDIT: BUTTON ONLY WORKS WITH US DONORS FOR NOW. ATTEMPTING TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM* PROBLEM APPEARS TO BE CORRECTED, FOREIGN READERS, GIVE IT A WHIRL!**

In a few weeks, I hope to be sitting not too far away from this bloke: