Miscellaneous Monday is here! (and the button)


Since my brain is highly scattered at the moment (see new addition to the sidebar on the right in case you were wondering why. Comic-Con! California! Richard Armitage! Crazy costumes! A job!), I am going to share a few scattered images of Mr. A and his assortment of ChaRActers.

EDIT: Right now the donate button only seems to work for US residents, unfortunately. Customer Service won’t be open for several hours and I can’t seem to find answer through other means.  Sorry for the inconvenience. I think the problem is solved and international readers may now donate. Thanks!

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  1. WOW…where did you find that pic of our luscious Lucas? It’s totally gorgeous….as are the others, of course 😉

    • It’s the one of him sitting in the car where you have a lot of reflection from the windscreen glass. I cropped a lot of that out and did a little touching up.

      • Thanks…. do you have any idea which series, please? Not that I mind looking through the whole of series 7 to 9 on richardarmitagenet.com – I love staring at Lucas and will find any excuse to do so 🙂

        Ah ha……we’ll be watching “Spooks” again this coming weekend….yea!!! and “Robin Hood” ..yippee

            • Thanks, ladies 🙂 Talk to you later as I’m going back to bed now – it’s too darned early for me and too darned cold…that warm snuggley-buggley bed is beckoning 😉

  2. Hello Angie! I’ve just made my donation! I’m so excited! Will this amount appear on your account immediately? Or after a couple of days? I’m not sure how it works! But it was really easy to make the donation, as it turns out I already have a Paypal account which I have compeletely forgotten about! 🙂

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