More Miscellaneous Monday with the lads & thank you!


Good day to all! It’s another rainy, thunder-y afternoon here in LA (Lower Alabama).  It’s staying relatively cool, which is a blessing. I can survive without running the A/C and that’s less highway robbery I have to pay the electric cooperative.  😉

A big thank you to all those who have already contributed to my Comic-Con Trip Fund. Your generosity is noted and truly appreciated! For anyone who cares to contribute, just use the donate button at the top of the sidebar. And thanks again to RA Frenzy for setting it up for me. The best fans and bloggers in the world are part of “our little community.” Anyone who would prefer to send funds directly ( and I have had a few who do) just let me know and I can send you the info. Merci beaucoup! And John Standring thinks it’s swell, too.

This handsome gent below also extends his thanks.

And continuing our miscellaneous theme, more random images of Mr. A and his ChaRActers . . .

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  1. Awwwww… A rose from Thorin, how sweet of him!! I’m happy to have helped. This Comic Con is an opportunity I just couldn’t bear for you (and us) to miss!*lots of hugs* 🙂 And we have RA to thank too as we never would have “met” without him! Thank God for RA!

    • The Thorin with rose is one of my new favs. You see, underneath the tough warrior exterior lurks the heart of a romantic 😉 Yes, all roads lead by to Richard Armitage. I think he’d be absolutely amazed to discover how he has affected do many people in a really positive way.

      • I don’t think he has any idea of the way he has impacted so many of our lives. How wonderful it would be if you got the chance to tell him that. I thank God for him too and for all you amazing people I have “met” because of him! 😀

    • I recall a line from Puccini’s “Turandot” translated, “Your kiss will make me immortal…” I wonder what a handshake would do.

          • He’d definitely be a little (?) taken aback by such a gesture I would think! 🙂 I wonder what whether he’s got a strong handshake… Maybe I’m wrong but I do think people’s handshakes say a lot about them as persons. I like a strong firm, but not too forceful handshake ul while looking into the other person’s eye.:)

            • My dad taught me to give a firm handshake. He hated it when people shook hands in a half-hearted way. Also, he was a Mason and they have their secret handshakes, so I guess it was a gesture that meant a lot to him–the handshake, that is. And yes, eye contact. Very important. Especially when the person has beautiful eyes like RA’s . . .

            • Sorry just noticed that I left an extra word and some random letters in my previous comment by mistake, I was in too much of a hurry to hit “post comment”! 🙂

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