Getting in touch with my Inner Geek Girl (on the road to Comic-Con)


Since I am going to be reporting for a website titled Comic Book Resources (CBR) at Comic-Con, I have been refreshing my knowledge on the comic book universe.

It’s big, y’all.

Graphic novels are being turned into hit television shows like one of the Long Household favorites  The Walking Dead (starring former RA co-star Andrew Lincoln) and films. You’ve got a multitude of superheroes battling away on the big screen with franchises like The Amazing Spider-Man and Superman getting reboots.  And there are video games and films based on those games along with comics exclusive to the Web.

Even chef, author and television host Anthony Bourdain is climbing on the bandwagon, co-authoring a new graphic novel Get Jiro! about LA chefs who rule like crime lords with people literally killing to get seats in the best restaurants. Sounds like a dark, twisted comedy to me. I like dark and twisted. 😉

Richard Armitage has his place in this universe, having played the villainous Hydra spy Heinz Kruger in the hit Captain America, one of the best-reviewed of The Avengers film franchise.  And while Thorin is not a comic book or graphic novel character, no doubt lots of geeky fanboyz will be taking particular interest in Mr. Armitage’s performance as this legendary figure created by J.R.R. Tolkien. Heck, there is going to be a collectible action figure, almost certain to be in very high demand.  Mr. A, you have arrived!

Uh-oh. Guy’s gonna be jealous. Thorin, competing with him once again.

But will Thorin also have a Richie to ride? That’s what my dark knight wants to know. So alpha male . . .

Yep, things have come a long way from my days of regular comic book reading. My tastes were eclectic back then, too.  I liked Batman and Robin, Superman, the Archie comics, various romance comics with a Gothic edge and some that featured a character who was a model. For the life of me, I can’t remember her name. Millie? Madge?  I hate it when I can’t remember! Ah, the things you can find out with Google. Millie! Created by none other than the legendary Stan Lee, no less, back in the 1940s, with the last edition featuring the bubbly blonde coming out in 1972.

The aforementioned Millie the Model, courtesy of  Poor Millie, stuck with a sexist pig of a cabbie.

And I watched Saturday morning cartoons featuring various super heroes (although none of them eclipsed my beloved Looney Tunes and Rocky & Bullwinkle).  Now, I’m trying to get back in touch with my inner Comic Book Geek Girl.   I’m already a geek who adores the Thinking Woman’s DIY-loving Greek God-Like Geek–Richard Armitage, naturellement.  I am gearing up to expand my Geek Gurl horizons.

I just got an email from Jonah at CBR and he says he’ll be in touch in a couple of weeks with lots more details. *squee*

Thanks again to everyone who has supported my efforts to cross the country to be a reporter at Comic-Con International in San Diego July 12-15.

Angie’s Comic-Con Trip Fund is growing (see button at right to donate through PayPal), and you’ll never know how much I appreciate your help. I’ve already got butterflies in my stomach.

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  1. I think I departed the comic-book universe when I was ten and I started writing my own, but I’ve met people who are deep into the scene as adults.

    Yes, if little Thorin comes with a poseable pony, Sir Guy will be jealous and then he’ll sneer because the poor thing is so much smaller than Richie. But Sir Guy has a secret, not at all well kept. He was LW’s first and remains her best beloved. The great leather-clad chow-hound can lean back and smirk, secure in that knowledge.

  2. I’m totally out of the loop so forgive me if I’m asking the obvious. Does this trip as Comic book reporter mean that you’ll meet Richard? I’m squeeing and quivering at the thought! Oh, Angie!

    • I don’t know it’s for an absolute certainty that I will get to meet him, but there is a very good chance I will. If I am in the same city and same building as he, I am going to do my darndest to at least introduce myself and let him know he has some amazing fans all around the world. 😀

      • You deserve to meet him as I know you’ll communicate the amazing encounter with all the usual humour, honesty, delicacy, whimsy and downright deliciousness that permeates your writing.

        Angie, I’m envying you already! And here is me thinking that the tenous connection to Leicester and East Dulwich would lead to a chance encounter the Bearded Beauty sometime soon!

        By the way, I’ll buy whatever in support of your journey so now I’m looking forward to heartwings!

        • Well, I certainly never thought I would have the opportunity to see him in all his deliciousness in person any time soon. But Frenz postd the link to the site that was looking for reporters, I applied, they accepted. I do get paid per story, one to two stories a day, four-day pass and convention food. It’s the getting out there and back that proved the big hurdle, but you all are helping a lot.

  3. I really loved comics as a child, but since we were part of the communist block, we didn’t have access to American superhero comics, instead we read comics based on popular Hungarian writers’ novels- they were really good too! Maybe the reason why I’m not that into Marvel comics is that I never read them as a child. So the films based on these comics leave me cold most of the time. I liked the X-Men films and the Batman installment with the late, great Heath Ledger, but for example I couldn’t be bothered to finish Captain America once Richard’s character was killed off..

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