Ladywriter averts a crisis . . .


“His own action figure!” Sir Guy was clearly not happy. He tossed back his mane and stamped his booted foot in a fit of pique. He always reminded Ladywriter of a gorgeous and spirited stallion at moments like that. LW gave a wistful inner sigh and fixed her stern schoolmarm expression on her face.

“Guy . . . what have I said about reading over my shoulder?”

“I know, I know. You don’t like it, you never liked it when you were working at the newspaper, it makes you feel as if someone is invading your space . . .” He grumbled as he gave a loud, manly sniff, folding his arms across his broad and equally manly chest.

“It’s just that, well–I’ve been the only one with one of these action figures. With my sword and Richie. Will he have a Richie, do you suppose? And a sword?” Guy asked, a slight furrow appearing in his brow, a plaintive note in his deep voice.

“I don’t know yet, Sir Guy. Technically, however, what with Thorin being a dwarf, he rides a lovely shaggy pony and not a real horse like yours, of course.”

Sir Guy lifted his chin, a smile playing at the corner of his lips as one dark brow rose. “Really? . . . of course, he is quite short, isn’t he?  Compared to me? He has no stallion then, like me.”

“Sir Guy, no one is a sta–erm, has a stallion like you, I assure you. Or could look any better seated upon it.”

Those lips curled into a full-fledged smirk. “True. And his weapon? Is it as impressive as mine?”

LW thought of the large and lethal-looking  Orcrist.  Sometimes discretion was the better part of valor. Sometimes you just don’t want to hurt the feelings of the ones you love.  Little white lies, surely?

“No one can wield a weapon quite like you, Sir Guy. Not even Thorin.”

Sir Guy gave her a small and gracious nod. “I thank you for affirming this for me, dear Ladywriter. Naturally, I knew this. I just–wanted to hear you say it, I suppose.”

“You’re very welcome, my dearest Sir Guy. You are still  and shall always be my number one . . .”

He took her hand in his and pressed a tender kiss to the back of it. “And you are my lady who Loved me Into Being.”

She smiled up at him. “Only one of very, very many. You daft sod, you.” LW added with a distinctly cheeky grin.

Guy gave her that beautiful dark angel’s smile with a beguiling hint of sheepishness.

“I love you, LW.”

“And I love you, Sir Guy of Gisborne.”

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  1. I’m remembering having a discussion with Matthew about the Star Wars figures being DOLLS way back when! Of course, he refused to believe they were DOLLS at first but I did get him to admit that they really weren’t any different from Barbies and certainly no better! 🙂 I think I’m going to have to buy Thorin DOLLS for Matthew, Lachlan and me as soon as they come out 😉

    I wish I could buy a “Brave” figurine but I’m not sure they exist!!! I’ve told Asha about the movie “Brave” with a GIRL as the hero and she’s looking forward to my taking her when it opens in a week or 2. 😉

      • I was just teasing Guy, just in case he was still reading over your shoulder!!! 🙂

        But why, oh, why do guys have such a horror of our joking about action figures being dolls…when that’s what they are in reality?????

        • I guess it’s that whole stigma about boys playing with dolls. It’s not “manly.” As far as I am concerned, his GI Joes were the boy’s version of my Barbies. 😉

  2. Gee, I’d really like to own a little Guy and a little Ritchie – do you know where I could get one or is it much too late?

  3. Please Angie I want more sloth fictions ! I adore your irresistible cute jaleous Guy ! I know you’ll be very busy these next weeks. Perhaps later ?

    • I’ve thought the same thing. Maybe there can be a Sloth Fiction Goes to Comic-Con? Now that is a possibility 😀 . . . I do have a lot on my plate. Some non-RA related personal things I need to work on and preparing myself for the event.

  4. Pheww… well done Ladywriter for averting this crisis! You really do know how to soothe Guy, don’t you? You have such a great sense of humour. When he gets jealous like this, Guy reminds me a little bit of myself.. I have jealous tendencies too (especially struggled with them when I was younger and as a result, I alienated/lost a few friends…) so I really sympathize with Guy! I know how he feels! It all stems from inner insecurities – at least I think so.

    • Guy and I have this curious understanding of one another. I have mentioned before he has certain character traits that remind me of my late father, who could also be quick-tempered and blustery, but had a very gentle and sweet side to him, too. My dad once told me from his hospital bed that he “enjoyed” me and I like to think Sir Guy enjoys his Ladywriter, too. My dad went through some tough times growing up as did Guy, and it affected him. I try never to forget that.

      • My dad was very quick-tempered and prone to sudden outbursts of anger. He could be downright scary at times. My mum had to put up with a lot… But she accepted him for who he was. And he had a rough time growing up too, lost his mum during the war when he was 11, his father was overprotective and overbearing at the same time..He didn’t have it easy. And he had lots of good traits.

        • Then you understand very well where I am coming from. My dad’s mother had a stroke after the birth of his little brother. She remained a semi-invalid the rest of her life. Daddy was just a toddler at the time. I think the servants raised him more than my grandmother did. My grandfather was a prime example of the “do as I say, not as I do” school of thought. Chased other women and didn’t try to hide it. Poor Daddy was made to work so hard on the farm he had to drop out of high school because he couldn’t keep up with his studies. He definitely didn’t have it easy, either. But he loved us and he did the best he could for us, He could be a dear, sweet man.

          • Yes, I do understand.. My dad loved us dearly too but he had a lot of issues and was very unstable emotionally. He also had to deal with episodes of anxiety and depression.

            • I think we have a lot in common. My dad also went through periods of great worry and melancholy. And yet he also loved to laugh and to make others laugh. His motto was “A little laughter in life.” It certainly helps ease you over the bumps of life.

  5. Hi Angie My my Guy is a jealous lad isn’t he? Well done for averting a crisis! I have a Little Guy and I have to confess it was from a discount store in the city, so was really quite cheap. Although I would have paid a lot more to own him. LOL

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