Fun with Mr. Armitage’s Face


Armitage through the wet glass

This is Richard’s headshot that you see on his page with his talent agency. I’ve wished they hadn’t Photoshopped out all the “imperfections” of his lovely visage–the crinkles, that forehead scar, the lines. But I suppose it’s the way of the world these days–everybody, even the truly beautiful, get Photoshopped. And it’s a shame because it takes some of the character away and makes so many people look like Stepford Wives and Husbands.

I’ve been playing with this image–having fun with it. ‘Cause he’s such a treat!

“Notepaper” Armitage

Colored Pencil Armitage

NEON Armitage

Grainy Armitage?

groovy, baby!

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  1. But there shouldn’t have been any crinkles to remove! When that photo was taken, Richard would have been only about 36-37.

    I am now 65 and I’ve developed a partial crinkle or 2 over my left eye in the past 2 years! And it’s merely from raising my left eyebrow. I don’t have any frown lines.
    partialsmall crinkle or 2 on my forehead and that’s merely from raising my left eyebrow

    • Kathryn, he had crinkles around his eyes even then, if you look closely at un-retouched photos from the last few years. That image was extensively Photoshopped. Trust me on this. 😉 But as I said, they do it to everyone. Do you think there is a single actor’s 8×10 glossy or a magazine cover they haven’t worked on? I know how they do it now . . . all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. I have scars from a long-ago automobile accident on my forehead and a small one on my eyelid from shattered glass that have thankfully faded. But they will always be there. Benny loves me anyway. 😉

      • I was meaning lines across the forehead – most people have been calling them “crinkles”. He really still shouldn’t have permanent ones anyway, should he?

        We have crows’ fee or laughter lines around our eyes. I’ve had them since I was young because I’ve always smiled with my eyes. In my family, most of us have had them since the age of 25-30!

        But not frown lines or even expression lines from lifting eyebrows, surely?

        Of course, that photo has been PhotoShopped – I’m not saying it hasn’t — eg. where has the ckicken pox scar gone from his forehead?

        • Sometimes the lines around his eyes are called crinkles, too. Eye crinkles. 😉 And they are definitely there because he laughs and smiles a lot, which is a grand thing. They say repeating certain facial expressions over time will cause lines . . . that’s why your mama tells you to stop frowning or your face might freeze that way. LOL Yeah, the missing scar is a dead giveaway. I was looking at a photo from one of the BAFTAs and he looks absolutely stunning, crinkles, scar and all! 😀

            • Me, too. He looks so handsome and dashing in his tuxes, and I love his reactive smiles and seeing him interact with the fans. The photo of him posing with the little girl for a snapshot is one of my absolute favs. The child looks so excited and he looks so sweet.

        • I love the scar on his forehead! I can’t for the life of me understand why it should be photoshopped out! Would having a tiny scar on his forehead make it less likely for him to be cast in a role? This is madness!

          • Yes, it’s madness alright. Richard has beautiful skin (as you can see in some candids and even in some screencaps) and that tiny scar is just proof that he’s human. I bet he’s earned every one of those laugh lines (“crow’s feet”) and for me at least they make him even more attractive.

  2. I am sooo bloody sick of WordPress – look at the mess it’s made of my comment and it took 4 goes to even get it to post!!!!

    • I know….I wish Angie was on Blogger instead.

      I have seen photos of Richard taken in his late 30’s and he does have a few crinkles around the eyes but I am not bothered by it at all. I love his more mature look.

      I agree with Angie too. I do not care for photos of Richard that are completely airbrushed. I love his lines and the scar. To me he looks kind of weird in the airbrushed photos and it seems to make him look even more pale. It is as if he does not have a drop of blood in him.

  3. These are great, Angie! My favourites are the wet glass one and the coloured pencil one! I prefer the unairbrushed version of RA too. What in the name of God is wrong with lines on one’s face? Over-the-top airbrushing creates such unrealistic expectations about the way people should look! 😦

    • The airbrushed look of celebrities contributes to people’s hangups about their face and body. There are actors and actresses that you would be surprised to see how they really look in person. Then there are those like RA who look much better without a stitch of airbrushing. I think most actors and actresses look just fine the way they are.

      The film industry also promotes extreme youth and always have; not so much with men though.

      • Exactly, and especially for impressionable young people who think they have to try to live up to an impossible ideal. I like Dove’s campaign for real bodies. They are now running commercials talking about how many girls drop out of activities like swim team because they are too self-conscious about their bodies. I had at least one student who was battling anorexia. I heard another one talk about how fat she felt and I quickly reassured her that she looked fine-healthy, normal, not a stick, just the way a young woman should.

        I really admire actresses in particular who seem to age naturally and gracefully. Dame Helen Mirren is one who comes to mind. She is in her 60s and she doesn’t have her face lifted and Botoxed and she still gets plenty of work. Hey, she’s played both Queen Elizabeths! I know there is an awful lot of pressure on celebs to stay young looking and to be ultra thin (and yet have fairly big boobs, which generally don’t go together, so there’s more surgery) . . . so my hat is off to those who buck the trend.

        • I guess you have to be very confident as a person and feel positive about your body not to give in to the pressure of trying to stay “forever young”..

          • I think that this is especially true in the U.S., where women over 40 are treated as zeroes and being a size 12 is called “fat” in the media. You have to know in yourself that you have more to offer.

            • I am a size 12 and I am not fat at all. My manager at work teases me that her 6 year old daughter’s clothes can fit me…LOL I don’t know about other countries but here in the USA if you are a size 12 or 14 your are considered fat. Unless you are only 5 feet tall there is no way that a size 14 is full figured. To me size 14 is normal if you are 5’5″ or 5’6 which is about the average height of females.

              I am 5’6″ tall and weigh 154 lbs. I have slim arms and legs. My whole body is slim. I attended a health fair at work and after being weighed I was told that I was a little over weight. I laughed. It is a good thing that I know better and could laugh it off.

              There are many actresses in Hollywood that could use a few pounds. I love Mary Tyler Moore but I always thought she could afford to gain some weight. So could Gwyneth Paltrow. Demi Moore now looks borderline anorexic. Do you remember Valerie Harper? She played Rhoda Morgenstern on the Mary Tyler Moore show. I thought Rhoda looked much better before she lost all that weight.

              People who are very skinny have a tendency to age badly too. Wrinkles and crinkles will show up faster than a speeding bullet.

              • That’s one advantage I have in being overweight. I really don’t have many wrinkles to speak of as it helps keep my face filled out. 😉 Someone once said, at a certain point you have to choose between your face and your fanny (and this is fanny used in the sense of your butt–I know it has another meaning for our British sisters). Madonna is an example of someone who has so little body fat due to her effort to stay buff and stop the hands of time that she has to inject/insert all sorts of things into her face to keep from looking haggard. She is starting to look like a Muppet. When I weighed 150 lbs. (and I am also 5’6″) I wore size 10s and 12s and if I do say so myself, I looked pretty good. But I would have still been fat by Hollywood standards. If I lose too much weight, my face begins to look drawn.

                When Benny was in the AF, they had what they called the “Fat Boy” program and servicemen and women who were considered too heavy were expected to lose the weight. We know one guy who was tall, big-framed, muscular guy to begin with. He was not fat. But they told him he was. Go figure.

              • I think we all have our own unique “fighting weight” at which we are healthy and look good. It’s not always what’s on the chart and it changes with age. I know one woman who is not and never has been shaped like a model; if she lost weight down to where the chart says, she’d be unhealthy.

        • I loved the ads a lingerie manufacturer ran with unretouched b&w portraits of male stars saying what they liked about a woman’s shape. Suddenly, some of these men were actually appealing.

            • This was maybe 1988 – 1990, so I don’t recall all of them. Clint Eastwood was one of them, who I suddenly recognised as the man I’d met on the beach one morning near Carmel, California.

              • Did you talk to him? I read on the internet that CE’s family (daughters and wife) are doing a “reality show” but apparently he’s not very involved in this project..Although he does make occasional cameo appearances… I walked past Roman Polanski in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower in 1995..He was pushing a baby in a buggy (presumably one of his children). At the time I didn’t know what a creep that man was…

              • @Judit, WP didn’t send me notice of your comment, so I have to reply out of sequence. Yes, we talked briefly. He was quite pleasant. It was quite early and we were the only ones out there, going in opposite directions.

                I’ve run into other actors, too, but no one who had my heart beating any faster. If I met Richard, on the other hand, I might not *thud* or *squee*, but I’d definitely be showing the physiological indicators of attraction. My skin is so fair that even with makeup, I can’t hide.

              • What did you talk about? And which other actors did you meet? If I ever bumped into Richard I’d faint dead away and he’d have to give me CPR! 😀

              • @Judit, again no notice, so out of sequence: CE and I talked about life in the tidepools that were part of the beach. I met Michael Caine and we talked about cuisine briefly. Vincent Price took me to lunch at a convention. I met Martin Landau long enough to say, “Excuse me” when he was dashing out of a restaurant, apparently late for a shoot. I didn’t meet, but I sat at the next table to Sean Connery and his wife. A different year, same restaurant, I was one table over from Steve Martin and his wife. At home, I met Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston when they wanted to know about local parking regulations. I nodded “hello” to John Lithgow when I was on my way to visit a friend; he was shooting “Don Quixote” locally. So you see, no major events, neither *thud* nor *squee*, just people living their lives.

              • Still, it was interesting to read about your brief encounters! My best friend once encountered Brad Pitt and two of his girls in a tiny toy shop in Budapest. She was with her son who saw something in the shop window and nagged her to go in. She was surprised to see a bodyguard at the door, but they were let in. At first she didn’t recognize Brad as he was thinner than she remembered him from films (guess the camera does add some pounds!). She said he was very patient and sweet with the girls who wanted him to buy them some large items but Brad managed to talk them out of it saying the toys would be too big to take home on the airplane. 🙂 Imagine having to walk around with a bodyguard all the time, that must be strange. I wouldn’t want to get that famous…

  4. Have you seen RAnet this morning? Apparently Warner Bros has reserved three hours on Saturday at ComiCon, presumably to promote The Hobbit. Three hours…

  5. I’m in total agreement with those who love every so-called imperfection on Richard’s face. For someone who “champs at the bit” when his make-up has to be touched up I’m sure he really dislikes these photo-shopped images (if he ever looks at them) where every line, wrinkle, crinkle or scar is removed. To me it just isn’t “him”. Surely these things are what gives his face character. I would go so far as to call them “enhancements”!!

    I recently went to see “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (actually I’ve been to see it twice now!) and one of the things I most love and admire about British actresses is the fact that they are not scared to show every line and wrinkle! Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith are two wonderful examples of this and they are fantastic in this movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, please give it a try especially if you are a senior as you will really get the jokes!! The friend I went with the second time, as soon as the movie finished she said, “I want to see that again!!”

    • @Teuchter,thanks for the recommendation! I love those two ladies together. They were fantastic in “Ladies in Lavender” which is a very nice little movie directed by the actor Charles Dance. Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before! 🙂

  6. Leigh, it was so interesting reading about all the celebrities you have met so far.

    If I ever ran it no Richard I would I really do not know what I would do.

    • The closest I ever came to losing it was when I locked eyes with Larry Olivier at a cocktail party. I almost dropped my champagne, but I kept it together.

      • I once locked eyes with Olivia De Havilland, who proceeded to give me the loveliest smile. She had spoken at my university. I remembered her so vividly as Melanie in GWTW and seeing her on the big screen when they re-released the film in the days of my youth. Walking out of that ballroom, she turned and looked at me, and it was as if Melanie was smiling at me. I believe I had one of those gaping like a fish moments. She was only a short distance away and I was, quite simply, star struck.

      • I can’t compete with your Larry Olivier and Olivia de Havilland sightings… However, I once saw my favourite Hungarian actor just before a performance at a theatre in Budapest, and he took a very good long look at my legs… (I was wearing a miniskirt) Ha! I was really proud to have been checked out by him! 🙂 (It was a very long time ago- I had nice legs in my early 20s) 😀

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