I’m in the Mood for Monet . . .


Claude Monet-Madame Monet en costume japonais

Madame Monet in Japanese costume

c. 1920

c. 1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Richard Armitage‘s luminous performance as Claude Monet in The Impressionists popped into my head this morning. And so I share some of Monet’s work and my fan art of this talented actor. What a wonderful portrayal of the sensitive artist with a passion for light and color . . .

Water Lilies

Water Lilies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. I haven’t seen the first painting before. Thank you for including it in this post! 🙂 Btw, did Alice and Claude live together chastely for all those years before Alice’s husband died? That can’t have been easy for them..

    • I’ve wondered about that too Judit, but I was just looking at The Impressionists page at Richard Armitage On Line and one of the pictures with him and Alice Hoschede has the caption, “Don’t punish me for not behaving like a husband. I would very much like to behave like a husband.” When they all moved into the farmhouse at Giverny, what he said to Alice seemed to indicate that they slept in separate rooms – not that that necessarily meant they were living chastely! It may have only been for appearance sake but who knows.

      • Alice was a very staunch Catholic,she even refused to divorce her husband so sleeping in separate rooms may not have been just for appearance’s sake.. Maybe poor Claude had to seek carnal pleasures elsewhere. But as you say, we can’t be sure. 🙂

        • Judit
          for some unknown reason, several of your comments went into the spam folder. I just happened to catch them when I was giving the pam a cursory glance. WP strikes again! 😦

            • I just wanted to give you a heads-up in case you wondered where something had gone. I have no idea why those particular comments ended up with the banana nut muffin recipes LOL and other junk.

              • I wonder if those were the same comments that disappeared on me straight after I hit “post comment”? Thanks for letting me know, anyway! 🙂

              • Very likely. I looked through all 68 to make sure no one else’s got stuck in the spam folder. I’ve had something like 1800 spam messages since I started the blog. Usually Askimet does a good job of separating the wheat from the chaff, but lately like everything else around here it’s been wonky.

      • Couples sometimes have separate bedrooms for reasons other than living chastely, e.g., illness, very loud snoring, opposite sleep cycles, and different sleep requirements. When I was first married, my reaction was “Never!” Now, I can see the reasons.

        • In fact, I recall reading somewhere that it’s better for couples to sleep separately (if they can afford separate bedrooms, that is) because of the reasons you mentioned plus it’s supposed to keep the romance alive longer. 🙂 I guess we’ll never know for sure how things were between Alice and Claude but there were some hints in the film which suggested she didn’t allow him to “behave like a husband” until Hoschedé passed away.

  2. Monet as portrayed by Richard has always been a great favourite of mine. The whole thing was fantastic from the wonderful score all the way through to the amazing scenery. The way it was filmed seemed to convey the way Monet captured these moments on canvas whether it was water lilies, haystacks, or something as tragic as Camille’s death. We could almost feel we were there in these scenes. It gave me a whole new respect for Impressionism and a deeper love for Monet’s works.

  3. I absolutely love this movie and it is not just because Richard is in it. I love the paintings that were done during this time and Monet is truly one of my favorites.

    From this movie I got the impression that Monet truly enjoyed sex. It seems that Monet and Camille engaged in it quite regularly before they were married. If he enjoyed sex so much how could he then not engage in it after falling for Alice? They did have the own separate bedroom. This movie gives me the impression that Monet was a very passionate man who called the shots in every area of his life.

    I may watch this movie again this weekend.

  4. I love “The Impressionists” because I think it humanised the people behind the art in a credible way. Even handicapped by bad hair, Richard was superb as Monet, conveying the passion for beauty and painting. Monet is too often summed up by a few keywords in art history classes; this let you see the man.

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