Silly walks, Irish dancing and the fine art of hair acting


I have to confess I am watching a special called Strictly Irish Dancing on TLC and watching some of the steps, I find myself thinking of John Cleese and the Ministry of Silly Walks on Monty Python.

John Cleese as a civil servant in the halls of...

John Cleese as a civil servant in the halls of the Ministry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry, no offense to anyone who is a practitioner of the folk art. Irish dancing actually reminds me a lot of clogging here in the US, although cloggers do get to use their arms a bit.  And it obviously takes talent, a lot of agility and plenty of practice. And the kids seem sweet.

The huge Shirley Temple falls on the girls’ heads are giving me the giggles, though. Some of the contestants remind me a little too much of the glitz girls on Toddlers and Tiaras–the fake hair, elaborate thousand-dollar dresses, heavy makeup and fake tans. The experts say the wild corkscrew curls are supposed to give them more movement on stage and improve the dance, but some contestants are almost overshadowed by all that hair. I would think that would distract the judges. But hey, what do I know?

Little Keeva Corry, a young Irish Dance champion. Courtesy of

I am sure mastering acting with that mane of hair as Thorin was a challenge for Richard Armitage, but his earlier efforts in Robin Hood surely stood him in good stead.  Swordfighting, horseback riding and–hair acting!!

First, Sir Guy made his floppy fringe work to his advantage.

And then came Tortured Angsty S3 Guy. And hair acting reached a whole new level. His long, tangled, greasy mane symbolized all Guy’s internal conflict and self loathing. And it brought out my Inner Cavewoman.

Guy was like a trapped and wounded animal beneath all that hair.

Glamour Guy. Lustrous locks, tossed back like a proud stallion. Gorgeous!

So beautiful, our Glamour Guy.

And now we have Thorin, the mighty warrior dwarf,, with an even more impressive mane of hair than Sir Guy’s (Shhhh. Don’t tell him I said that!!)–complete with those nifty braids.

Great for whipping to and fro in the midst of a fight.

Wonderful to toss back as he sits majestically astride his steed.

And of course, he looks darned nifty wet and roaring with those long, wet locks.

Can’t wait to see more of Thorin and his singing, riding, battling the bad guys–and hair acting.

28 Days Until Comic-Con!!

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