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Bye for now.


It is a dark and somewhat stormy night. And fedoralady can’t see straight anymore. I am going to  take a shower and try to go ahead and get some sleep even though it’s only 8 p.m. here. I am pretty much useless for anything but sleep at this point. Anyway, some pretty pictures to enjoy. We’ll meet again, don’t know when. Doesn’t RA look pretty in (or in front of) pink?

Decisions, decisions. My brain is tired.


In Zombie Mode at the moment. I spent the morning and early part of the afternoon visiting travel sites online and trying to find the best deal for a hotel and flight for Comic-Con in San Diego. No sleep last night and everything started jumbling together at a certain point, if you know what I mean. Passed out somewhere around 2 p.m. and woke up four hours later.  That was half-hour ago and I still don’t feel “all awake yet” so bear with me, Gentle Reader.  I am trying to sort out things in my muzzy head.

While my husband thinks I’m cute when I’m drowsy, I know I’m not nearly as adorable as Sleepy-Eyed Lucas.

I have several flight options–some better than others–and I am not too worrited about that.  The sticking point is there doesn’t appear to be a room to be had for July 11-July 16 at a hotel that is on the Comic-Con Shuttle route and within my budget. Benny found a deal with Hotels.com for a place about 10 miles away from the San Diego Convention Center that would save close to $500 off normal hotel rates.

Now I need to know how much a twice-daily cab ride from this Best Western Plus Otay Valley Hotel to SDCC and to and from the airport will cost.  Will it eat up what I’d save? Will my replacement PayPal debit card arrive in time for me to get this deal?  Should Benny go ahead and transfer the funds that have been donated thus far to our bank account, which would take three or four business days? Will that be too late to buy a ticket and make a deposit on the hotel?

Decisions,, decisions.  I know I can get in. But  will I ever really get there?  I feel as if the prize is just beyond my reach. Are my nerves getting to me? Would I benefit from a some restful, restorative sleep? As the folks in South Dakota used to say, “You betcha.”

I feel just a bit like this guy. I wonder if he also really needed a good night’s sleep?

More Lucas Minus Maya


Pointillism Lucas

The static electricity in Maya’s hair in that publicity still recently unearthed and featured at www.richardarmitagenet.com bugged me. Actually, Maya sort of bugs me. Not as much as Freezer Queen Sarah Caulfield, but I certainly wouldn’t want Ms. Lahan for my doctor. Making out in hospital corridors is highly unprofessional, even if the guy looks just like–erm– Richard Armitage . . . anyhow, I thought I would like this photo better without her, so I took her out. And then I had more fun with good ol’ Photoshop.

I should also mention I have a tremendous fondness for that little bit of extra flesh beneath his chin.  I want to give it a little pinch.  There is something very endearing about it.

Glass Block Lucas

Pencil Sketch with Color Bleed Lucas

Posterized Lucas

My personal favorite, sepia beach Lucas.

28 Days until Comic-Con!

 Yes, Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego is just a month away.The “halliest of halls” has been booked and The Hobbit is expected to be the anchor presentation for Warner Brothers on Saturday, July 14.  More than 130,000 people are expected to attend, including asilomar and yours truly. Hoping to get my flight booked and put a deposit down on a room in the next couple of days. Thanks for everyone’s continued support!!